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Best Small Electric Fireplace

Best Small Electric Fireplace

I think we can all agree; there's nothing quite like a roaring fire. The heat, the crackling, the view... It's one of life's simple pleasures.

However, real fireplaces don't come without their downsides. Maintenance, extra expense, safety risks... is it worth it? What do you do if you want the feel of a fire in your home without having an actual fire?

Well, the small electric fireplace is a useful and practical addition to your home, especially if you live in an apartment or condo where space is at a premium. It can be used as a decorative feature as well as providing heat for the room.

The best small electric fireplaces are those that provide both heat and light. They are also easy to install and use.

If you're considering an electric fireplace, but you're not sure where to start, keep reading to discover some of the best small electric fireplaces on the market. Portable models, adjustable settings, and more. Ready? Let's get started.

Euhomy Electric Fireplace Heater

First on our list is the EUHOMY Small Electric Fireplace Heater.

This 20" electric fireplace comes with an overheating protection safety function and simple controls. Its realistic, 3D logs give the appearance of a real fireplace without the risks associated with real flames.

When we tested this fireplace, what we loved the most was its heating function. You can still use the 3D log effect of this fireplace without the heat on a warm day, or you can use the heating function if you need it! Its infrared and heats very well, so even the coldest rooms will feel a little warmer with the EUHOMY.

It also features tilt-safe protection, a super quiet motor, remote control to change the heat functions, and easy-to-follow assembly instructions. This fireplace weighs just 16.12lbs, so you can move it between rooms easily. There are also different levels of brightness to choose from, so you can adjust the appearance of your fire with the click of a button!

We purchased one of these units for our home office. They were delivered within a week, and we found them incredibly easy to install. They look great and provide a nice ambiance - in fact, we like them so much that we ordered another unit for our master bedroom!

Unfortunately, when we tested this fireplace, we found that it's not as quiet as advertised. Although it produces minimal noise most of the time, when it blows hot air, it has a tendency to create a loud blowing noise for a few seconds before correcting itself.


  • Different Brightness Levels: This fireplace has three different brightness levels to choose from, so you can create a look to suit any room.
  • Adjustable Heating: The heat adjusts well, and you can keep the fireplace 'burning' without generating any heat if you want to.
  • Lightweight: This fireplace is lightweight and easy to move, so you can switch it between rooms easily.


  • Produces Some Noise: Unfortunately, this fireplace isn't as quiet as advertised. When you change the heating level, it does tend to produce some noise before correcting itself.

Turbro Suburbs TS23-C Electric Fireplace

Next up, we have the TURBRO Suburbs TS23-C Electric Fireplace.

This fireplace features infrared heating, adjustable flames, three brightness levels, and a customizable timer - so you can control when it turns on and off and enjoy more comprehensive control over the temperature of your room.

The timer ranges anywhere between 30 minutes and 6 hours. You'll also get a remote control so that you can adjust the heating element or brightness from the comfort of your couch!

We purchased this unit because it was recommended by a friend. We were skeptical about purchasing a fireplace online, but decided to try it out anyway. We received the fireplace within two weeks of ordering, and it was easy to install.

We love how it looks in our living room and how quickly it heats the place up. We also like that there are no flames or smoke coming out of it. It does produce some noise when it turns on, but not enough to bother us. Overall, we are happy with our purchase and highly recommend it!

When we tested this fireplace, the only issue we found was with cord length. Unfortunately, this fireplace has a short cord, so if you're using it in a larger living space, you may need to purchase a separate adapter.


  • Timer: The timer can be set anywhere between 30 minutes or 6 hours, giving you greater control over the heat and brightness in your room.
  • Adjustable Brightness and Heat: Both the heat and brightness can be changed via remote control, so you can change the look and feel of your fireplace.


  • Short Cord: Unfortunately, this fireplace has a short cord. If you're using it in a large area, you may need a separate adapter.

Kismile Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove

 Now, let's take a look at the Kismile Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove.

