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Planika Ethanol Fireplaces

Planika Ethanol Fireplaces

Planika Ethanol fireplace insert in modern home

If you’re looking for a premium ethanol fireplace that is fully loaded with all the safety, convenience, control, and style features you could ever ask for, then there simply isn’t a better choice on the market than Planika. Founded in 2002, this global brand prides itself on innovating when it comes to both the design and function of their fireplaces, resulting in one of the most prestigious and luxurious fireplace lines ever created. When it comes to safety, Planika is unbeatable. They are one of the only ethanol fireplace brands in the world to burn ethanol vapors rather than the fuel directly, through their patented Burning Ethanol Vapors (BEV) technology.

The benefits of this process are multi-fold for consumers. First, your flames will burn cleaner than any other fireplace – resulting in no smoke, no smell, and no ashes. Second, by minimizing the contact between the flame and the fuel, you’ll avoid the risk of your fuel accidentally boiling, which can create a hazardous situation. Finally, Planika’s BEV technology improves the overall efficiency of your ethanol fireplace, allowing you to enjoy longer burn times per tank refill. Plus, Planika has taken the step of certifying their fireplaces to UL standards through OMNI laboratories.

Another prized aspect of Planika’s safety features is the built-in automated capabilities of your ethanol fireplace. Most Planika fireplaces have an auto-refill mechanism, with sensors and audio/visual cues to alert you when the fuel tank is full or empty. The entire refueling process is then automated, eliminating the risk of human error and ensuring the perfect amount of fuel is delivered, with no fear of spills, leaks, or overfilling. Several Planika fireplaces also come with a larger than average fuel tank, meaning fewer refills and longer burn times for your convenience.

Convenience & Control of Planika 

The majority of Planika’s ethanol fireplaces also come with multiple control options to safely turn the flames on and off remotely, allowing you to avoid contact with the flames and hot surface. Use the built-in LCD panel, or a convenient handheld remote to quickly and safely extinguish your flames. You can also turn on a bedtime timer to enjoy the comfort and warmth of fire as you drift off to sleep. You can also purchase a smart Planika fireplace that can be controlled via a WiFi-connected smart device such as a smartphone, tablet, or a smart home system.

These same control panels can be used to adjust the flame height and intensity. A lower intensity will reduce the heat production and extend your fuel usage, providing maximum control and efficiency in a way most other ethanol fireplaces cannot be managed. Choose from a relaxing ambient light or comfortably warm up space by selecting the perfect level of intensity.

Finally, as part of their smart design, Planika’s ethanol fireplaces are equipped with advanced safety sensors. These sensors detect if your fireplace is producing an unusual amount of carbon dioxide emissions or heat output, and will automatically shut down if needed. In addition, if the fireplace senses seismic activity or tipping, it will also self-extinguish. In the event of an error, your Planika fireplace can even be serviced remotely via USB hookup – no service repairmen will need to visit your home, for the utmost in convenience.

Planika’s safety and control features are incredible, and so are their design options. Planika’s fireplaces are revered by designers and architects from around the world, and their corporate client list boasts impressive global luxury brands like Hilton, Sheraton, and W Hotels. Think of your Planika fireplace as a starting point – virtually everything is highly customizable to create a bespoke fireplace look for your space.

Planika’s fireplace inserts come in a range of standard sizes which can be linked together to create the perfect wall of flame in your space. These inserts can be framed to enjoy flames on all sides, or tailored with a custom surround to expose flames on just one, two, or three sides. You can even install Planika inserts in corners to create an immersive heating and light experience. Need a specific size? Contact us to learn about Planika’s custom design service offerings.

Planika Style & Design 

Planika wall mount recessed ethanol fireplaceMost of Planika’s fireplace inserts come with a stainless steel or black powder coated finish. However, you can choose any color from the global RAL color index, featuring over 200 designer hues ranging from bold brights to designer neutrals. 

And fireplace inserts are just the beginning. Planika also sells standalone, recessed and wall-mounted ethanol fireplaces, as well as smaller portable tabletop ethanol fireplaces. All of their fireplaces are easy to set up, often in minutes. Enjoy a golden, natural flame without the hassle of installing a costly gas line, chimney, or venting system. For best results, purchase Planika’s signature Fanola oil for the brightest, cleanest flames possible.

You can even find indoor/outdoor ethanol fireplaces that are great for commercial use or for placement in high traffic areas. These jar fireplaces feature Planika’s Commerce Technology, which uses highly absorbent ceramic fibers to eliminate the risk of spillage or leaks. If you have an outdoor gas line in place, Planika also sells outdoor gas fireplaces that offer fantastic weather-resistance, portability, and complex customization options.

There is truly a Planika fireplace for every space, aesthetic, and budget – contact Modern Ethanol Fireplaces to learn more about how we can work together to create your dream Planika fireplace installation.

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