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Combine a Modern Fireplace with an Antique Fireplace Grate

Combine a Modern Fireplace with an Antique Fireplace Grate

Combine a Modern Fireplace with an Antique Fireplace Grate

If you are in the market for a modern fireplace feature, an ethanol fireplace insert is undoubtedly an option to consider. It is a modern take on classic Victorian fireplaces, as they use all of the modern benefits while easily retaining the style of antique and vintage models of the past. Adding an antique fireplace grate to a modern fireplace that uses ethanol can revive the space with minimal investments. This type of feature even removes the need for chimneys and gas pipes.

Whether it is just adding the features to create a more antique look, or to rekindle an old fireplace opening, these grates can add a functional and stylish element to the fireplace.

There are also various kinds of bioethanol grates such as the Ignis Round and the Eco-Feu Insert These are small bioethanol burners which you can place in a regular fireplace to convert it. These are not actual grates and if you already own an ethanol fireplace, getting a bioethanol grate might be useless.

You can, however, go for an antique grate such as those used for burning wood or coal. These can help create a warm, cozy environment for the home.

Types of Fireplace Grates

Most of these antique fireplace grates are used with other types of fuel. Thus, their design easily accommodates these fuels. When it comes to bio-ethanol fireplaces, the main purpose is aesthetic. Nevertheless, it is important to know what kind of grates there are to effectively style any living space.

There are three different types of antique grates:

1. Steel Bar Grate

    Steel bar grates are usually used for wood. You cannot use them for coal because the gaps between the bar are too wide. The small pieces of coal would just fall through them. In fact, most bars have gaps as wide as the bar themselves.

    If you’re looking for a mid-18thcentury look such as with the GlammFire Zarzuela, you can go for the heaviest and the largest grate. The biggest advantage is that they last much longer. Since you won’t be burning wood on it, the grate will last for a very long time.

    2. Cast Iron Grate

      A cast iron grate has smaller gaps between the bars. The main advantage is that the wood or coal pieces burn for a longer time since they won’t fall to the ground as easily. You can use them with both coal as well as wood.

      When it comes to cast-iron grates, the heavier they are, the more durable they will be. If durability is of the essence, then going with a cast iron grate is the best option, as they are virtually indestructible.

      3. Grate Heaters

        If you want a unique look for the fireplace, then a grate heater will serve you perfectly. The grate heater has hollow tubes which help in blowing back hot air to the home. They can actually serve you as well by blowing all the warm air from the bioethanol flame back into the room.

        The flames from the ethanol fire warm up the tube. A fan blows air through the tube which then gets heated. This way you get the perfect aesthetic appeal and a practical grate. In fact, some grates are controlled by a thermostat so you don’t need to worry about the living space getting too hot.

        The grate automatically shuts itself off when it gets too hot.

        Styling the Fireplace with an Antique Grate

        Styling the Fireplace with an Antique Grate

        As an increasing number of people are requesting for their homes to look more traditional and have vintage features, manufacturers have answered with several impressive designs that can help even an urban apartment look like a cozy homestead.

        1. Steel Bar Grate: Planika Lincoln

          Steel Bar Grate: Planika Lincoln

          A steel bar grate can add a rustic look to the Planika Lincoln modern fireplace. By placing it above the burner on an ethanol fireplace with some fake fireproof wood on top of the grate, this look can be easily emphasized to assist the decor. This is done by adding bigger pieces at the bottom and the smaller ones at the top. It is even possible to add fake fireproof burnt ashes near the grate to make it look even more authentic.

          For a well-blended look, choose wood that matches the furniture and overall color scheme. Since the Planika Lincoln has a white color, it is better to choose white wood for a well-tied in look.

          Additionally, it is possible to add wooden paneling on that wall to accentuate the traditional look. This can work in tandem with other wooden features in the room.

          2. Cast Iron Grate: Planika Primebox

            Cast Iron Grate: Planika Primebox

            Since Cast Iron grates are used with coal and wood, this gives you a wide range of choice. You can style them like a steel bar grate as above or style them with fake coal pieces. They go best with more modern and minimalistic fireplaces such as the PlanikaPrimebox. You can easily buy fireproof fake coal pieces. It gives your house a very 19thcentury feel since people used coal in abundance back then. In addition, you can add White Pebble Pieces for a more monotone look.

            For added contrast, you can try adding a glass ember bed to the bottom. The glass reflects the beautiful flames withstand out even more against the black coal.

            3. Grate Heater: Decoflame Ellipse

              Grate Heater: Decoflame Ellipse

              This goes best with faux stove burner type fireplaces such as the Decoflame Ellipse due to the design. If you want to make your fireplace look even more unique, you can try painting it a bright color. Overall, just adding a grate heater makes any fireplace look more unique.


              Adding a fireplace grate helps you convert your fireplace and give it a brand-new look. And, unlike with fireplaces running on other fuels, if there is a time when a more contemporary look is needed, it is very easy to remove the front-facing features and exchange them for those with a different style.

              While the grates will easily withstand extreme heat, it is best for them not to have too much exposure to water, as well as not to be directly above the flames. The latter will rarely end in any permanent damage but will make the grate harder to handle and might accumulate soot and other impurities over time.

              Too much moisture can corrode them. A better alternative is to go for grates with thicker and heavier bars. These last longer as they are much stronger. Whichever type of grate you choose, they help you add a vintage vibe to your entire home. Finally, it is up for you to decide which one you’re going to choose.
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