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 How to Pick Small Electric Fireplaces for Your Bedroom

How to Pick Small Electric Fireplaces for Your Bedroom

 How to Pick Small Electric Fireplaces for Your Bedroom

Very few things in life compare to the cozy feeling of curling up in your blanket on a crisp winter evening.

Heating the room in advance is convenient, but the feeling is cozier when you're sitting in front of the fireplace, sipping a hot cup of chocolate while watching the stunning electric flames. 

Electric fireplaces don't lose any heat in exhaust fumes, making them more efficient than traditional ones.

Also, as happy customer Jessica will tell you, they can significantly contribute to your space's esthetics:

“Love the Planika fireplace! I received lots of compliments during the Holidays.”
Jessica, verified customer 

The following tips will help you pick the right electric fireplace for your bedroom.

Establish Your Bedroom's Dimensions

Establish Your Bedroom's Dimensions

Your bedroom's heating needs depend on its size, so the first step in picking the right fireplace is establishing your room's dimensions.

To determine your bedroom's dimensions (assuming it's rectangular), measure its:

  • Length (L)
  • Width (W)
  • Height (H)

Multiply your bedroom's length by its width and height (LxWxH) to find its volume in cubic feet. 

For example, if your room is 16 feet long, 14 feet wide, and 8 feet high, determine its volume by multiplying the length by the width and the height. 

The room’s volume is 16x14x8=1792 cubic feet.

If your bedroom isn't rectangular, calculate its volume by dividing the floor space into regular polygons. Your divided floor space should look like the diagram below.

irregular polygon split into various pieces

Next, calculate the area of each polygon (use the formula LxW for rectangles and (LxW)/2 for triangles) and add the two results. 

Then, multiply the floor area by the room's height to get its volume.

Your room's volume will help you determine the best fireplace and heat output for your needs.

The diagram below illustrates this process.

The diagram below illustrates this process.

Now that you have your bedroom's volume, establishing its heating requirement is simple. 

Multiply the volume by four (4) to get the amount of heat your electric heater should produce to keep you comfortably warm. 

It’s usually indicated in British Thermal Units (BTUs), which you'll see in the description of most electric fireplaces. 

For instance, the DIMPLEX Opti-Myst Pro 1000 Built-In Electric Cassette, shown below, produces a maximum of 4981 BTUs.

DIMPLEX Opti-Myst® Pro 1000 Built-In Electric Cassette

DIMPLEX Opti-Myst® Pro 1000 Built-In Electric Cassette

With this information, you can now shop for an electric heater that’ll produce sufficient warmth for a small room.

To understand whether to buy a small or large electric fireplace, check out its BTU rating. 

The table below indicates the size of electric heater you need relative to a room’s volume.

Electric Fireplace Size Heating Requirement (BTU)
Small 4000 to 5500
Medium 5500 to 7500
Large 7500 to 9000

Watch the video below to learn more about BTUs.

You can install most electric fireplaces along your wall, but if you want one that's suitable for a corner, choose a model such as the Real Frame 5950 E shown below:

Real Flame 5950E chateau corner electric fireplace

Real Flame 5950E Chateau Corner Electric Fireplace, Small, White

Also, if you live in a warm area, choose the lower side of the recommended BTU range electric heater.

The Electric Fireplace Type

The general rule is that the more BTUs your electric fireplace produces, the higher its heat output. Before purchasing an electric fireplace that captures your attention, make sure it produces at least 4900 BTUs. Electric fireplaces that put out less heat may not keep you warm enough, especially during peak winter season.

Besides its heat output, consider the installation process and working mechanism. Most electric fireplaces are easy to install because they come with a plug that fits your home’s sockets. A few come with the option for hard wiring. 

Regarding their working mechanisms, you can either choose one that uses a conventional heater or infrared technology. 

Plug-in or Hard-Wired Electric Fireplace?

Plug-in or Hard-Wired Electric Fireplace?

Who doesn't like convenience?

Many of us love devices that are easy to install and operate. For this reason, some electric fireplace models come with the plug-and-play option.

You can place these fireplaces anywhere—as long as it's near a socket.

The voltage rating of a typical consumer socket in the US is 120 volts, enough to power an electric heater producing approximately 5000 BTUs.

If your bedroom's volume is below 1300 cubic feet, then an electric heater producing roughly 5000 BTUs is ideal for your heating needs. However, if your bedroom is over 2000 cubic feet in volume, you'll need more BTUs to keep your bedroom warm.

In this case, you need to hardwire your electricity supply so you can supply your fireplace with 240 volts. The higher voltage rating, in turn, allows you to install an electric fireplace with a higher rating of up to 8700 BTUs.

Note: You need to involve a qualified electrician for this process since it requires some technical knowledge in electrical wiring. 

A Forced Fan or Infrared Electric Fireplace?

The primary difference between a forced fan electric fireplace and an infrared one is how they heat your bedroom.

A forced fan fireplace heats your bedroom using a conventional heater. Its heating element warms the air, which is then dispersed across your bedroom by the fireplace's in-built fan. 

On the other hand, an infrared fireplace produces infrared waves that react with the moisture in your skin to produce heat energy.

With an infrared fireplace, you can sit a little further from the fireplace and will still feel warm. 

The table below will guide your decision on whether an infrared or forced fan is best for your bedroom warming needs.

Your Bedroom's Volume The Best Suitable Electric Fireplace Type
Up to 4000 cubic feet A convectional forced fan electric fireplace
Up to 8000 cubic feet A built-in fireplace that's had wired to receive 240 volts
Up to 10000 cubic feet Infrared fireplaces

Given most bedrooms' relatively small space, a plug-in forced fan fireplace is ideal for keeping your bedroom warm and cozy.

Buy the Best Quality Small Electric Fireplaces

You'll increase the chances of finding an excellent match for your electric fireplace needs if the place you shop offers a wide variety of quality fireplaces.

At Modern Ethanol Fireplaces, you'll find the most popular electric fireplace brands:

  • Astria
  • American Frye Designs
  • Dimplex
  • Empire
  • Modern Flame

We aim to offer you a memorable electric fireplace shopping experience by combining top-rated customer service and high-quality products. 

Here's what one customer said about his shopping experience:

“Beautiful little fireplace from Modern Ethanol that adds a cozy ambience to the living room. No smell. Lovely fire that is bigger than expected.”
James, verified customer 

We’ve been in the market for over two years and have already established a reputation for our products.

You don’t have to scour the market for the best prices because we have them here.

Apart from making sure that you get high-quality electric fireplaces to serve you for years to come, we also want to ensure you always get them at the best possible price.

Don't hesitate to contact us so we can answer any of your electric fireplace questions and help you pick the ideal model for your bedroom.

testimonial from Charles

Frequently Asked Questions

Is having an electric fireplace in my bedroom a good idea?


You never have to worry about toxic fumes building up in your bedroom with an energy efficient electric fireplace. There’s also no need to redesign your bedroom to accommodate them since they can fit in any space. 

Do I have to construct a vent for my electric fireplace?


Electric fireplaces don't emit any fumes, so they don’t require a chimney, direct vent, or other forms of ventilation.

Can electric fireplaces warm my room?


Electric fireplaces will warm your room and do so faster and more efficiently than the traditional method of burning wood. The conventional fireplace results in significant heat losses since the fumes produced escape with some heat.

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