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Fireplace Safety

An ethanol fireplace produces a real fire. At Modern Ethanol Fireplaces, it is our moral obligation to ensure the safety of our customers. Before operating an ethanol fireplace for the first time, please familiarize yourself with the points below!

  • NEVER fill or refill an ethanol fireplace when the burner is ignited or still hot. Make sure to wait a minimum of fifteen minutes after the flame has been extinguished.

  • If your ethanol fireplace consists of multiple burners, NEVER attempt to refill one burner while another one is lit. Make every single burner on the fireplace is extinguished and cool prior to refilling.

  • Never overfill the burner. Do not exceed the "Max Line" or 3/4 full in any ethanol fireplace.

  • When igniting your ethanol fireplace, only use a long lighter or fireplace match to start the fire. The initial ignition may produce a high flame. If possible, ignite the fireplace with the lid partially closed, then use the provided tool to fully open the burner once lit.

  • When installing your ethanol burner or grate, make sure the surrounding material is a non-combustible and fireproof such as stainless steel, stone or wonderboard. DO NOT install your burner in plastic or wood.

  • Keep your fireplace and ethanol fuel out of the reach of children and animals. NEVER leave your fireplace unattended!

  • Ensure that your fireplace is installed on a solid surface made of non-flammable material. Keep flammable materials such as drapes or decorations at least four feet away from your fireplace.

  • Do not place items on top or inside the fireplace unless that is their specific use or function.

  • Only fill your burner with ethanol approved for use in fireplacesNEVER use ethanol fuel intended for automobiles in your fireplace, this will surely cause an explosion.

  • Make sure to always use a funnel when filling your fireplace. If ethanol is spilled, be sure to clean it properly with an absorbent tissue and cleaned with water to prevent ignition outside of the fireplace.

  • Do not smoke while filling your fireplace. Wash your hands thoroughly before smoking.

  • Only adjust the flame with the tool provided. Never touch the burner to adjust flame.

  • Never try to blow the flame out. Adding more oxygen will create a bigger fire. Only used the extinguishing tool that is provided with your fireplace.

  • Have a fire extinguisher in close proximity to your fireplace.

  • Never touch the burner when ignited or hot.

  • Do not cover your fireplace.

  • Do not modify your fireplace.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call our customer care experts at +1-800-569-9508, chat with us online, or send an email to info@modernethanolfireplaces.com anytime.