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About Us

Modern Ethanol Fireplaces: A Symphony of Design and Sustainability

In the world of Modern Ethanol Fireplaces, we don't just sell fireplaces; we curate experiences. Inspired by the transformative power of design and a commitment to the environment, our journey is one of bold innovation and artistic expression.

The Spark of Creation: Our story is fueled by a passion for the transformative essence of flames. The advancement of eco-friendly fireplace technologies - from bioethanol to vapor flames - ignited our vision. We saw an opportunity to revolutionize the way fireplaces not only warm spaces but also elevate them. Our collection is a celebration of this vision, where each piece is a testament to design ingenuity and environmental mindfulness.

Our Ethos: We are artisans of ambiance, experts in the alchemy of fire and design. Our mission transcends the mere selling of fireplaces. We are here to guide you through a journey of discovery - to find a fireplace that resonates with your space's soul, aligns with your eco-conscious values, and embodies a design that speaks to you.

Our Clientele: Our clients are connoisseurs of exquisite spaces - from discerning homeowners crafting personal sanctuaries to boutique hotels and upscale restaurants sculpting immersive experiences. They share our passion for design excellence, environmental stewardship, and the creation of spaces that are not just places, but experiences.

Curating Excellence: Our collaboration with suppliers is a dance of design and sustainability. We align with those who share our vision of excellence - eco-conscious, innovative, and unwavering in quality. From the heart of Europe to the innovation hubs of the US, our partners are chosen for their commitment to crafting fireplaces that are not only enduring in style and function but also kind to our planet.

Our Expertise, Your Canvas: Our expertise is the brush with which we paint unique fireplace experiences. Whether customizing a piece or offering our wisdom in selection, we are here to elevate your journey in choosing the perfect fireplace. Our knowledge is a gateway to informed, inspired choices.

Our Vision: At Modern Ethanol Fireplaces, we are redefining the narrative of what a fireplace can be. It's more than a source of warmth; it's a centerpiece of design, a statement of sustainability, a conversation between space and flame.

Join us in this exquisite dialogue.

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