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Ethanol Fireplaces 

Decoflame ethanol fireplace insert

With an ethanol fireplace, it’s finally possible to add light, warmth, and a cozy atmosphere to virtually any space – indoors, outdoors, residential, commercial, you name it! Ethanol fireplaces are quickly becoming a popular choice for homeowners or business owners looking for the benefits of a fireplace with minimal maintenance and seamless setup. They are ventless making them easy to install anywhere! The main benefit is real flames without any smell of fumes. 

What is an ethanol fireplace? 

The main difference between ethanol fireplaces and other types of fireplaces is the fuel source. Traditional fireplaces use wood or a gas line for fuel, while ethanol fireplaces burn ethanol gas. Ethanol, also known as bioethanol, is a clean-burning renewable resource that is a by-product of various types of crops such as corn or sugar beets. All bioethanol fireplaces have a fuel tank that holds ethanol and are lit using a remote or lighter. Some ethanol fireplaces also have an auto-refill function that will flow fuel into the burner as it empties.  

Apart from being a renewable and biodegradable fuel source, ethanol’s other benefits include giving off no emissions, vapors, or fumes. In fact, the only by-products of ethanol fuel are water and safe levels of carbon dioxide emissions. This means you can install an ethanol fireplace anywhere, as they do not require a fireplace, gas lines, pipes, chimney, vent, or flue. In addition, there’s no messy cleanup with an ethanol fireplace. You’ll never have to sweep up soot, hire a chimney-sweeper, or clean smoke marks from your walls.  

Ventless Fireplace With Real Flames

Ethanol fireplaces are typically not used as a primary heating source for a room, although some models can actually be hooked up to a ventilation system to redistribute heat to other parts of a home or building. An average-sized ethanol fireplace will produce enough heat to warm up a space of about 215 to 430 square feet, at the cost of about $1-$3 per hour. 

Best of all, setup of your ethanol fireplace is a breeze. Many ethanol fireplaces can be used right out of the box, with minimal setup or installation and no other tools required apart from a screwdriver. Just add fuel to your ethanol fireplace tank, and light it up! And if you ever need to relocate your ethanol fireplace, it’s not a problem. Most ethanol fireplaces are entirely portable. 

Once you’ve decided on an ethanol fireplace, the next step is to select what type of fireplace you’re looking for. Recessed or wall-hung fireplaces mimic the feeling of a classic fireplace by tucking into an alcove or laying flat along the wall to take up minimal space. You can even hang some types of wall-mounted fireplaces, for a flickering piece of moving art.  

For a more modern take, consider ceiling-mounted or standalone ethanol fireplaces to serve as a centerpiece in your room design. There are also tabletop fireplaces that are ideal for bringing a bit of light to your lounge or dining areas.  

To get really creative, you’ll want to look at ethanol fireplace inserts. These standalone burners are specifically designed to be installed within a custom surround. Most companies offer custom insert options, so you can select the exact length and size of your ethanol fireplace burner to create maximum visual impact within your space. 

Ethanol fireplaces offer an extreme level of flexibility when it comes to both installation and design. You can actually install a two-sided ethanol fireplace so it serves as a divider between two rooms, such as a bathroom and bedroom, or dining room and kitchen. Or keep things warm and toasty outside with an outdoor ethanol fireplace specifically designed to withstand the elements. You may notice ethanol fireplaces in commercial settings as well, often with custom installations around restaurants, lobbies, patios, spas, and more.  

As with all fires, many people want to know whether ethanol fireplaces are safe. Manufacturers take these concerns seriously, and many have introduced safety features to ensure the proper function and operation of your fireplace at all times. For example, your ethanol fireplace may automatically shut off if it senses seismic motion, or if it’s accidentally tipped over or toppled. Or, it may be equipped with sensors to alert you if the fuel tank is overflowing.  

Safety Of Bioethanol 

Glammfire table top ethanol fireplace Bioethanol fuel is an incredibly safe product. As a pure alcohol product, manufacturers add odorless chemicals to ensure it tastes bad and won’t be consumed. All ethanol fuel containers are tested for durability and won’t leak, plus ethanol doesn’t expire, so you can stock up to ensure your ethanol fireplace is always ready to use. 

For peace of mind, some manufacturers give you the option of setting a fireplace timer that will automatically extinguish the flames as you go to sleep or relax in front of the fire. You can also manually or electronically turn off your fire with an included damper tool or remote control. 

For maximum safety, we always recommend selecting a fireplace with safety glass panels or adding them to your purchase. These panels work two ways – keeping your hands from getting burned if you get too close to the fire, and preventing the flames from accidentally catching fire on something else if there is wind or other atmospheric influences. Ideally, you should install your ethanol fireplace at least 1 meter / 3 feet from other items in your room. 

Every ethanol fireplace manufacturer offers their own unique lineup of fireplaces and inserts. The manufacturer you choose largely depends on your budget and the features you’re looking for. If you’re seeking a truly custom design, Decoflame and Planika offer some of the most extensive customization options around, including colors, lengths, sizes, and even shapes 

If you’re looking for an affordable ethanol fireplace, Nu-Flame has a great selection of tabletop, standalone, and wall-mounted ethanol fireplaces at a lower price point. Ignis ventless fireplaces range the gamut from affordable tabletop models to large-scale fireplaces designed for commercial use, with much larger price tags. 

We invite you to browse our collection of ethanol fireplaces to find the ideal fit for your needs. See something you love but wondering if it can be tailored? Contact us – many ethanol fireplace manufacturers are happy to make the fireplace of your dreams become a reality. To learn more check out our Ultimate Ethanol Fireplace Buyers Guide.

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