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Two-Sided Ethanol Fireplaces

Two-Sided Ethanol Fireplaces

Decoflame Two-sided fireplace

The only thing better than an ethanol fireplace is one you can enjoy in multiple rooms. With a two-sided or multi-sided fireplace, you can do just that! Two-sided ethanol fireplaces refer to fireplace inserts that are open on two or more sides, with the intent of being placed into a custom surround that will allow you to view the fire across multiple spaces.

The benefits of this type of design are endless. You’ll maximize your ethanol fireplace investment by enjoying the fire in more than one room. You’ll also create a sense of harmony and connectivity between two spaces, for a better flow. You can view your fireplace as a way to break up a large great room and create an elegant, unobtrusive division of space.

Where do people typically install their two-sided fireplaces? You can put a two-sided fireplace between just about any two rooms, but some common choices include between a master bedroom and bathroom, a dining room and kitchen, or a living and dining space but often forgotten is a double sided fireplace outdoor! You can even use a fireplace insert to divide up a bigger living space, creating a separate conversation nook or office tucked behind a two-sided ethanol fireplace.

Installing Your Two Sided Fireplace 

Installing your two-sided ethanol fireplace is super easy too. Two-sided ventless fireplaces use eco-friendly bioethanol fuel, a renewable resource the produces a clean-burning flame. This means you can install your two-sided ventless fireplace just about anywhere – no chimney, vent, gas line, or flue required, unlike pricey wood or gas fireplaces. Despite how easy they are to set up, you’ll still get the benefits and warmth of real flames. Say goodbye to electric fireplaces or space heaters that simply mimic fireplaces, and enjoy the affordability and ambiance a two-sided ethanol fireplace can bring.

The design potential with a two-sided ethanol fireplace is genuinely limitless. Your first step is to choose an ethanol fireplace insert that you love that suits your space. While some inserts are specifically designed to be used as two-sided fireplaces, you can also look at three-sided or completely open inserts. From there, it’s about looking at different materials and layouts to capture the two-sided fireplace look of your dreams. Think stone or brick for a rustic look, or minimalist steel or tile for a more modern design.

When it comes to safety with your two-sided fireplace, rest easy. We only sell ethanol fireplaces that have undergone rigorous safety testing. Many of the manufacturers we work with also pursue additional certification to ensure their products are as safe as can be. Plus, many two-sided fireplace inserts come with helpful safety features, like a timer to extinguish the flames if you drift off at night, or an auto-shutoff feature should there be an unusual shift in the performance of your fireplace, such as toppling or overheating.

When shopping for a ventless two-sided fireplace, you’ll need to determine how much space you’re working with. From there, choose a two-sided fireplace insert that will still allow for a room with your decorative surround. Some people prefer an offset look, with three sides of the fireplace open and a larger wall of tile, stone, or other material. If you want a more traditional design, many two-sided inserts can be installed flush to the ground to mimic the vibe of a classic fireplace. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a two-sided fireplace that offers easy installation and Pinterest-worthy style available for you!

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