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Eco-Feu Ethanol Fireplaces

Eco-Feu Fireplaces

Eco Fue Wynn Wall Ethanol Fireplace

With over a decade’s worth of experience behind them, Montreal, Canada-based Eco-Feu has earned an A+ reputation for their line of quality ethanol fireplaces. Marrying high-end style with top-notch safety and affordability, there is an Eco-Feu fireplace for every homeowner, for virtually any space.

What makes Eco-Feu different? Many people consider Eco-Feu to offer superior quality bio-ethanol over any other manufacturer. And you can order it right on our site along with your purchase of a fireplace, ensuring you can start your fireplace right up when it arrives. While you can use other bio-fuels with your Eco-Feu fireplace, Eco-Feu recommend using their ethanol brand to guarantee a more efficiently economic use of fuel.

Other benefits of Eco-Feu’s lineup of bio-ethanol fireplaces include a complementary three-year warranty, plus affordable fuel costs amounting to as little as $0.60 an hour for a tabletop model.

It's also wonderfully satisfying to take into account the style factor of Eco-Feu’s headquarters' placement in Montreal. Renowned as a enclave of European culture within North America, this Francophone Canadian city pushes the envelope on all things design, which is noticeably visible in Eco-Feu’s lineup of attractive ventless fireplaces.

Eco-Feu Fireplace Safety

One of the primary driving forces behind Eco-Feu’s vision is a commitment to bio-ethanol fuel, which makes fireplaces more attractive and easier to install than ever before. This clean-burning fuel emits no harmful vapors or smoke, meaning you can install an Eco-Feu ventless fireplace just about anywhere. Forget pricey gas lines or chimney construction. Bio-ethanol fireplaces do not require a chimney, vent, or flue, although your room should have proper ventilation to ensure proper air circulation. When you’re done using your fireplace, simply extinguish the fire and close your fireplace for the safest possible use.

Eco-Feu fireplaces also come equipped with an easy-pour spout to prevent accidental fuel spills, minimizing fuel loss and the potential for accidents or fires. Crafted from 304 stainless steel, your Eco-Feu ethanol fireplace burner will stay strong for the long-term. Finally, virtually all Eco-Feu fireplaces come standard with safety glass to keep everyone safe.

Eco-Feu fireplaces are also certified according to UL and ULC standards. View their individual models to learn more about the safety features they’ve incorporated to provide you confidence in using your fireplace.

One great aspect of Eco-Feu is the huge range of styles they have, in terms of both aesthetics and size. If you’re short on space, consider their tabletop ventless fireplaces. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, you can easily transport a fireplace to any room that needs a little warmth – from the dinner table to the outdoor patio. To top things off, Eco-Feu tabletop fireplaces are among the most affordable models around.

If you have more room, Eco-Feu Montreal wall-mounted or free-standing bio-ethanol fireplaces are an easy way to make a statement in any room. Hang them high, use them as room dividers, or situate them as you would a traditional fireplace for an instant wow factor. Note that Eco-Feu offers covers for their free-standing models if you’d like to use one outdoors - though wall-mounted units should be placed in covered areas only. Offering high-style at a great price point, Eco-Feu ethanol fireplaces will truly be a new favorite source for your home’s warmth and decor.

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