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 How To Install Electric Fireplace

How To Install Electric Fireplace

 How To Install Electric Fireplace

Getting out of a hot bath or space and into a cold environment isn't the most enjoyable experience.

Aside from simply enduring cold temperature, installing a heat lamp is the most common remedy, but they can leave you feeling like a brand-new baby, or perhaps a burger at a fuelling facility that is awaiting a thirsty patron, due to their red glow and loud timers.

However, even better, is a full-blown electric fireplace. We know it sounds expensive, and, truth be told, buying one and having it installed professionally can be… but what if you could install it yourself?

You’d save tons of money, and you’d get that lovely warmth you’ve been dreaming of.
Let’s assess how we can make your cozy dreams a reality.

Before You Start

To make this installation easier, it should be built into an existing wall. As a result, an electric fireplace can be placed wherever you like as long as it doesn’t harm the load-bearing capacity of the structure or damage exterior insulation.

Plan It Out

Plan It Out

For an accurate placement of the fireplace, cut out the fireplace on cardstock, then place it against your prospective wall. Tape the cutout to the wall after it has been centered and leveled.

ake a step back and assess the placement and how the shape and size of the fireplace will look in the greater scheme of the room.

Mark Out Where The Plates Will Go

Cut two 2x6s one inch shorter than the finished wall for the top and bottom plates of the fireplace wall. Mark the center, the fireplace rough opening, and the studs every 16 inches on center using a speed square, then flush the ends of both plates.

One and a half inches should be the rough opening. The opening should be wider than the fireplace. It will also give you some wiggle room to drywall the opening.

Building The Wall Space

Lay the studs between the top and bottom plates after cutting the studs. Make sure the studs on your layout marks don't have a crown while you are lining them up.

Face them up if there is a crown. When working on a small wall, fasten the studs with screws through the plates, and position the sill to the approximate opening size, then cover the wall with a second top plate.

Securing The Studs

Attach blocks between the studs to the back of the wall flush with the back of the new wall. After that, find studs in the existing wall and screw into them through the blocks.

Toe-screw the top of the wall into the existing studs if they line up with those on the new wall.

Fishing The Cable

It is easy to run a cable behind a wall by simply drilling a hole and pulling it through. Consult your electric fireplace's manual for more information. It is important to never overload the circuit.

Don't plug other appliances into the same circuit as the fireplace. This means it should probably be on its own circuit for safety reasons. A dedicated circuit should be installed by an electrician if it doesn't already exist.

Finish The Wall

Finish The Wall

Inside the opening where the wood frame is exposed, cover it with drywall, tape it, and mud. This is so important as you need it to be in place correctly and not leave any openings.

Choosing The Power

For power, you can either plug your fireplace into an outlet with the cord that's attached or hardwire it to a dedicated circuit. Because you would have needed an outlet in order to plug it in, it's likely that you'll need to hardwire it.

The cord can be swapped with the cable by pulling through the opening by simply opening the cover. Pull cable through an opening close to the wall and near the fireplace power cord.

Fit The Fireplace

To expose the holes for fastening the fireplace, remove the glass panel and the side brackets. Using a 1-1/2-in. thick black board, attach the fireplace.

As the fireplace was being pressed against the wall, you can drive wood screws that come with the kit. Once both sides are fastened, replace the side brackets.

Put The Logs And Embers In

Put the driftwood log pieces on top of the crystal embers and add the crystal embers to the fireplace tray. A strip of LEDs below the embers causes the crystals to glow in various colors.

Put A Glass Panel Over The Fireplace

After cleaning the fireplace screen and the back of the glass, set the glass panel into position and secure it with two set screws. The moment you flip the circuit breaker and paint the wall, this room will become a warm and cozy retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is An Electric Fireplace Right For Your Home?

An electric fireplace is an excellent source of supplemental heat, creating a cozy atmosphere in your home, and electric units are certainly more energy efficient than traditional fireplaces.

In addition to being easier to install, they require less maintenance since they run on electricity.

What Should You Look For In An Electric Fireplace?

It is important to choose the electric fireplace that is best for your home when considering electric fireplaces. There are many different styles to choose from and it will take some time to find one that's right for your home.

You should think about aesthetics, size, heat settings, timers, controller (manual or remote), and many other things when shopping around for the perfect electric fireplace for you.


If you have read through all of this information, you should have been able to set up an electric fireplace in any room that has a suitable wall for placement.

It’s not that difficult of a job for an experienced DIYer, but if you’re at all feeling unconfident about the process, please don’t hesitate to call in a professional.

It’s best to decide that it’s beyond your ability before you begin, rather than realize you’re beat halfway through the process, as there could be excess damage to repair and mistakes to remedy, leading to a much steeper pro installation bill.

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