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Expert Review: 3 Best Freestanding Electric Fireplaces of 2023

Expert Review: 3 Best Freestanding Electric Fireplaces of 2023

Expert Review: 3 Best Freestanding Electric Fireplaces of 2023

Imagine gathering around the hearth with family and friends: socializing, sipping hot cocoa with the kids, having a romantic glass of wine with that special someone, or just spending a lazy, chilly afternoon with Fido or Fluffy in front of the fire.

Now, imagine all that without the hassle and mess of a “real” fireplace. No soot or ashes. No smelly smoke or firewood. No safety issues, fire hazards, or any increase in homeowners’ insurance.

How? With one of our exceptional freestanding electric fireplaces.

Any one of the three models we’ll be reviewing today can offer you all of the benefits of a fireplace and none of the hassle. Consider an electric fireplace an investment—in both the value of your home and the quality of the life you live there.

 We’re going to be reviewing three types of fireplaces today. They include:

  • The “mantle” style
  • The “stove” style
  • The “console” style

That way, no matter how much space you have or the style of decor, we’re positive you’ll find just the right fireplace for your home.

Let’s jump right in with the 3 models we deem the best on the current market.

1 - Dimplex Essex White Purifire Electric Fireplace


Dimplex Essex White Purifire Electric Fireplace
54.8" Dimplex Essex White Purifire Electric Fireplace - GDS30L3-1086W, Mantel


This model hearkens back to yesteryear’s classic style and ambiance of a traditional hearth.

This is a grand piece to add to your living room, dining room, or den. It will become a focal point no matter what room or wall it graces.

It boasts dentil molding, fluted pilasters on each side, and intricately crafted classic details. Perhaps you’ll have to rename your living room the “parlor” to honor the timeless beauty of this freestanding electric fireplace. 

Important Features of the Dimplex Essex White Purifire Fireplace

  • Size - It’s a large piece, standing 4.5 ft tall X 4 ft wide X nearly 18 in deep. 
  • Classic detailing - It’s easy to imagine the likes of George Washington or Emily Dickinson lounging about in front of this fireplace.
  • Timeless style - While Emily or George may have sipped their tea in front of something like this, its timeless beauty will add to the appeal of any room.
  • Realistic flames - The Dimplex technology produces some of the most realistic-looking “flames” in the electric fireplace industry.

Here’s what Lama had to say in her Amazon review:

"My husband and I are always amused when our guests ask us when did we install a gas fireplace."

How The Essex Compares with Our Other Featured Fireplaces

  • Requires a wall - Mantled fireplaces are only finished on the front and sides, requiring them to be placed up against a wall. This limits their versatility in placement possibilities in your home.
  • Size - As the largest model we’re reviewing today, its imposing size may not fit into today’s more popular smaller living spaces.

This model’s heritage aesthetic, while timelessly classic, may not be to everyone’s liking. Its details could be considered too “fussy” for the popular trend of minimalism. It wouldn’t fit in well with the trendy “industrial” style of home decor and design, either. 

But if that grand hearth of times gone by calls to your spirit and your space, it’s the perfect choice to make in a freestanding electric fireplace. Give it a look now.


consider an electric fireplace investment

2 - Duraflame 26” Bronze 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove

Our favorite stove model is also a beauty in its own right. And we’re not just talking skin-deep.

The true beauty and majesty of this stove model electric fireplace lies within, in its flames. The 3D technology gives the appearance of layers of flickering flames, just as you have in a real fireplace with real logs.

And those flickers aren’t just for looks, either. This model’s powerful infrared heating unit warms up to 1000 sq ft. 

Duraflame 26” Bronze 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove

Duraflame 26" Bronze 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove with Remote Control

Important Features of the Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Bronze Stove

  • Looks - From the scored glass door to the bronze metal finish to the glowing log set inside, the Duraflame Bronze Stove’s classy style is sure to appeal.
  • Size - At just over 2 ft X 2 ft X 13 in and 28 pounds, its compact size makes it easy to fit into today’s smaller spaces, including your office.
  • Heat - Infrared heat is safe, efficient, and highly effective. It even promotes moisture in the air, avoiding the dry, brittle heat of many electric fireplaces. 
  • Remote control - The Duraflame Bronze Stove has a remote control that allows you to determine flame height, heat thermostat, and even a timer, so you don’t have to remember to turn it off.

