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 How Does An Electric Fireplace Work?

How Does An Electric Fireplace Work?

 How Does An Electric Fireplace Work?

With all of the different types of fireplaces that are available on the market, many people are unsure about how each of them works and which one would be the best fit for what they are looking for.

Electric fireplaces actually provide much more flexibility than traditional ones, making them ideal for providing warmth on a cold night.

Are you wondering how an electric fireplace actually works? We can understand why you might opt for the greener version that also eliminates the hassle of cutting wood and regularly cleaning out your fire.

But it is also important to figure out how they work to find out if they are right for you.

Electric fires can still offer both the beauty and warmth of a normal fire, but they don’t require the need for flues, chimneys, and expert installation.

As well as this, you will gain all of the added benefits of low maintenance, energy, and cost efficiency.

So, how do they work, you ask. We are going to explain everything you need to know in this article.

How Does An Electric Fireplace Work?

In simple terms, an electric fireplace is a heating element that looks very similar to a traditional wood-burning or gas fireplace. However, it does not require any venting or professional installation.

Essentially, they work by drawing in cold air, heating it internally through the use of a heating coil, and gently forcing the warm air back out into the room through a fan.

How Does An Electric Fireplace Work?

There are some electric fires that also use infrared technology, which will directly heat any objects within the room.

Either way, supplemental heating will be provided for the desired area without the mess, fumes, or dangerous gas that comes from gas and wood fires.

Electric fireplaces will provide supplemental heating for rooms that are around 400 square feet in size, and all electric fireplaces will allow you to control the heating elements and flame effect.

This means that electric fireplaces are able to provide a flame without any heat, so it can be enjoyed all year round.

Due to the control options of the flame effect, customers will be able to use either a large or small flame.

Many companies now use excellent matching technology that allows an electric fire to glow accurately. These fireplaces are only becoming more popular, and they are much safer than traditional ones.

How Do Fan Heater Fires Work?

Fan heaters are one of the most common types of electric fires right now, and they work by passing an electrical current through a metal coil that will result in it getting hot.

The heat from the coil will then be blown around the room by a fan. Most of these fires will have various settings for you to choose from, allowing you to control the heating of the coils and the speed of the fan.

The heat is all generated internally, which eliminates the risk of burns that often occur with open and gas fires. This is why they are generally considered to be safer options for homes with children and pets.

How Do Infrared Fires Work?

Infrared fires are heated differently than fan heaters.

Instead of getting hot and dispensing the heat that they produce they will directly heat the objects in the room. Invisible rays of light will travel through the air and heat any objects in their path.

These rays of light will travel in straight lines, and they will not be affected by things like drafts. However, if you are not directly in the path of the infrared rays, then you will not feel the optimal benefit.

How Are the Flames Made in Electric Fires?

The flames in an electric fire can be created in various different ways. Some of the flame effects will be created using a video display of a fire on a screen that is built into the fire.

It is also common for these types of fires to have audio features that will provide crackling sounds making them feel more authentic.

Other types will use bulbs that have their light refracted to provide the illusion of dancing flames. It is also becoming more common in electric fires to use a water mist to create the illusion of smoke.

Are Electric Fireplaces Realistic?

Yes, electric fires can be very realistic, depending on a few different factors, which we will explain below.

The intensity of the flame should be adjustable. This is usually possible through the use of a remote control.

You will be able to control ember bed lighting, backlighting, and more, providing a customizable fire display.

You should also try to find a fireplace that allows for the progress of flame and glowing embers. This is an automated feature that will start slow and grow over time.

You can usually either flip a switch or press a button to be able to control the progress of the flames.

LED lighting is brilliant in today’s electric fireplaces, as it will mimic the appearance of real flames. Some will allow you to time the lights, set them to flicker, or even change the colors of the flames.

Other electric fires may come with things like resin logs, which only add to the realism of the fire. As well as realistic flames, LED lighting will also provide years of reliable use and it is energy efficient.

Some fireplaces will even come with surround lighting, which helps to create a dramatic illuminated effect around the fireplace. This may also include surround backlight colors.

Electric fireplaces that feature things like logs are some of the most realistic if you are trying to simulate a real fire.

You will also need to consider the overall design of the electric fireplace that you are purchasing. Fireplaces are often going to be the main focal point of a room.

You should try to choose one that fits the overall aesthetic of your room. The designs that are available are often realistic, but the more you are willing to pay, the better the end result will usually be.

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