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Kozy Heat Fireplace Review

By Lawrence Macmillan August 15, 2021

It doesn’t matter what kind of house you have, everyone has a soft spot for a fireplace. That cozy ambiance, the sound of crackling logs, the long and dark winter nights; these are the serene images that a simple fireplace instantly gives you.

But it doesn’t take an expert to see that traditional fireplaces are getting quickly replaced by electronic heaters, and there are some obvious reasons why. There is no clean up from the soot, no skill required to keep the fire going, no danger of leaving the heating on. Electric is a safe and easy alternative.

Some companies have found a way to install the safety and ease of electricity based fireplaces but keep the ambiance of a gas fire, and Kozy Heat is one of them.

Kozy Heat makes mostly gas fireplaces. Most of their designs scream sleek and modern. But even with a gas based fire, Kozy adds electrical flare, like an electric ignition start or a light display. So creating the ambiance you want, with the ease you need is simple and achievable without ruining the gas structure.

These manufacturers sound like masterminds, but let us look into who they are, why they are loved, and if they are actually any good.

Kozy Heat - Who Are They And Are They Any Good?

Kozy Heat is a family owned business that started when Dudley Hussong wanted an energy efficiency solution to fuel his millwork shop. Kozy Heat was born from that one idea, and after more than 40 years, they have become a leading maker of efficient and elegant fireplaces.

Anything to do with fireplaces, Kozy Heat makes. All of the fireplaces they sell have a lifetime warranty, and they sell both traditional, gas, and electronic versions.

In general, Kozy Heat are a top class brand, but which of their own products are considered the best? We have figured that out for you.

Kozy Heat Fireplace Review - 5 Of Their Best Products

Each fireplace is good in its own right, but we know you are searching for the best fireplace for you. Check out our headings and scroll through our opinions to see if any of the Kozy Heat products are up to your standards.

Every house is different, and so is every preference, but we know you trust our judgment. So make a note of what you are looking for, and we hope you find it on our list.

Long Window - Gas - Callaway 40

If you have a new building or a modern style, then a fireplace shouldn’t disrupt that aesthetic. The Callaway 40 is a sleek linear design for a gas fireplace, which can be customized when the window is down.

Our favorite bit of technology in the Callaway 40 is the option for what Kozy Heat calls a “heat transfer” vent system. This means they can hook up your other rooms so the fireplace can heat the whole house.

Most modern homes like to include a TV in every room. Kozy Heat thought of that when they designed this sleek fireplace. If you wanted to place a TV above the gas chamber, it would still be able to show you the latest shows on Netflix without melting or even disturbing your TV.

One thing we found unnecessary was the need to purchase the safety screen as an extra. With a gas fireplace, you need a safety screen to avoid uncontrolled drafts. It is literally a safety feature. We believe it should have been included.


  • Large And Long Viewing Window
  • Heat Transfer Technology
  • TV Can Go Above


  • Safety Screen Is Needed But Extra.

Sleek “TV” design - Gas - Bellingham 52

The Bellingham 52 is a slim and dark design, just like a television, but it still contains gas logs and a real fire. The slim design makes the fireplace look traditional on the inside and modern from the side.

It isn’t the most efficient fireplace, and you won’t get as much heat from it as you might from the others, but it still does a good job.

The thing we loved about the Bellingham 52 was the decorative lights that go around the frame. They have accent lights and ember lights to give off a soft mood.

Unlike the Callaway 40, the Bellingham 52 does come with a safety screen that is made out of a deep black glass. Don’t worry, you can still see the fire, it simply gives a softer mood.

Again, the Bellingham 52 can be placed under a TV, so you don’t have to worry about where your electronics go.


  • Slim and Sleek
  • TV Can Go Above
  • Safety Screen Included
  • Background Lights


  • No Heat Transfer Technology
  • Not As Efficient

Easy on the Wallet, but Professional in Design - Gas - Bayport 41

Being on the cheaper end of the budget doesn’t mean it’s worse than the others. The reason for the lower price tag is that you have fewer options to choose from to make it your own.

The vent system makes the fireplace super efficient, to the point that a large room heats up very quickly.

The inner brick design might look old fashioned to some, but to us, we liked the fake exposed touch. Having brick instead of metal also means your fireplace is less likely to rust, so it should last longer.

With the fireplace, you receive a remote controlled ignition system that allows you to electronically turn your fireplace on and off, taking any hassle out of the design.


  • Cheaper Than The Others
  • Exposed Brick Design
  • Safety Screen Included
  • Super Efficient


  • No Heat Transfer Technology
  • Not Good For Under TV
  • Not As Many Choices

Small Home Option - Gas - Bayport 36

If your home is small, then you don't need to waste money on an overpowered fireplace. That is why Kozy Heat have created the Bayport 36.

The design is more modern and sleek in comparison to the Bayport 41. If you wanted the same product by less dated, then you have it as the 36.

You can choose to use birch logs, rocks, glass, or regular logs for the media. So you have the control to customize your fireplace.

You don’t need a chimney, so that you can install it anywhere along your gas line without looking for a natural venting space.

The safety glass comes with the fireplace, so you don’t have to pay extra for safety. And around the paneling, you can choose from brick, masonry, black glass, or herringbone. So whatever you pick can fit perfectly in your home.


  • Choice Of Panel Design
  • Choice Of Media Design
  • Safety Screen Included
  • Doesn’t Need A Chimney


  • No Heat Transfer Technology
  • Not Good For Under TV
  • Not Suitable For Big Homes

Best Kozy Heat Fireplace - Gas - Alpha 36S

The Alpha 36S has all the good features that we have already talked about and looks like the classic vintage fireplace we all dream of.

The large and open viewing area creates the ambiance of a Christmas movie. It can heat up any room quickly, and you’ll soon be grabbing some hot cocoa as the fire warms your toes.

The Alpha 36S has an ignition system, so you don’t have to faff around lighting the gas or maintaining the fire. All you have to do is click the button.

It is easy to use, beautiful and will give your home a sophisticated and warm look even when the fire isn’t burning.


  • Choice Of Panel Design
  • Choice Of Media Design
  • Safety Screen Included
  • Sophisticated Design


  • No Heat Transfer Technology
  • Not Good For Under TV
  • Needs a Chimney


This famous company is a top choice for a reason. Even the cheaper or plainer models look sophisticated, sleek, and professional. Each fireplace has a superb heating rating, and the customer service is friendly and welcoming.

It’s not a surprise to learn that Kozy Heat is the people’s choice year after year.

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