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 Regency Fireplace Review

Regency Fireplace Review

 Regency Fireplace Review

Nothing makes your home warmer or cozier than a glowing fireplace, and the best fireplaces are efficient and effective in heating your home. For a fireplace that fits the bill, look no further than Regency Fireplaces.

Who is Regency? They’re a world-renowned designer, manufacturer, and marketer of health products. From humble beginnings in a garage over 30 years ago, they later grew into a professional organization with over 300 employees, as well as 2,000 retailers across Europe, China, Japan, Australia, and North America.

Regency prides themselves on quality and providing their customers with the best products possible. They do this by adhering to their four cornerstones of quality: good value, clean-burning efficiency, beautiful designs, and high-quality manufacturing.

The company has a wide range of fireplaces available, with an eclectic mix of designs to suit everyone’s tastes.

Below, we’ll review their best-selling fireplace, answer some commonly asked questions, and see how Regency holds up against their rivals.

Types of Regency Fireplaces

As we have already mentioned, Regency offers a wide range of fireplaces. Whether you’re looking for a big fireplace, a small fireplace, a modern fireplace, or something more traditional, Regency is sure to have what you want. However, Regency fireplaces can be easily classified into three fuel types.

Wood Burning Fireplaces

As the name suggests, wood-burning fireplaces use wood as their primary fuel source to warm your home. These are definitely the most nostalgic kind of fireplace, with their traditional feel. It’s hard not to feel cozy with a wood-burning fireplace!

However, Regency’s wood-burning fireplaces require less wood to create more heat. In other words, you’ll be chopping less wood without the need to put more effort into maintaining your unit.

Gas Fireplaces

The primary sources of fuel for gas fireplaces are propane or natural gas. Regency produces high-quality gas fireplaces with technology that ensures a more effective and safer experience. Regency’s gas fireplaces come in both contemporary and traditional designs.

Electric Fireplaces

There is no flame or fire in electric fireplaces, they run entirely on electricity, creating artificial flames through LED lights imitating a real fire. They’re easy to install, and can even be mounted on a wall. These look particularly stylish and elegant in modern homes.

The Regency Skope E110

The Regency Skope E110

The Regency Skope E110 is an electric fireplace and Regency’s most popular model. Subtle yet eye-catching, it’s perfectly suited to a minimalistic house. Since there is no real fire or gas, it’s extremely safe to use while keeping your house warm. It’s also incredibly easy to install - all you need to do is plug it in.

This modern fireplace uses the latest technology, making it perfect for modern homes. There is no need to feed it fireplace wood, gas, or pellets to keep it running. There are no extensive cleaning procedures involved in maintaining this fireplace, making it extremely low-maintenance.

There is also no need to worry about gas leaks, or fire catching on to something. The E110 works to prevent these inconveniences and guarantees a comfortable, effective experience. All you need to keep the E110 running is a steady, reliable electricity supply, and a normal duster if you need to clean it.

Overall, the Skope E110 fireplace is a truly 21st-century fireplace. It could not be simpler to use and is free of all the hazards associated with more traditional fireplaces. What’s more, you can control it with a remote for further convenience!


  • The Skope E110 has a seamless glass barrier.
  • It has a modern and stylish outlook perfect for minimal, modern homes.
  • Despite being an electric fireplace, it is still compatible with natural gas and propane.
  • It utilizes a heatwave kit to optimize the heat that you get.
  • The Skope E110 is available in two variants, a direct vent, and a power vent.


  • While you simply need to plug the E110 in, it may be more difficult to install without a designated place for it.

Regency Warranty

Regency has a generous lifetime warranty for all its products. However, the scope and duration of the warranty will depend on the model. This is always worth clarifying when you purchase the unit from a verified retailer.

Regency vs Heat N Glow & Napoleon Gas Fireplace

Before you buy your fireplace, it’s recommended to compare it to other fireplaces and brands, so you have an idea of what’s out there, and so you can be sure you’re making the right decision with your chosen fireplace.

