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Do Space Heaters Save Money

[Modern Ethanol Fireplace] Do Space Heaters Save Money

Do Space Heaters Save Money

As bills are rising across the country, everyone wants to know - how can I save money on my heating bills?

Some of you may be wondering if space heaters might be the answer to your heating problems? Will they save you money?

We are going to answer that question for you today. As well as teaching you how to use space heaters safely and sharing some other money-saving tips with you.

Do Space Heaters Save Energy Or Money?

There is not a simple answer to this question. Whether space heaters will save you money will depend on a number of factors.

Firstly, if gas is cheaper than electricity, space heaters will not save you money.

Secondly, if you need to heat your whole house for most of the day then space heaters will not save you money.

Thirdly, if you are only trying to heat a few rooms that are well insulated and small then you could save a lot of money by using space heaters.

The truth is that space heaters are only effective and efficient in certain situations.

3 Space Heater Safety Tips

3 Space Heater Safety Tips

If you do have some small rooms with low ceilings that would work well with a space heater, then you should follow these tips while using them.

#1 - Do Not Use Your Space Heater To Dry Clothes

Most of our clothes have a little bit of plastic in them.

Plastic has a very low melting and burning point. Space heaters can get very, very hot.

If you hang your clothes on a space heater to dry it is very likely they will catch fire and release a lot of toxic fumes in the process.

#2 - Keep Them Away From Furniture And Paper

In the tip above we mentioned that space heaters can get hot. We weren't joking, a domestic space heater can get as hot as 15000 degrees Fahrenheit.

That is hot enough to cause the paper to catch fire. That is hot enough to melt plastic ornaments, a computer tower, or even a plastic picture frame.

That is also hot enough to cause a set of curtains to catch on fire.

If you are going to use a space heater, you need to make sure it is kept far away from anything flammable.

#3 - Keep Your Space Heater Well Away From Water

Hopefully, by now, we all know that water and electricity do not mix.

It is really important that you keep your space heater away from anything that could get it wet.

That includes steam - you should never use a space heater in the bathroom and if you have a shower, don't use it to dry out the room. That steam can do a lot of damage.

You should also make sure that you do not leave your space heater on for too long. This can cause internal damage and possibly even fire.

5 Ways To Save Money On Your Heating Bill

5 Ways To Save Money On Your Heating Bill

If space heaters can't help all of us save money, what are some things you can do to lower your heating bill?

#1 - Wrap Up Warm Inside

This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised by how many people think about turning up their thermostat before they think about putting a jumper on.

If you make sure that you are wearing full-length trousers, socks, and a jumper when you are at home you will notice that you feel the need to turn on your heating less frequently.

If you want to take it a step further, grab a blanket before you touch that thermostat.

#2 - Lower The Temperature In Your Home By 1 Degree

This is a tip that thrifty people love to share.

If you turn your thermostat down by 1 degree, you will barely notice the difference, but your wallet will notice a huge change.

Research shows that turning your thermostat down by 1 degree for the whole year can save up to 10% on your heating bills. These days that's a lot of money.

Why not combine the first two tips on this list to see an even bigger difference.

#3 - Upgrade Your Central Heating

If you own your home then you should take a look at your central heating. How old is it?

After 15 years boilers are 40% less efficient, that goes up to about 60% when they get to 25 years old.

You could be paying way more than you have to if you've got an older boiler.

Upgrading your central heating system might seem like a lot of money to spend upfront, but you will immediately notice the effect that it has on your heating bill.

You are also less likely to have to pay for your boiler to be repaired.

#4 - Look At Your Furnishings

We all love little tricks that can help us save large amounts of money. So, it's time for you to look at how your furniture is arranged in your home.

Is any of your furniture sitting in front of your radiators? If so, move it right now! It's probably soaking up the majority of the heat your radiator is giving off.

Instead of putting your seating in front of the radiator, angle it so you can feel its benefits. Rather than letting the fabric or wood soak up all of that heat.

#5 -Change Your Curtains

A quick way to save on your heating bill is to insulate your house if it is not already.

If your house is already insulated but you still want to save some money then you should do the following - change your curtains at the start of fall to a thicker material.

This will stop a lot of heat escaping through your windows - do this even if your windows are double glazed.


Space heaters are not suited for every home. But if you want to heat a small, well-insulated room with a low ceiling then they are a good option.

If they do not work for you there are plenty of other ways to save money on your heating bills.

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