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Freestanding Ethanol Fireplaces

Freestanding Ethanol Fireplace

DecoFlame Free-standing Fireplace

Times change, and so do tastes. We all have a desire to tweak and refresh our rooms from time to time and, ideally, your space should be able to be edited as your needs, furniture, and design ideas shift. If you’re looking to add some cozy warmth to your space, a free standing ethanol fireplace is the easiest and most flexible way to bring a fireplace into your life.

As you might have guessed by the name, free-standing ethanol burning fireplaces are completely standalone units that can be placed virtually anywhere. As long as you provide safe clearance from fabrics and furnishings, free-standing bio-ethanol fireplaces require next to no installation whatsoever. This means you could install one against a wall or alcove, as a divider between spaces, or even a more creative application, like on top of a coffee or dining table.

Unlike a gas fireplace, modern ventless fireplaces are self-contained units that store fuel and burners in one convenient space. You have no pricey gas line hookups. Plus, as ethanol is a clean-burning fuel that emits nothing more than a bit of water and carbon vapors, no chimney, vent, or flue is required. It’s as easy as selecting a bio-ethanol free standing fireplace you love, deciding where you want it to go, and filling the tank with fuel before you light up your life (and your room).

Best of all, free standing ethanol fireplaces are totally safe. Many brands offer auto switch-off features, should the fireplace accidentally be tipped or overheat. You can also set timers to ensure your fireplace goes off, giving you total peace of mind with every use.

Freestanding Fireplace Design Ideas

The biggest consideration with your free-standing, bio-ethanol fireplace is how much space you have to work with. These ventless fireplaces come as small as tabletop models, all the way up to full-sized wall units that mimic the look and feel of a traditional fireplace, without the fuss, cost, or mess.

You can also choose between indoor and outdoor models of freestanding bio-ethanol fueled fireplaces. In fact, many models can be used in both spaces, giving you total control on where you want to add a little bit of light and warmth. Keep an eye out for free-standing ethanol fireplaces that come in multiple sizes or colors. You can mix and match them to design a stylish fireplace installation in your home.

Another option is freestanding ethanol fireplace inserts, which could, say, be placed inside a dividing wall to create a unique effect that adds instant glam to any room. These fireplaces may be open all the way around, or only on two or three sides, giving you lots of creative options to find the right layout for your space.

If you’re looking for a free-standing ethanol fireplace, we have plenty of choices from today’s top manufacturers. From Planika’s signature commercial-grade jar fireplaces to Decoflame’s indoor/outdoor models, there is surely a free-standing fireplace that will look right at home in your space – no matter how many times you change your design!

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