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Ignis Ethanol Fireplaces

Ignis Ethanol Fireplaces Shop Now!

If you’re dreaming of adding a fireplace to your home, Ignis bio ethanol fireplaces and burners are the perfect places to start. Ignis was founded in 2011 in New York City, with the aim of creating a durable line of stylish bio ethanol fireplaces at an affordable price point. The good news? They’ve delivered on all counts – quickly earning a strong fanbase that loves the brand’s cutting edge design sensibility and commitment to quality materials and manufacturing.  

One primary reason why Ignis top-of-the-line fireplaces are so beloved is the brand’s dedication to innovation and craftsmanship. Most Ignis fireplaces actually have a design or utility patent, so while other fireplaces may look similar, look for the Ignis brand name to ensure you’re getting a high quality, trusted product. Their fireplaces are rigorously tested for safety and durability before moving into mass production, ensuring each design will stand the test of time. Ignis fireplaces also come with an industry-leading three-year warranty, giving you maximum confidence in your new purchase.  

Ingis Design and Style 

Another key aspect of Ignis Products’ success is the actual look and design of their bioethanol fireplaces. Each year they add more and more designs to their extensive catalog, offering one of the largest collections of wall, freestanding, and Ignis tabletop fireplace models around. In additional, Ignis sells UL/cUL listed ethanol fireplaces, zero-clearance ethanol fireboxes, and remote-controlled automatic smart ethanol burners to give you even more options and flexibility to create the fireplace of your dreams. 

A Renewable Fuel Source

All Ignis fireplaces use bioethanol, a renewable fuel source derived from plants made right here in the USAIgnis’ exclusive line of clean-burning bio ethanol fuel leaves no ashes, soot, or residue, ensuring the beauty of your ethanol fireplace for years to come, plus minimal day-to-day maintenance. Simply fill up your fireplace, use a lighter or long match to ignite the flames, and sit back and enjoy the warmth and comfort of an ethanol fireplace. Some Ignis fireplaces even come with a remote for instant flames at the touch of a button. 

When you’re done, Ignis fireplaces are incredibly easy to turn off. Virtually all Ignis fireplaces and burners come with a damper tool. For added efficiency, many Ignis ethanol fireplaces also have multiple burners that you can operate independently. If you need less heat, simply turn off some burners. You’ll preserve your fuel and optimize the use of your fireplace. 

If you’re looking to retrofit an existing fireplace, take a look at ethanol fireplace insert options from Ignis. These standalone burners can be easily inserted into your wood-burning fireplace or a custom design. Ignis burners and fireplaces are all ventless, requiring no chimney, flue, or venting system. They also do not need an expensive gas line, as the fuel is actually contained within the insert or fireplace. Many Ignis burners and fireplaces can also be used indoors or outdoors, provided there is a cover in place. You can also find Ignis fireplaces for both residential and commercial use, to outfit your home or business with a nice, comforting source of light and heat.  

From a style perspective, Ignis is well-regarded for its modern, sleek designs and countless options to suit your space. Compact Ignis fireplaces are as small as 18”, going all the way up to an impressive 72” for larger or commercial spaces. Their wall-mounted fireplaces come with their own mounting hardware, and can either be hung on the wall or tucked into a recessed part of a wall. If you want to use your ethanol fireplace to divide two spaces, consider an Ignis firebox that can straddle multiple rooms for double the benefits. Ignis one-sided fireboxes are also great for retrofitting small alcoves or existing fireplaces with a sharp, contemporary look. 

Most Ignis products come in a shiny stainless steel frame. The second most common finish is a black metallic finish, but there are other options too, like crisp white or vibrant red. The interior of your Ignis product is just as thoughtfully designed, with special features like panels of safety glass or powder coated interiors that provide a perfect backdrop for your flickering flames. To finish off your ideal fireplace design, you can also invest in a decorative set of pebbles or wooden logs by Ignis. Designed to withstand heat of up to 1,832 F or 1,000 degrees C, simply arrange your decorative accents around the flames for a one-of-a-kind, spa or lodge-inspired accent. 

With all of the attention paid to the design and safety of your Ignis fireplace, you may be concerned about cost. But Ignis prides itself on its affordability, with their portable tabletop designs available for under $100. Even their largest models, designed for commercial use, are available for under $15,000. And of course, most residential models come in at under $1,000 – far less than the cost of installing a new wood-burning or gas fireplace and offering you incredible flexibility to choose the perfect design and placement for your new fireplace.  

Ignis fireplaces will ignite your design imagination. Where will you place yours?

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