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Can You Have A Fireplace In Your Condo Or Apartment?

Can You Have A Fireplace In Your Condo Or Apartment?

Can You Have A Fireplace In Your Condo Or Apartment?

There maybe obstacles to having a fireplace in a condo, but you can work around it with the ethanol fireplace in the condo. Only a few condos have fireplaces, not minding how useful they are and the beauty that they exude. The sight of the ethanol fireplace in a condo is very cute, as its dancing flames make it a nice visual experience, and it is even great for those chilly winters and night, yet very few condos have the fireplace, why?

Who wouldn't want to have a fireplace in their condo, while they chat up their loved ones, create memories and giggle about funny stuff? The fireplace adds a traditional beauty to your home, a very unique one unseen in many modern homes.

You would love to give your home a surreal look, but using the traditional wood burning fireplace may not be a great idea, especially when you are living in a rented apartment. Very few landlords ever give tenants the permission to install the wood burning fireplace.

Even if you are able to get the permission from the landlord, you have to get an architect to make alterations to your rented apartment. It wouldn't be an easy one, as the architect would have to think of getting the chimney for those wood burning fireplace installed.

Then, you still have to think about the woods you would feed the fireplace regularly. Many of us live in condos, with a flight of stairs and elevator. Are you going to spend your days moving through the stairs or elevator with heaps of wood?

One has to think of the maintenance of the flues and vent to ensure that there is no outbreak of chimney fire. There are a lot of things to think about.

We all deserve a fireplace in our home. It has its aesthetic feeling, and make our apartments, homely. We all deserve to lay by the fireplace and watch the fire dance around as we unwind. How then can you get over these obstacles since you live in a rented apartment?

The ethanol fireplace in your condo is the perfect solution.

I would have talked about the gas fireplace, but I don't quite fancy it for a condo. It has a greater heat than the ethanol, and may not be great for a condo that already has a primary heat source.

You still have to think of its flues or venting that has to be installed, as well as gas leaks that may occur if not properly installed. If carbon monoxide leaks, it may be dangerous especially in an airtight condo building.

The ethanol fireplace is one option that I fancy in a condo because it is perfect. You don't have to worry about gas leaks or flues installation and maintenance. Cuddling with your partner in front of an eco-friendly fireplace will indeed be nice.

The ethanol fireplace in your condo will give you a great feeling since you are not purchasing it as a form of primary heat source. There is a certain feeling that everyone gets as they recline on a sofa opposite the burning ethanol fireplace, a nostalgic feeling of when their grandparents told them stories about the past and stuffed them with food. Everyone deserves that experience, a replay of the past.

You can do that even when you live in a rented apartment that frowns against wood burning fireplace. You can relive those good old days, and create new memories.

The ethanol fireplace is great for a condo because it comes in numerous designs like freestanding that doesn't need installing, the built-in, as well as the wall,  mounted ones.

Installing an ethanol fireplace in your condo is easy. You don't need to get an architect to redesign your apartment. You don't need to get permission from your landlord or expend a lot of money. The ethanol fireplace is mobile, allowing you to move it to any part of your house you want, whenever you want it.

It's unlike other fireplaces are not portable. You want to hang out the porch, and want the ethereal feeling of a fireplace, you can easily move it to the porch.

They make use of bio-ethanol derived from plants, and is known to be both sustainable and eco-friendly. Its dancing flame provides great beauty to the condo. One doesn't have to be bothered about harmful byproducts from its use. The ethanol usually burns at quite a low temperature, while giving odd tiny amounts of carbon dioxide, and water vapour that gets easily assimilated by a condo's air-handling ability.

fireplace in the condo

We have regularly gotten questions by condo residents, wondering if they can benefit from having a fireplace. Some had while as kids when they lived in traditional apartments and would want to relive it. It is quite surprising that many do not understand the unique benefits of ethanol fireplace in the condo. The ethanol fireplace is a marvel for condo residents, and it is safe. The ethanol fireplace doesn't usually need many installations, especially the freestanding version. The wall mounted version can be installed in a matter of minutes, without the need for professional. All you need do is follow the manual.

Some people believe that fireplaces are not eco-friendly, hence avoid it. That's not true totally. Though the wood burning fireplace may not be eco-friendly because of the wood used, as well as the tar and residues produced, the ethanol is eco-friendly. Its fuel is plant based, biodegradable and doesn't leave harmful residues behind.

There is little or no risk of it burning down your apartment because there are no cases of gas leak or unmaintained flues. This has made a lot of landlords hate the traditional fireplace with passion.

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