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How To Install A Fireplace Insert

How To Install A Fireplace Insert

How To Install A Fireplace Insert

Are you planning on replacing your old wood-burning or gas fireplace with a new electric fireplace? Then we're here to assist you!

Adding an electric fireplace insert, whether a wood insert or a fire, is normally a straightforward procedure. It really shouldn't take long and doesn't necessitate the use of multiple tools.

In this article, we'll explore the most fundamental approaches and tools you may need to get the task done quickly.

We also inform you of any areas where you may require the assistance of a reputable installer if needed. This post is divided into two sections: Measuring and Installation.


Measuring is the first step. Almost always, when people have trouble installing an electric fireplace, it's because the measurements of their existing fireplace and the insert they buy don't mix.

So, before placing your order, double-check the dimensions to guarantee that the insert you choose will work snugly in your fireplace. Using a measuring tape, determine the width, depth, and height of the current fireplace opening.

Match the specifications to the insert dimensions provided by the supplier. It's important to note that as you move further back into the room, most fires become smaller.

As a result, before the fireplace curves too much, ensure that there is enough width for the insert to attach.

You could even use a bigger insert if the problem is with the frame instead of the fire. It's time to get started after you've bought your fire insert.

Bear in mind that the following rules are just that: recommendations. For explicit directions on how to construct an electric fire from a certain brand, consult your owner's manual.



Carefully remove any extraneous accessories and fixtures, such as fire shutters, grating, fans, or panels. If there is an electrical hookup, leave it connected. It's possible you'll need it.

A good fireplace insert for an existing fireplace does not require the usage of typical fireplace accessories such as a blower. So take everything out and make sure the fireplace is entirely bare before testing the insert's fit.

Once you've moved it out of the way, clear up any dirt in the fireplace. Use a firm tool to clean anything that is stuck to the surfaces. If your fireplace is very filthy, you may need to undertake a more thorough cleaning technique.


Moisture and electricity do not mix, and when they do, it can be dangerous.  If your fireplace is missing a rain cover or allows in rainwater on a regular basis, you must remedy this prior to installing a new fireplace.

Even minor water leakage can cause significant damage to your insert and pose a risk of fire. Contact a contractor to install a rain cap, also called a chimney top cover, on your fireplace to prevent water from getting in.

Closing The Damper

Closing The Damper

The damper controls the entrance of the fire into the chimney. It is required if you have a wood or gas fireplace, but it serves absolutely no purpose when using an electric fireplace insert.

In actuality, it may waste resources by letting cooler air in and warmth out. Rather than merely closing the damper, you should strive to seal it so that no warmth flows through the damper borders.

The damper can be sealed in a variety of ways. An inflated pillow, wood and polyurethane pipe insulating, or a specialized fireplace sealer can all be used.

Electricity Supply

You'll have to determine where you'll acquire your power before you place your insert.

Most electric wood inserts are fueled by standard household electricity and can be plugged in. Unless you want a wire hanging from your fire, pay an electrician to build a properly rooted electrical outlet along the inside of your hearth. Insert the slide carefully now.

Experiment With It

Install your new fireplace insert and play around with all of its features and capabilities. Check to see if it produces a nice, strong flame and if the ash bed functions correctly.

Examine the control as well. If you run into any problems, refer to the help section in your device's manual. Contact customer support if it does not function.

Finish With The Trim

To attach your trim, read the directions in your handbook since various brands will vary in how they have been formed.

Almost all fireboxes feature a unique trim mechanism to hide spaces on the edges. If the trim supplied is inadequate, you can make your own out of wood or metal sheets.

The final step is to fasten the trim. Trim comes in a range of materials and finishes. Some fireplace inserts come with a selection of trim finish options.

Most models have only one trim option. You can also make custom trim from a range of materials.

Is It True That All Fireplace Inserts Require Electricity?

Some gas wood inserts and simple fireplace inserts may not need the power to function. A cord must be connected from the fireplace insert to a neighboring socket in the area if a fan is required.

Instead, an extra outlet could be installed in the firebox (if allowed by the manufacturer/local law). As anticipated, electrical fireplace inserts will want a sufficient supply of electricity.

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