How The Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Bronze Stove Compares with Our Other Products

  • Size - This small beauty will slip unobtrusively into almost any space or room while adding charm, visual appeal, and functionality as a heat source.
  • Cost-effectiveness - Infrared heat is extremely cost-efficient, and this little unit can comfortably and cheaply heat a bedroom or home office space with little strain on the wallet.

As Ali described in his Amazon answer:

"It's cheaper than using our baseboard heaters and FAR more effective than our cadet heater in the bedroom wall."

Another outstanding feature of the Duraflame Bronze Stove is its cool-touch design. It is perfectly safe around pets, children, and even home furnishings. Unlike other “space” heater units, it doesn’t pose a burn or fire risk. 

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Check out this small but mighty freestanding electric fireplace today. 


3 - Ameriwood Home Edgewood Fireplace

Ameriwood Home Edgewood Fireplace

Ameriwood Home Edgewood Fireplace 55", Black TV Stand

Don’t think you have room for a freestanding electric fireplace and your TV console, too? The Ameriwood Home Edgewood model is here to save the day!

This unit will easily hold a TV up to 80 lbs and 55 in wide. The handy shelves will store your cable box, soundbar, DVD collection, gaming console, games, and more with ease.

And let’s not forget the beauty that accompanies all that brawn. The sleek black design and Shaker-style give it a timeless appeal that will fit in well with most any decor.

Important Features of the Ameriwood Home Edgewood Fireplace

  • Three for the price of one - You get a heater capable of warming up to 400 sq ft, a TV console/entertainment center, and an attractive electric fireplace, all for the price of just a fireplace or tv stand. Win-win.
  • Long-lasting LED light - The Altraflame LED light source boasts up to 50,000 hours of use. That means you can have your electric fire effects for years to come without fuss or worry.
  • “Cool” heat technology - The Edgewood can easily heat your room, but it won’t heat your TV or other electronics. The firebox heats the room, not the unit itself.

How the Ameriwood Home Edgewood Fireplace Compares with Our Other Products

  • Budget-friendly - The Edgewood’s small price tag means it can serve up style and warmth for a fraction of the price.

    As Sierra put it in her Amazon review:

"It’s exactly what I was looking for - a cheap option to have a tv stand with an electric fireplace!"

  • Functionality - The Edgewood’s multi-functional design means you have more options than with our other freestanding fireplace models. Don’t need it for the TV? Turn it into an open-shelf storage unit, displaying all your collectibles and other home decor. 

Our favorite feature of the Edgewood Fireplace is its looks. The simplistic design belies its bargain price. Its deep black color catches the eye and attracts the guest for a closer look. And the open shelving adds the perfect backdrop for displaying all your precious items.

How the Ameriwood Home Edgewood Fireplace Compares with Our Other Products


That concludes our expert review of the 3 best freestanding electric fireplaces. We hope you’ve found just the right one for your home and budget. We’ll leave you with more information from these FAQs we often get from prospective buyers just like you. 

testimonial from Glenn P.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really find an electric fireplace to fit any budget?

The table below gives you the average price ranges for each of our three models of electric fireplace.

Mantle Fireplace Stove Fireplace Console Fireplace
$300 - $4500 $100 - $800 $200 - $3000

As you can see, almost any budget can accommodate an electric fireplace to fit.

Can you put your tv over an electric fireplace with a heater unit?

Yes. The heating units use cool-safe technology. They will heat the air in the room, but not the wall surface above them. 

What sort of maintenance do electric fireplaces require?

Not much. Routine dusting to keep the vents clean and clear, and wiping down the exterior as you would any other furniture is about all you need to do.

If you operate your heating unit regularly, the motor and fan will need some routine lubricating to prevent annoying squeaking or squealing sounds. Watch this YouTube video to learn how to do that simple task.

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