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Freight Delivery Checklist

Freight Delivery Checklist


Estimated Delivery Date __________________

When placing your order with us, please provide the best number the delivery carrier can reach you. Providing us with a good phone number is for us, or the freight company, to use in case of any issues finding your location or needing to re-arrange delivery on a different date.

Please arrange for someone to be present on or soon after the delivery day to help you move your order to its desired location (we recommend having two helpers on hand). Though the freight company will provide complimentary liftgate and curbside delivery services, the driver isn’t responsible for moving the shipment into your home or backyard.


Make sure your helpers are either present throughout the delivery window or are on standby to assist you with moving the packages from the curb to your backyard or home.


After depositing your shipment at the curb, the freight driver will hand you a document called a delivery receipt (if you are home & present for the delivery).

Carefully review the document to make sure your order is complete. Be aware that it’s common for larger orders to be split into two or more pallets, and smaller items may be packaged inside larger boxes (usually those that contain drawers).

Carefully inspect the pallet, shrink wrap, and boxes themselves for signs of damage. We ask that you refuse a shipment only if multiple items are damaged, but in the event, you notice any tears or dents, take photos of the damaged boxes and email us immediately at info@modernethanolfireplaces.com.

Note any damages and/or missing items on the document, sign for the shipment (assuming it’s in perfect condition or only 1 item is damaged), and let the driver go on their way. See the next section below if you are not home during the delivery.


Remove the shrink wrap from the pallet and grab the packing list included with the packages. Verify each item’s model number — which will be printed either on the box or on a UPC sticker attached to the box — against the packing list. Note any discrepancies, keeping in mind that certain items may be packed inside other components.

Even if you don’t intend on immediately installing or using your product, it’s important that you open the boxes and inspect each product. Check carefully for physical damage, including on moving parts and legs and feet of furniture.

If you spot physical damage to the items, take photos and email us immediately at info@modernethanolfireplaces.com. You must report any issues with your order within five calendar days of delivery. 

If everything is in perfect condition (as it should be), then start enjoying your purchase!