We’re going to compare Regency with three rival companies (Heat N Glo Napoleon Gas Fireplace, and Fireplace Xtrordinair) to determine if Regency is the better brand out of the four.

First, what similarities does Regency share with Heat N Glo and Napoleon? Well, all three companies sell highly efficient fireplaces. They also sell a wide range of fireplaces suitable for any room and home size. Like Regency, Napoleon also offers lifetime warranties.

Now, onto the differences. Napoleon has several manufacturers making their accessories, which often leads to better deals and bargains. It’s easier to shop around with Napoleon. Napoleon also focuses on more traditional designs.

Meanwhile, Heat & Glo focuses on more contemporary designs and has some of the most stylish and elegant fireplaces around.

Regency focuses on both contemporary and traditional designs.

Xtrordinair, on the other hand, is arguably Regency’s biggest rival.

Again, Regency and Xtrordinair both produce highly efficient and high-quality fireplaces and offer both contemporary and traditional designs.

However, Xtrordinair also offers its customers a service called ‘Design My Fire.’ This is an app that lets you easily select your preferred model and accessories and then place it in your room virtually to see what it looks like. Meanwhile, Regency does not offer a service like this.

How to Fix Issues with a Regency Fireplace

While Regency is an excellent brand that produces high-quality fireplaces, as with any product you may run into small problems from time to time, such as the fireplace not turning on, or turning on and off at random, or you may notice your ignitor not working properly. You may also notice the thermostat not turning on.

These are problems with simple solutions that you can deal with at home. Below, we’ll run through some common problems.

Remote Not Working

If the remote doesn’t seem to be working, first try changing the cells of both the remote and the receiver box. If you still experience problems, reprogram the remote. You can do this by pressing the ‘program’ button on the receiver box, and then switching on the remote.

Fireplace Insert Won’t Turn On

This problem may occur when the room temperature is higher than the temperature that you have fixed on the thermostat. If this is the case, the fireplace insert won’t turn on. All you need to do to resolve this is check the temperature you have set.

The Fireplace Keeps Turning Off

If your fireplace won’t stay on, this usually means a problem with the thermocouple. This device is what makes your fireplace safe to use, and is part of the ignition system. It stops the gas valve from opening if the pilot light isn’t lit.

Sometimes this component gets buried under carbon remains, which makes it unable to sense a flame. Therefore, it doesn’t let the gas valve open, or may it just close it suddenly.

Regency How-To Guide

Regency How-To Guide

Below, we’ll take you through some common queries regarding operating your Regency fireplace.

Syncing your Regency Fireplace Remote

To sync your Regency fireplace remote, take out the receiver from under the box. There you will see three controls. With a pen, press the button ‘learn’ on the ON side. You will then hear a few beeps. Test it a few times, and you are in sync. Now you can put the receiver back.

Starting a Gas Regency Fireplace

To start your gas Regency fireplace, turn the control knob to the ‘pilot’ position. Keep pressing this button while pressing the ignitor button, and wait until the pilot light turns on. After it is on, keep pressing the control knob for about a minute and then release it.

Shutting Off Pilot Light on Regency Gas Fireplace

To shut off the pilot light on the gas fireplace, you need to open the bottom. Once opened, turn the control knob to ‘off.’ Now the pilot light will be shut off.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much propane does a regency fireplace use per hour?

A Regency fireplace uses half a gallon of propane in one hour to produce 100,000 BTUs.

How do you turn off a gas Regency fireplace?

To turn the fireplace off, just press the ‘off’ button on the remote control or turn off the switch on the wall.

What do Regency fireplace air tubes do?

The purpose of the air tubes is to let air into the chamber where the wood is burning. The air is then released at the top of the chamber or firebox. It then mixes with the gases released from the wood and catalyzes secondary combustion.


Overall, Regency provides a wide range of stylish, high-quality, and efficient fireplaces. When looking for a new fireplace, we highly recommend Regency as a go-to brand, as they’re sure to have wood-burning, gas, or electric fireplaces to suit your home.

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