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Tabletop Ethanol Fireplaces

Tabletop Ethanol Fireplaces

Planika table top commerce ethanol fireplace

Finally, a fireplace you can really and truly have anywhere. Tabletop fireplaces are one of the most popular types of ethanol fireplaces for their total portability and convenience. Whether you’re adding a tabletop fireplace for some instant warmth and light, or creating a statement-making centerpiece, there are plenty of benefits to this portable heat and lighting source.  

When we say you can put a tabletop ethanol fireplace anywhere, we mean indoors and outdoors are fair game! However, you’ll want to ensure the model you’re buying is suited for being placed in both areas. Most tabletop fireplaces are manually controlled, so there’s no electronic panels or components to worry about if you bring yours outdoors. Some finishes and materials may not be ideal for outdoor use, although you do have the option to simply bring your fireplace indoors after bringing light to a dinner party or casual evening on your porch or patio. 

Because ethanol tabletop fireplaces are generally on the smaller side, they may not produce a ton of heat. If you’re primarily looking for a heat source, you may need to also invest in heat lamps. But a tabletop fireplace can provide a nice ambient glow and some warmth, depending on the size. Consider adding a fireplace to your dining area, by the hot tub or pool, on an end table next to some lounge chairs, or on an outdoor coffee table. Larger tabletop fireplaces can be placed on the floor as a cleaner, greener alternative to a fire pit. 

Indoor tabletop fireplaces look great as a dining table centerpiece, on a kitchen island, coffee table, entertainment unit, desk, bookshelf, or even a conference room desk. More powerful than candles and without smoke or soot, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere just about anywhere in a flash. 

Using Your Tabletop Fireplace 

Most tabletop fireplaces are ignited by using a long matchstick or lighter. You may also be able to adjust the flame intensity or size, although this type of customization is more limited with tabletop fireplaces compared to other types of ethanol fireplaces 

When you are ready to turn your flames off, you may be able to manually adjust the flame level to zero or use an included damper tool to safely and quickly extinguish your fireplace. 

Ethanol tabletop fireplaces require next to no setup, other than potentially installing some glass safety panels. As long as you have ethanol fuel, you should be able to use your tabletop fireplace right out of the box. All you have to do is add fuel to the tank, grab a lighter, and get set to enjoy! 

Because of their compact size, there is a huge range when it comes to the size, style, design, and even color of your tabletop ethanol fireplace. Long, narrow cylinders are an elegant choice to set down in the center of your dining table, while boxy, glass-enclosed tabletop fireplaces look great on a coffee table or kitchen island. Other style choices include circular tabletop fireplaces, corner units, or tabletop fireplace inserts that are open on all four sides.  

You can even tuck some types of tabletop fireplaces into existing fireplaces or alcoves –zero clearance tabletop fireplace models require no flues, vents, chimneys, or gas lines, and safely produce nominal amounts of water and carbon emissions.  

If you want to create a more dramatic impact, look for tabletop fireplaces that come in the same design, but different sizes. Arranging a few small fireplaces next to one another creates a stunning look, particularly in an outdoor setting. 

There’s also variation in the colors available for tabletop ethanol fireplaces. The majority of tabletop ethanol fireplaces are made from solid stainless steel, and many manufacturers choose to leave their fireplaces basic silver tone. But many models are also available in different powder coated finishes, like white, black, red, or even custom color choices. Contact us to learn if there are custom color options available for a tabletop fireplace you just have to own.  

Ethanol Fireplace Safety 

Eco-feu ethanol table top fireplace

Some manufacturers have advanced safety features with all of their fireplaces, including tabletop models, to ensure the fireplace will instantly shut down in the event it’s tipped or the fuel is heated up to a dangerous level. In general, safety glass panels are recommended to protect your hands and to keep flames from ‘jumping’ out.  

Whether your tabletop fireplace has these safety features or not, there are a few general safety considerations you’ll want to keep in mind. Always keep your fireplace and ethanol fuel away from children and pets, as they can burn themselves. Even though your fireplace is portable and has a smaller flame, keep in mind it’s still very much a real fire. Place your tabletop fireplace out of high-traffic areas,  and ensure the surface it’s placed on is sturdy and won’t be easily knocked over. Never add fuel to your tabletop fireplace while it’s currently lit – you should wait at least an hour after use before refilling. And of course, make sure you extinguish your flames when you’re done using your tabletop fireplace.  

Virtually all ethanol fireplace manufacturers create tabletop models, using the same technology and craftmanship to ensure every model they produce is safe and stylish. Some ethanol fireplace manufacturers specialize in tabletop fireplaces, experimenting with unique finishes, shapes, cut-outs, and designs.  

Planika, Decoflame, and Nu-Flame are three of the world’s leading ethanol fireplace manufacturers that also produce smaller tabletop versions of some of their most popular designs. You can also find trendy tabletop fireplaces from companies like Decorpro, Bio-Blaze, Eco-Feu, and Anywhere Fireplace.  

One final major benefit of tabletop fireplaces is the price point. Many ethanol tabletop fireplaces are available for under $100, an attractive budget for just about any household that has long dreamed of having some fire to warm up their space.  

You can also purchase tabletop fireplaces for commercial use, whether creating an ambient atmosphere by a hotel pool or a more cost-effective choice for dining tables on a patio.  

Whatever your need, space, or desire, there’s a tabletop fireplace that’s just right for your budget and your dream fireplace vision. 

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