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MagikFlame Reviews

MagikFlame Reviews

MagikFlame Reviews

On a cold winter's evening, there really is nothing better than the crackling warmth and undulating movement of a real fire — and that’s exactly what MagikFlame have tried to recreate.

Their electric fireplace promises to be the closest you can get to real flames, with none of the safety hazards.

Real fireplaces are fantastic, but they’re also dangerous. The wild heat and free-flowing smoke make real fireplaces a hazard that few of us want in our homes.

Unfortunately, even the best electric fireplaces can’t help looking fake, with a glow and shine that falls short of natural brilliance.

MagikFlame intended to make something different. They claim to have created an electric fireplace that looks just like wood burning.

But with a high price tag and some bold claims, is the MagikFlame worth it?

Who Is MagikFlame?

MagikFlame was founded in 2015, and they have a surprising history for a fireplace brand.

Rather than being created by enthusiasts for home heating, the MagikFlame was dreamt up by a special F/X artist. No wonder those flames look so good.

The appearance of the flame was the real driving force behind the brand. The initial design was transformed by holographic technology most commonly seen at major theme parks, scaled down for use in the home.

So, at the heart of every MagikFlame fireplace is real movie magic.

Combining design and heating, the MagikFlame fireplace is a popular choice for the home.

The real focus of the range is the insert, but MagikFlame also manufactures mantels, for the complete package. These electric fireplaces can be purchased on Amazon.com.

MagikFlame Review

The Insert

The Insert

This is really what it’s all about. The MagikFlame is an electric fireplace that recreates the dance of flames and crackle of logs so accurately you’d think it was actually on fire.

Or, at least, that’s what MagikFlame claims their fireplace does.


With rising smoke, smoldering embers, and flames that rise and undulate with movement, the MagikFlame fireplace insert really does look like actual fire.

The attention to detail is impeccable, with every movement so accurate to a fire you’d hardly believe it was fake.

MagikFlame have accomplished this thanks to intelligent holographic technology, projecting footage of a fire onto a physical log set up.

The result is flames that really seem alive, and a better quality of image than any electric fireplace out there.

There are 30 different flame options to pick between, from wild and flickering, to gently smoldering. 

And in summer, press a button to watch it transform into a fish tank.

But it isn’t just about the flame design, and here’s where MagikFlame starts to separate themselves from the rest of the market.

The accompanying sounds are recorded from actual fires, and programmed into the insert. They add a new dimension to the flame, creating a visceral experience that’s unmatched.

If that wasn’t enough, MagikFlame has also included nature sounds. If you yearn to curl up in front of a crackling fireplace to the sounds of howling winds, but nature won’t provide the correct ambience, MagikFlame has you sorted.

Turn on the flames, add the noise, and bask in the perfectly gothic atmosphere.

The only downside to the appearance of the MagikFlame insert is that it looks best at low light. A bright central light can diminish the effects of the flames.

In terms of realism, the MagikFlame insert is unmatched.


Once you’ve sunk comfortably into your favorite couch, getting up is a hassle. So what to do when you want to accompany your evening relaxation with a crackling fire?

With the MagikFlame Bluetooth app, you never have to choose between comforts again. The fire can be activated and adjusted via a smartphone, for the ultimate in ease. 

The app is simplistic, but it gets the job done. You can control any factor of the fire from the app, and even turn it off once you’re in bed.

The fire can also be controlled via a touchscreen installed on the insert. This backlit screen can be used in the dark, and automatically closes after a short period of inactivity.

The touchscreen is good, but it can be a bit sensitive. It might take a while to get used to.

There’s also a programmable sleep mode, so you can fall asleep knowing the fire is right there with you. Set the timer, and the fireplace will turn itself off.


As accurate as a fireplace can look, it still needs to accurately recreate the warmth of real flames.

MagikFlame insert has a 5200 BTU Quartz heater, which is able to warm a space up to 1000 square feet.

This comfortable and cozy heating element takes the fireplace from decorative to functional, and can be used as an addition to, or in place of, central heating.

The flip side to the heat output is how cool the insert itself remains. Without real flames, there’s no risk of burns, and the fireplace is relatively cool to touch. However, it will still heat slightly, so always exercise caution.


Installing this electric fireplace is incredibly easy, and MagikFlame insist that most people with a screwdriver can have it up and running in under 30 minutes.

As an electric fireplace, it simply needs to be plugged into a socket for energy, and inserted into the wall.

For those who prefer a hands-off approach, a local handyman will be able to install the fireplace quickly and easily.


The cost is where the MagikFlame fireplace insert loses some of its shine. The insert itself will set you back several thousand dollars, which is significantly more than the average price of an electric fireplace.

Realistically, you could buy 10 budget electric fireplaces for the same amount, and still have change leftover.

MagikFlame is also more expensive than many luxury electric fireplaces.

However, there’s no denying that MagikFlame has created a fireplace with a real mark of quality.

The flame both looks and sounds realistic, the heating is impressive, and it’s easy to operate thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity.

A MagikFlame fireplace insert is an expensive item, but the large price tag can be at least partly justified by the quality of design.

The Mantels

MagikFlame have created a limited number of mantels, sold alongside the fireplace insert. Adding a surround increases the price by roughly $500, which is only a small addition to the original cost of the insert.



The Trinity mantel is bright white with fluted side posts adorned with a bull-nosed edge.

The carved triangular corbels complete a classic design with a refined elegance. With the insert sitting 4” from the base, this adds extra emphasis to a large room.

The trinity is a beautiful design that blends simplicity with intricacy. It would look fantastic in an open-plan living room, and blends with a variety of styling.


The Artemis mantel uses crown molding to add a structured elegance to the dazzling white of this surround.

This modern design would look particularly good in a minimally styled home, where the bold details really allow the sensuous movement of the fire itself to stand-out.


There’s a very classical quality to the design of the Morpheus mantle, fluted side posts recreating a European style. With a white finish and a sleek top, this mantle blends classic and contemporary.

This is the smallest of the MagikFlame mantle, which makes it ideal for smaller rooms and apartments. It’s particularly suited for bedrooms, where the fluted columns add lush luxury without becoming overwhelming.



The simplest of the MagikFlame surrounds, the Churchill uses strong lines and a bold styling. This is a corner surround, designed to sit at an angle in the home. 

Basic but beautiful, the Churchill draws the eye to the flames, without looking plain.


The Athena is a mantle for those who want to draw attention to the fireplace, as the intricately hand-carved appliques that are found on both side posts are sure to catch the eye.

There’s an air of real quality to the Athena, which is perfectly suited for the detailed realism of the flame insert.

While all the MagikFlame surrounds are well-made and durable, they lack range. It would be nice to see MagikFlame branch out more, and include a better variety of styling.

Final Thoughts

If you want an electric fireplace that looks like an actual, real fire, then you can’t get any better than MagikFlame. The quality of their projection is so good you might find yourself tapping against the front, convinced you’ll feel the heat of a burning flame.

With the accompanying sounds adding layers to the realism, MagikFlame have created a safe way to get realistic flames into the house.

However, for many it will be hard to look past the cost of the MagikFlame. This is certainly a luxury item, and for some the promise of realistic flames won’t be worth the cost.

Overall, the MagikFlame fireplace is an incredible design, with a clever insert and attractive surrounds. A high-quality item, a MagikFlame fire is certain to elevate any home.

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