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Ethanol Fireplace VS Electric Fireplace

Ethanol Fireplace VS Electric Fireplace

Which Is Best For Me? Ethanol or Electric? Read This Before You Buy

Ethanol Fireplace VS Electric Fireplace

Ethanol Fireplaces

Ethanol fireplace uses bioethanol to produce heat and flames. It requires no chimney as it does not give off soot or produce ashes. It has a burner which can come in different shapes and dimension. The burner is the container that contains the bioethanol. When lighted up, water, heat and carbon dioxide are released into the room.

In this kind of fireplace, two different types are available and they are:

  • Manual ethanol fireplace
  • Automatic ethanol fireplace

For the automatic ethanol fireplace design, the fuel is usually stored in a reservoir. When heated, the fuel gives off alcohol vapors which then evaporate into the burner. In this design, one can easily switch on and switch off the flame and also control the flame size using a remote or a smart home device. Ethanol fireplace usually comes with a lid and regulator rod. The lid is placed over the fire to extinguish the flames. The regulator rod is used to increase or decrease the fire. Using ethanol fireplace inserts, you can easily fix into a single or double-sided wall. You can also install the fireplace into space specially designed for fireplaces.

The fuel used is bioethanol and can be gotten from contemporary processes like agriculture. It can be easily purchased online or from hardware stores. It is important to purchase high-quality ethanol fuel intended for indoor use. Users should also use a funnel when pouring it into the burner to avoid spillage and ensure they do not fill too much at once.

Ethanol fireplace has gained so much popularity and it can be attributed to the following reasons:

Ethanol Fireplace Pros:

  • They do not require a flue: Because installing a chimney costs a lot and require so much work and expertise, so many home owners have opted for the ethanol fireplace. It uses bioethanol and as such emits no smoke and produces no ashes. The flames are clean so it requires no vent. It emits no dangerous particles. The emissions are composed of water, heat and a small amount of carbon dioxide. The amount of carbon dioxide produced is safe and is similar to that produced by 2 candles. This is very eco friendly as the carbon dioxide is released back into the environment and are used by plants for photosynthesis.
  • It produces real flames: The ethanol fireplace has become a great preference by many homes because it produces real flames that move slowly as they burn. An ethanol fireplace produces about 2-3 kW which is a good amount of heat. Since there is no flue, there is also no heat loss. This means the heat produced is distributed evenly around the home.
  • Easy installation and usage: Installing an ethanol fireplace doesn't require some great form of expertise. It is very easy to install. You can even install it your self after you have gone through installation processes well. Therefore it comes with no stress. It is also very easy to do. You simply mount the freestanding model. The built-in ones are also very easy to install. It is also very easy to use as you only need to light the fire using a lighter. They can be installed anywhere from the bedroom, bathroom and living ra oom to the dining room and patio. The tabletop ethanol fireplaces are convenient for outdoor uses as they can easily be moved from one place to another.

Electric Fireplace 

This is a heating element that produces heat and flames by heating cool air using a heating coil and releasing it into the environment as warm air. It produces flames without heat and can be manually controlled. They require fewer materials and energy to burn making them cost-effective. The heat emitted is not lost as no vent or chimney is required. This makes them energy efficient. They are also very easy to install. They come in different types and designs. Some are:

  • Freestanding electric fireplace: these ones are portable and offer a lot of flexibility. They are also not expensive and very easy to use.
  • Wall-mounted electric fireplace heater: These ones are automated and offer some form of aesthetic value to homes. They are also very safe as there is no danger of it falling over or risk of unconventional fires.

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Ethanol fireplaces and an electric fireplace are very similar being that they both do not require a chimney or venting. However, unlike the electric fireplace, an ethanol fireplace requires the use of fuel and also gives off heat. It is, however, eco-friendly compared to the electric fireplace that uses electricity produced from coal or natural gas.

The ethanol fireplace also does not require electricity like the electric fireplace. This makes it a good source of heat when there is a power outage. Just like the ethanol fireplace, the electric fireplace is very economical and requires no venting. It can be used anywhere as long as an electric outlet is available. You also do not need lighters, you simply plug it in and switch it on using a remote or button. There is also an automatic ethanol fireplace that can be operated and controlled using a remote, mobile app or smart home system.

The electric fireplace is more or less useless when there is a power outage and may require an electrician to fix wires. Unlike an electric fireplace, an ethanol fireplace produces real flames and also gives off heat. This is the main advantage an ethanol fireplace has over an electric fireplace as many homes do not appreciate the fake flames produced by the electric fireplace.

Both fireplaces do not require any form of maintenance. You simply light up the electric fireplace by plugging in the plug and use a remote control to switch it on or off. With an ethanol fireplace, you simply pour in the fuel and ignite. It leaves no ashes or residue so you do not need to clean up. An ethanol fireplace can be easily moved around when moving to a new place or just going outdoors. It requires no form of construction or pipe connection.

Another important factor to consider is the fact that an ethanol fireplace is very reliable. It can be operated anytime and in any kind of weather as long as fuel is available. It is definitely a great source of heat in winter or storms when the electricity goes out.

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