This stove comes with an infrared burner, which means you won't have to worry about burning anything or buying separate logs. In addition, this stove has a venting system, which allows warm air to escape through the back of the stove. This helps prevent cold drafts from entering your home.

It's safe, clean, and efficient, plus it doesn't require any maintenance. It's strong but portable, weighing just 17.6lbs, so you can move it between rooms with ease.

Although this fireplace doesn't have a remote control, it has multiple functions and thermostat control to change the flame effect or temperature. It also features an overheating safety device to prevent overheating or injury. The flame effect can also be changed independently of the heating!

This fireplace is perfect for those who prefer a more traditional style that’s nonetheless decked out with modern appointments. The infrared tech mentioned earlier helps to create the warming glow of real wood, whilst heating in an efficient manner. It's ideal for those who want something that deviates a little from traditional fireplaces.

Our only complaint is that it takes a little while to heat up the room, but it stays hot all night long once it gets going, and with two heating modes of 1000W and 1500W, there's a temperature setting to suit any room.


  • Lightweight: This fireplace is portable and lightweight, so it can be moved and set up easily.
  • Venting System: The venting system protects against overheating and keeps you safe.
  • Adjustable Heat and Brightness: The heat and brightness can be adjusted independently of each other, which will appeal to many users.


  • No Remote: This fireplace has no remote control, so you'll have to use the buttons on the unit. This can be inconvenient.
  • Takes a While to Heat Up: Unfortunately, the fireplace takes a while to heat up, so don't expect instant heat.

Turbo Eternal Flame Electric Fireplace

Next on our list is the Turbro Eternal Flame Electric Fireplace.

This electric fireplace has three different settings: low, medium, and high. You can adjust these settings according to what type of lighting you prefer. For example, if you'd rather keep the lights off during the day, then you can choose the lowest light level. On the other hand, if you'd like to see some light when you enter the room, then you can select a higher light level.

The Turbro Eternal Flame Electric fireplace is easy to install and operate. All you need to do is plug in the power cord and connect the wires. Then you're ready to enjoy a cozy fire. When it's time to turn down the heat, simply press the button, and the fireplace will go into standby mode until you decide to turn it back on again.

If you'd rather not use electricity, then you can still enjoy the benefits of this fireplace. Simply remove the glass top, and you'll find a gas stove underneath.

It's easy to install since it requires no wiring and plugs directly into the wall outlet. It even includes a remote control, so you can operate the unit without having to get out of bed. There are also four different colors available, including red, blue, green, and yellow.

This fireplace is quite large, measuring 22 inches wide by 36 inches tall by 12 inches deep. It weighs around 70 pounds, so it's not too heavy to carry around. Our only issue with this fireplace is that there are no realistic sound effects despite its natural appearance. If you want something as close to the real thing as possible, this might not be for you.


  • Easy to Install: It's effortless to install, requiring no wiring or tools.
  • Remote Control: You can operate the fireplace using a remote control, which makes it convenient.
  • Multiple Settings: There are three different settings available, including low, medium, and high. These settings allow you to adjust the lighting levels according to your preference.


  • No Realistic Sound Effects: Unfortunately, this fireplace does not produce any sound effects despite its realistic appearance. This might not be suitable for users who want something realistic.

Air Choice Store Electric Fireplace Heater

Last on our list is the Air Choice Store Electric Fireplace Heater.

This heater comes in a variety of sizes, from small to large. The smallest one measures 18 inches wide by 24 inches tall by 10 inches deep. The largest one measures 30 inches wide by 48 inches tall by 16 inches deep. All of them come with an adjustable thermostat, allowing you to regulate the temperature of the room. They also include a remote control, making it easier to operate the unit.

Our favorite feature about this heater is its ability to work with multiple electrical outlets. Most fireplaces require a single outlet, but this one works with two. That means you won't need to run additional wires through your walls.

This heater is quite attractive, featuring a realistic wood-grain design. It's made from durable materials, such as steel and stainless steel. It's also lightweight, weighing less than 40 pounds.

