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Nu-Flame Ethanol Fireplace

Nu-Flame Fireplaces

Nu Flame Accenda Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace

Now it’s easier than ever to add a chic ethanol fireplace to your space, thanks to Nu-Flame’s collection of small decorative fireplaces. This competitively priced brand is a division of Orlando’s Bluworld, a leading manufacturer of custom water features. After mastering the art of attractive water installations through the brand’s parent company, Nu-Flame is focused on creating attractive rays, waves, and fountains of flame.

Nu-Flame specializes in tabletop fireplaces that can be placed indoors and outdoors, anywhere you want to add a little ambiance. From the dining room to the patio to your coffee table, these self-contained units are extremely easy to use and set up. Simply take out of the box, add ethanol fuel, and you can light your fireplace pretty much instantly.

Best of all, like all ethanol fireplaces, you’ll enjoy the benefits of Nu-Flame’s ventless fireplaces, which require no chimney, flue, venting, or expensive gas line installation. Producing only clean-burning real flames, there’s no mess, no soot, and no smell. As a self-contained unit, Nu-Flame’s decorative fireplaces can be placed anywhere.

Plus, a tabletop ethanol fireplace will make a wonderful housewarming or wedding gifts. Nu-Flame’s fireplaces are some of the most affordably priced on the market, with most models under $500, making them a cost-effective way to add some light and warmth to your home.

Nu-Flame Fireplace Models

While Nu-Flame is well-known for their tabletop fireplaces, they also carry a line of well-priced wall-mounted and freestanding ethanol fireplaces. Just like their tabletop models, these units are super simple to install and can be placed virtually anywhere.

For example, consider mounting two Nu-Flame Torcia ethanol wall fireplaces on either side of a front entryway for a dramatic effect with merely the strike of a match. For a more traditional look, take a wall alcove and add one of their sleek Quattro or Tres wall-mounted fireplaces, which offer multiple burners so you can control the amount of flames per room.

Or keep it simple and go for what Nu-Flame is celebrated for: Their amazing line-up of decorative tabletop ethanol fireplaces that can also be used indoors and outdoors! 

At Modern Ethanol Fireplaces, we only carry fireplace brands that have been vetted for their commitment to safety. Lower-grade fireplace companies have burners that can distort or warp or may be prone to overheating. Brands like Nu-Flame may come at a lower price point, but they are still absolutely committed to safety, quality, and durability. Operate your Nu-Flame tabletop fireplaces with total confidence. For total peace of mind, when you’re done using it, simply use the included damper tool to safely and completely extinguish flames.

When shopping for your perfect Nu-Flame ethanol wall fireplace, don’t forget about accessories! You can purchase Nu-Flame brand bio-ethanol fuel directly from us, so you can use your fireplace right out of the box. Virtually all Nu-Flame ethanol fireplaces include safety glass, but keep an eye out for other decorative touches like ceramic logs to give your fireplace an extra authentic touch.

If you’re just starting out with ethanol fireplaces, or you’re already hooked and looking to add more to your home in an affordable way, Nu-Flame ethanol fireplaces are a great brand to take a closer look at.

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