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 How to Easily Install a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Yourself

How to Easily Install a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Yourself

 How to Easily Install a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Yourself

Installing a wall-mounted electric fireplace in your home may look complicated. It’s not. It's as simple as hanging a picture frame on the wall. The process becomes easier when you understand the basics.

Before you start your installation process, you'll need the following tools:

  • A tape measure and pencil to measure and mark lumber and anything else to get the correct measurement
  • A carpenter’s level to check the straightness of studs
  • An electric screwdriver drill to dig holes and screws into the wall surface
  • Studs to hold the brackets in place
  • A voltage tester to determine the current flowing through the cords

Once you have these items, you're ready to install a wall-mounted electric fireplace.

Step 1- Choose a Suitable Location Close to a Power Outlet

The first step to installing your wall-mounted electric fireplace is finding a suitable spot close to an electric outlet. 

Choose somewhere that isn’t sensitive to moisture, as it negatively impacts the quality of heat and air that the fireplace releases. 

Avoid installing your electric fireplace near windows, as air currents can significantly reduce the appliance’s efficiency.

Depending on the unit’s design, heat can come from the top, bottom, or front. That’s why you want to ensure a clear area around the fireplace.

Choose a Suitable Location Close to a Power Outlet

Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart 50” WiFi-Enabled Electric Fireplace - in-Wall Recessed

Review the product manual for your specific electric fireplace. Why?

Depending on the manufacturer, wall mount electric fireplaces have different installation instructions. 

Be sure to read your unit’s instruction manual to avoid mistakes. Here, you’ll find:

  • The requirements for hanging your electric fireplace
  • The warranty period
  • Safety precautions
  • Details about your fireplace’s features

For example, the table below highlights the features of some electric fireplaces and how their installation processes differ.

Fireplace Model Type Installation Style

Opti-Myst® Pro 1000

DIMPLEX Opti-Myst® Pro 1000 Built-in Electric Cassette

Electric fireplace insert Single sided or converted

Ameriwood Home

Ameriwood Home Lamont Mantel Fireplace

Electric fireplace TV console Freestanding

Touchstone Onyx

Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplace with log set

Large fireplace stove Wall-mounted

Never place top-heat fireplaces under an electric device to avoid overheating and fires.

However, you can place front-heat and bottom-heat units under your television. 

Similarly, you can hang top-heat and front-heat units anywhere because they have no restrictions, but always hang bottom-heat fireplaces at least 1.5 feet off the ground.

Step 2 - Carefully Attach the Mounting Bracket to the Wall

After identifying the right spot, you need to carefully attach the mounting brackets to the wall. 

The bracket lays the groundwork for the entire installation, so it’s important to pay attention to this step. Here's a step-by-step guide to attaching your bracket to the wall: 

  1. Mark the spot where you’ll place the bracket with a pencil, ensuring it’s half the height of the fireplace.
  2. Align the studs straight and horizontally to the wall and ensure enough distance between them. A spirit level gauge is the best tool to determine how straight your stud is.
  3. Attach the studs to the wall and fasten them with screws using an electric screwdriver.
  4. Carefully attach the mounting bracket to the wall. Ensure it's flat and straight.
Carefully Attach the Mounting Bracket to the Wall

Step 3 - Correctly Hang the Fireplace on the Bracket

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces come with either slots or hooks on the back, allowing you two installation options:

  • In the first option, connect your fireplace’s slots to the hooks on the mounting brackets.
  • In the second option, connect the fireplace’s hooks with the slots on the brackets.
Correctly Hang the Fireplace on the Bracket

Cambridge Callisto 35 In. Wall-Mount Electronic Fireplace with Curved Panel and Crystal Rocks

If you install the fireplace correctly, you’ll hear a click. Ensure it fits the stands perfectly and is firm before you release it.

If your fireplace comes with a separate glass covering, attach it to the front part to complete the setup.

Note: Observe the following safety precautions when hanging the fireplace on the bracket:

  • Keep clothes, furniture, and other combustible materials about three feet away from the unit.
  • Never allow foreign objects through cooling openings—they can cause fire or electric shock.
  • Ensure your unit is certified by the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) for safety.
  • Never lift the electric fireplace by the glass; instead, lift it by the firebox.
  • Follow all the instructions in the manual—don’t ever try to modify the fireplace.
  • Never mount the fireplace on a wet wall.

Step 4 - Final Touches

You can make your wall-mounted electric fireplace look more elegant by creating a pattern using crystals or other fancy designs. However, if you want a more realistic electric fireplace:

  • Invest in a top-quality unit.
  • Buy a crackling sound system.
  • Purchase your fireplace from a reputable brand.
  • Get one with LED lights that create flame effects.

Note: Some wall-mounted electric fireplace manuals suggest removing loose objects before installation and adding them after. For instance, in some units, you have to remove the glass front to access the location of the screws.

As Jessica, our customer, found out, Modern Ethanol Fireplaces have top-quality wall-mounted electric fireplaces that are sure to add to your home’s esthetics. Here’s what she had to say about our Planika fireplaces.

“Love the Planika fireplace! I received lots of compliments during the Holidays.”
Jessica, verified customer

Step 5 - Connect the Power Cord

Plugging in the power cord is the last step of the installation process. Most fireplace cords have three prongs, so you need a three-pin plug.

If your setup doesn’t have a three-pin plug, you can use an adapter. Ensure the adapter is securely grounded for safety.

When you plug in the cord to the power outlet, hide the cable to make your hanging effect more natural. Here are some ways to hide the cord:

  • Paint the cord in the same color as the wall.
  • Pass the cord behind the TV stand.
  • Use cable cover raceways.
  • Run the cord under the carpet.

The video below shows more ways to hide power cords when installing electric fireplaces.

Expert Tip: For your safety, don't use a long cord. Place the main cable at the back of the fireplace, not in contact with any hot elements.

Install Your Electric Fireplace Today

Install Your Electric Fireplace Today

An electric fireplace is a powerful unit that’ll warm your living room, especially in the winter season.

The best part is that you don't need an electrician to install it for you; you can do it yourself.

As James found out, Modern Ethanol Fireplaces has quality wall-mounted electric fireplaces that’ll far exceed your expectations:

“Beautiful little fireplace from Modern Ethanol… adds a cozy ambiance to the living room…The lovely fire that is bigger than expected.”
James, verified customer

You too can make your home cozy and add style to its decor by purchasing a wall-mounted electric fireplace. Contact us today for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put an electric fireplace on drywall?

No. You must have an electric outlet close by and beneath your unit. Alternatively, you can replace the nearby outlets with nonflammable coverings.

Do you need ventilation for electric fireplaces?

No. Unlike wood and gas fireplaces that require a chimney or direct vent, electric fireplaces don't produce emissions.

Are electric fireplaces efficient?

Yes. Electric fireplaces are highly efficient. You don't have to waste burning a fuel source because they use electric heaters to generate warmth.

Can a wall mount electric fireplace be built-In?

No. Unlike electric fireplace inserts, wall mount electric fireplaces can’t be built-in. However, some models can be partially or fully recessed into a wall.

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