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 Can You Heat A Room With An Ethanol Fireplace?

Can You Heat A Room With An Ethanol Fireplace?

 Can You Heat A Room With An Ethanol Fireplace?

are popular among many people. However, there is a rising misconception about the use of ethanol fireplaces. This is seen in the way some people view it. It is most times mistaken to only be present for the sake of decoration. However, ethanol fireplaces inserts go deeper than just do for decorations. Most times the ethanol fireplaces emit heats. While this comes as a surprise, people have been using ethanol fireplaces as a way to provide heat for their rooms. However, the question which may cross your mind would whether ethanol fireplaces could be used to heat up a full room.

To answer that question, we would first have to know the maximum amount of heat which an ethanol fireplace can produce when working properly. This will give us a good idea of whether it is logically possible to assume that it can heat up a room to the desired effect. However, there are some things which would undoubtedly influence the heating ability of the ethanol fireplaces. These factors make it difficult to give one clear answer to this question. What are some of these factors?


The following factors would have to be put into consideration when trying to know if ethanol fireplaces have the ability to heat up a room. The factors include;

  • THE ETHANOL MODEL: the model which is being used is a very important factor which can swing the answer both ways. When using a regular model of the ethanol fireplaces, you can expect it to release at least 2 KW with every hour that passes. However, using smaller models which would fit perfectly on a table would most likely lead to a lesser output. However, with all things equal, ethanol fireplaces should produce enough heat to at least change the current temperature of a room
  • SIZE OF THE ROOM: just any other type of distribution, the size of the room matters a lot when it comes to using ethanol fireplaces to heat up a complete room. When it has to do with smaller rooms which are about 30 sq feet, most ethanol fireplaces would have absolutely no problem heating up this room effectively. However, rooms which are much larger would see a regular ethanol fireplace struggle to have the same effect it has on the smaller room. Therefore, it all depends on how large or small the room which is to be heated is.
  • THE FLAME SIZE AND THE BURNING TIME: two things which you would go hand in hand is the flame size of the fireplace and its burning time. Reducing the flame size would affect the ethanol fireplace in such a way that it allows it to burn for a very low period of time. However, the sad thing about this is that the amount of heat which will be produced throughout this duration will be lower. When the flame size is increased, this would mean that the burning time would a lot lesser. However, the amount of heat which is sure to be produced will be a lot higher than when the flame size has been reduced. Therefore whether an ethanol fireplace can heat up a room would depend on the flame size and the subsequent burning time.

The truth is that the answer to that question is not a definite one. The answer would largely vary from one situation to another and could be influenced by a number of factors which would include the ones already listed above.  However, one thing that is certain is that you can expect to get at least some form of heating from the ethanol fireplaces when it is placed in your room. Due to the misconception of ethanol fireplaces as nothing more than a design or decoration, most individuals would set their fireplaces with large flame sizes. This would mean that these people might have their rooms heated to a very uncomfortable level before they realise it is not only meant for decor in the home.


There are some situations which the use of ethanol fireplaces would fit perfectly.some of these situations would include;

  • USING IT AS A SECONDARY SOURCE OF HEAT: if you are looking for a good secondary source of heat, the ethanol fireplace would be your best bet. It is advisable that you do not use the ethanol fireplace as a primary source of heat in your house despite the fact that it has the capabilities of heating up a room. This is due to the fact that a wood stove is way cheaper to use than using an ethanol fireplace. Therefore, you would be better off using your wood stove as a primary source of heating. This will save you some utility costs in the long run.
  • WHEN JUST LITTLE HEAT IS NEEDED: ethanol fireplaces can also come in handy when you only need a little heat in your rooms and not consistent heating. You would find the ethanol fireplaces very handy when it comes to providing little heat. Ethanol fireplaces do not have issues when it comes to putting it on and off. This would also make the option of using ethanol fireplace for heating purposes much more attractive.


The truth is that the use of ethanol fireplaces is simply not for the put pose of decorating a house. Whether ethanol fireplaces can be used to heat a full room cannot be answered in plain terms as it really would depend on the circumstances around the situation. However, if you are simply looking for an alternative source of heating, then you can count on the ethanol fireplaces to do the job quite effectively. It would also come in handy when you need your rooms heated up once or twice a week. However, the cost of using the ethanol fireplace makes it a bad option to use as a primary source of heating in your house.

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