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Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace

Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace

Nothing makes a backyard pop quite like an outdoor ethanol fireplace! These freestanding pieces are the perfect addition to any yard. They will supply you with a clean, warm, and bright fire, well into the night. Ethanol fireplaces offer a variety of benefits when comparing them to a traditional fire pit. For one, no more chopping wood! Ethanol is an eco-friendly, renewable fuel. It will keep your fire burning as long as you want.

Additionally, you can insert this type of fireplace anywhere that you choose! This is because no vents or gas lines are necessary for them to function. You can enjoy the heat from your new fireplace anywhere you’d like! These outdoor pieces are incredibly safe and require little to no maintenance to work properly. With same-day installation, you will be able to enjoy your new fireplace that very same day!

Our Recommendations

If you are looking for recommendations on what piece best suits your yard, our top picks are:

These are some of the top-rated pieces from our collection! Their modern and sleek designs can enhance any yard, big or small! If you are interested in obtaining an outdoor ethanol fireplace, check out the top picks above or browse the rest of our selection. You can also inquire about our custom design services that we provide for any outdoor location!

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  • Decoflame Nice Round Free-Standing Fireplace (Indoor / Outdoor)-Modern Ethanol Fireplaces
    Decoflame Nice Round Free-Standing Fireplace (Indoor / Outdoor)-Modern Ethanol Fireplaces

    Decoflame Nice Round Free-Standing Fireplace (Indoor / Outdoor)

    2 colors available

    Decoflame's Nice Round™ free-standing fireplace is designed to add the coziness and wild romance of an open fire to outdoor spaces. Available in va...

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