This heater also produces a lot of heat, reaching temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. And because it uses electricity instead of gas, it emits fewer fumes compared to traditional fireplaces.

The only downside we found to this heater during testing is that it doesn't have any realistic sound effects. But if you're looking for something that simply looks realistic, this might be perfect for you.


  • Multiple Outlets: This heater works well with various outlets, meaning you don't need to run extra wires through your walls.
  • Durable Materials: This heater is made from durable materials, like stainless steel.
  • Lightweight: This heater weighs less than 40 pounds, making it easy to move around.


  • No Realistic Sound Effects: Despite being realistic, this heater doesn't produce any sounds. So while it may look great, it could be hard to use if you prefer realism over functionality.

Buyer’s Guide

If you're thinking about buying a new electric fireplace, here are some things you should consider before doing so.

Energy Efficiency

Electricity can be expensive, so it's important to choose a fireplace that uses energy efficiently. Look for models that are Energy Star certified, which indicates they use less power than other similar products.

Furniture Compatibility

If you plan on using your electric fireplace in place of a real fireplace, then you'll need furniture that matches it. Make sure that your existing furniture fits comfortably in front of the heater, and don't try to squeeze any existing furniture too close to your new heater.

Remote Control

If you plan on using your fireplace often, then you'll want to invest in a remote control. These allow you to turn the heater on or off without having to get up from your cozy spot on the couch and power/shut down your fireplace manually.

Customer Reviews

We recommend reading customer reviews of electric fireplaces before buying one. These reviews will give you the most honest insight into a product's performance. If you're interested in any of the fireplaces on our list, read through our reviews above for an accurate account of their features and performance.


Make sure that the size of your living space will accommodate the fireplace. It would help if you also considered how much time you spend inside your home each day. If you spend most of your time outside, then you'll probably find a smaller model more practical.

On the other hand, if you spend most of your days inside, then you'll likely appreciate a larger model. Be aware that the size of your electric fireplace may also determine how much heat it produces.

Safety Features

Even though electric is much safer than real or gas fireplaces, a fireplace is always a potential source of danger. As such, it’s critical that the fireplace you choose arrives with plenty of safety features, including automatic shutoff devices, vents, and technology to prevent overheating.

Your electric fireplace will produce a lot of heat, so make sure you keep it away from anything combustible and don't position it too close to any other electrical items or pieces of furniture.

Sound Effects

While some people enjoy realistic sound effects, others prefer simple designs. If you fall into the latter category, then you'll want to choose a model without any sounds. Be aware that you may have to pay more for your electric fireplace if you want realistic sound effects as well as a realistic look.


If you're on a tight budget, it's pretty easy to find good value-for-money electric fireplaces. However, keep in mind that cheap models often lack quality components. So when choosing a fireplace, always opt for a higher-quality model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Electric Fireplaces Have To Be Vented?

Yes, electric fireplaces must be vented in order to work correctly. Without proper ventilation, the smoke produced by the heating element will build up and cause serious health problems.

Are Electric Fireplaces Safe?

Electric fireplaces are safe when used correctly. However, they can pose a risk to children and pets. Always supervise your child or pet when using an electric fireplace. Never leave them unattended.

Do Electric Fireplaces Use A Lot Of Electricity?

Electric fireplaces consume about 1/4 of the electricity needed to operate traditional gas-fueled fireplaces. They also require no maintenance.

How Much Does An Electric Fireplace Cost?

The cost of an electric fireplace depends mainly on the brand name and style of the unit chosen. A basic starter model can run between $100 and $300. More expensive units usually include additional features such as remote controls, lighting options, and built-in speakers.

Final Thoughts

The price of an electric fireplace can vary widely depending on the manufacturer and the type of model you purchase. Some models are cheaper than others, but they all offer similar features.

If you've made it this far, you should now have a firm idea of what to expect from an electric fireplace and what features will best suit your needs. Remember to do your research, and with a bit of shopping around, you can find the ideal fireplace for your home!

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