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How To Fix The Flame On An Electric Fireplace

How To Fix The Flame On An Electric Fireplace

 How To Fix The Flame On An Electric Fireplace

The flame components are an integral part of an electric fireplace. They’re what helps the fireplace imitate the look and feel of a more traditional fireplace.

Still, electric fireplaces are electrical appliances and so over time the unit may run into problems or faults, and one of these can be the flame effect no longer working. As the flame effects on an electric fireplace rely on mechanical and electrical components they can become worn out through use, and this is when faults develop.

A common problem is simply that the bulb has blown and needs replacing, but you may run into problems with the motor or rod that also help to generate the flame effects.

While an inconvenience, there is a fairly simple solution to this problem that doesn’t involve professional help. Below, we’ll take you through the steps to fix the flame on your electric fireplace, as well as how you can tell if your flame is no longer working.

How To Fix The Flame On An Electric Fireplace

Diagnose the issue:

Before you open up your electric fireplace to locate the issue, try to find out what the problem is while it’s operating. 

If you can hear the flames working but nothing is appearing then it’s likely that the bulb just needs replacing. Or, if you can hear the motor trying to work but there’s little to no movement (or you hear squeaking), then the rod may need some lubricant.

If you can see your fireplace light but the flames are not moving then there may be a fault with the motor. Or, if you can see nothing happening when switching the fireplace on there may be a bigger problem.

Unplug the fireplace:

Before you take a look inside your electric fireplace for any issues or you try to repair any parts, you should always unplug the fireplace from the electrical outlet.

Replacing the bulb:

As we have already mentioned, if you can hear the flame components working from inside your electric fireplace but nothing is being displayed, then the likely issue is that the bulb has blown and needs to be replaced. 

Most electric fireplaces have one bulb rather than two, but you should always check the instruction manual to make sure. 

You’ll need to then remove the access cover to the fireplace, and replace the bulb with a new one.

Electrical fireplaces typically use an E12 bulb but again check what type of bulb your fireplace uses before ordering. Furthermore, modern electric fireplaces tend to use LEDs rather than bulbs.

If your electric fireplace uses LEDs, then these usually can’t be replaced and the whole fireplace will need to be replaced. Or, if you’re still under warranty you can contact the manufacturer. However, LEDs do tend to last a lot longer than bulbs so it’s very rare for an LED light to fail in an electric fireplace.

Replacing the motor:

If the flame light turns on when you switch on the fireplace but you see no movement of the flame effects then this may be an issue with the motor.

If you can buy a replacement motor for your electric fireplace, then you will need to access the inside of your fireplace to replace the motor. 

Fixing the rod:

The metal rod that houses the mirror can be found on one end within the motor and the other end attached to the other side of the fireplace. 

Over time this bearing may start to seize, just through general use.

If you can hear the flame effect components struggling to move or you hear them squeaking, then this may mean the rod is starting to seize up.

You can use any type of lubricant (like WD40) on the end of the rod to help loosen it up.

Make sure not to spill any liquid within the fireplace as it may affect other electrical components within the fireplace.

Fixing other issues:

There may be other issues with an electric fireplace flame that are not so easy to fix or diagnose. Like other electrical appliances, there is only so much that can be fixed before you have to replace the whole fireplace. 

If you’re knowledgeable about electrics, then it may be worth attempting to fix any other issues such as no power getting to the unit or the switches not working. 

Some electric fireplaces have no user-serviceable parts, which means that if there is an issue with the fireplace it would need to be replaced under warranty. Or if the warranty has expired, you would need to get a whole new fireplace.

As we have mentioned, most modern electric fireplaces are built to last, typically including LEDs rather than bulbs for longevity and because they’re more energy-efficient. 

If the flame on your electric fireplace isn’t working even though you’ve tried everything then it may be time to replace your fireplace.

Why has my electric fireplace stopped working?

Why has my electric fireplace stopped working?

There are many reasons why the flame effect in an electric fireplace stops working, the most common being the bulb(s) needing replacing. 

However, other problems may include the rotating rod seizing up, the motor driving the rod not working, the switch controlling the flame effects have stopped working, the fuse has blown, or it may be down to another electrical issue.

The motor has stopped working:

The flame effect in an electric fireplace is generated by a motor that turns a rod on. This is where the mirrors for reflecting the light are located. 

If the light still appears when you turn on the switch for the flames but they don’t move this may mean the motor has a fault. 

The rod has seized:

The rod with the mirror inside is connected to the motor at one end, and to a form of bearing that allows it to rotate freely on the other end.

If you can hear the motor trying to work when the flames are switched on but they’re not moving the rod may have seized. Squeaking noises may also indicate that the rod has seized.

The switch doesn’t work:

If nothing happens when you turn on the flame effects using the switch on the fireplace then there may be a problem with the switch, or even the electrics. 

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