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How Much Does A Chimney Sweep Cost?

How Much Does A Chimney Sweep Cost?

How Much Does A Chimney Sweep Cost?

Fireplaces can get some extensive use, especially in the cold winter months when warming up your living space and creating a cozy environment for everyone to enjoy.

However, immense usage calls for regular maintenance to ensure that your fireplace is operating efficiently and so that your home is as safe as possible. 

Someone who will perform this maintenance is a chimney sweep and their job is not just limited to cleaning your chimney, but they’ll perform a full-on inspection whilst they are there to make sure everything is working in order.

This sounds like a serious job and one that will set you back a bit of money, but how much does a chimney sweep cost?

This article will guide you through how much you could expect to pay for hiring a chimney sweep and any other burning questions about chimney sweeps that you may have. 

How Much To Expect To Pay To Hire A Chimney Sweep

There is no set price to hire a chimney sweep as it can all depend on where you live, the level of inspection needed, and also what condition your chimney is in.

Typically, chimney sweep costs can range from anything as little as $75 up to $5,000, however, the higher number only be if your chimney is in poor condition or if they discover some structural damage or problems that require further attention.

There are three levels of chimney inspections set out by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), level one, level two, and level three.

Level one prices can start from $85 and go up to $950, level two starts at $150 up to $1,000, and level three’s prices start at $500 and go up to $5,000. 

Some chimney sweep companies will charge a flat rate for their services so you’ll know how much you’ll be paying before they arrive. However, some may charge an hourly rate of anything from as little as $25 an hour to $100 an hour. 

Some inspections can take anything from just 30 minutes to nearly all day, so ensure to get a quote before the service starts so you’re not caught off guard with a hefty bill at the end. 

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Your Chimney Sweeping?

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Your Chimney Sweeping?

Three are three main factors that can vary the overall cost of your chimney sweep.

How Often You Use Your Chimney

The more often you use your chimney, the dirtier it’ll be and the more maintenance that will be required for your chimney sweep.

However, if you only use your chimney once every few weeks then it shouldn’t require too much work. 

The Time Since You Last Had Your Chimney Cleaned

The more frequently you get your chimney cleaned then the lower your costs should be as it will be more maintained.

However, if you haven’t had your chimney cleaned for a few years then you should expect to pay a higher cost as it’ll take a long time to remove multiple years of build-up of soot. 

How Accessible Your Roof Is

Chimney sweeps will access the chimney from the fireplace and the roof, and the more difficult it is for your chimney sweep to get up on the roof, then the more it will cost as they could be putting themselves at risk.

Some chimneys can be accessed via a long ladder, whereas some chimneys will need some scaffolding to ensure they’re safe whilst inspecting the top of the chimney.

There are other additional services that your chimney sweep can provide whilst carrying out cleaning and their inspection, including animal removal and repair to your chimney, which will be completely necessary to use your chimney safely again.

Large animals like a cat could skyrocket prices up to $700 for removal and considerable repair or even replacement of your chimney could cost around $7,000.

This is why regular chimney sweeping and maintenance is key as it’ll hopefully catch things as early as possible.

Why Do You Need A Chimney Sweep?

Some people don’t release the risks that come with having a working fireplace in their home but having a regular chimney sweep is essential, especially if you frequently use your fireplace.

If your chimney isn’t cleaned properly, then the harmful by-product carbon monoxide which is made when burning gas or wood will not be able to be vented outside your home and could cause health problems for you.

When you burn unseasoned wood it creates a by-product called creosote which is very combustible and is a common cause of chimney fires. Regular cleaning will be able to remove this build-up of the byproduct and ensure good safety for your home.

Another benefit of having a chimney sweep is that it can save you money on running your fireplace as it’ll make it as heat efficient as possible because there will be no build-up of soot. 

How Often Should A Chimney Sweep Come To Your Home?

You should try to get a chimney sweep to come to your home at least once a year, but if you use your fireplace frequently then more frequent visits will be recommended. 

If you only use your fireplace during the winter months then you may want to get it inspected and cleaned before the next winter season rolls around. 

Can You Sweep Your Chimney Yourself?

There’s nothing wrong with giving your chimney a bit of TLC, but you should always bring in a certified professional to do a thorough inspection and cleaning to ensure your chimney meets local codes and regulations and it is completely safe to use. 

Where To Find A Chimney Sweep To Hire?

A simple Google search will be able to find potential candidates in your area and you’ll also be able to see how highly rated they are and some of their reviews so you can see if they’ll be a good fit for you and hopefully within your budget. 

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