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Ethanol Fireplaces Pros and Cons

Ethanol Fireplaces Pros and Cons

Ethanol Fireplaces Pros and Cons

Most times, many sales people will speak strongly of the ethanol fireplace pros but ignore the cons. Like everything made by man, the Ethanol fireplace pros and cons exist. Any salesperson that says the ethanol fireplace doesn't have cons is trying to sell his product.

Today, I will speak on the Ethanol fireplace pros and cons. The Ethanol fireplace's benefits overshadow its flaws, meaning that it may be a great fit for you. It is important to know that there are other types of fireplaces, which are the gas fireplace, as well as the traditional wood burning fireplace. Out of the three, the ethanol seems to be the best, though it depends on your needs.

 Before you purchase a product, it is important that you note its cons, and see if you can properly cope with the product. Your needs and the Ethanol fireplace pros and cons should determine if you should opt for it or not. With this article, you will know what to expect from using the Ethanol fireplace.


The Ethanol Fireplace Cons

Let's begin with discussing the cons.


Not A Primary Source of Heat

The ethanol fireplace doesn't burn at the same level as gas, hence do not produce similar heat level with gas fireplace. If you want a heat of 3 kW, then you can opt for the ethanol. If you want a greater heat level, then you need to opt for another fireplace. The ethanol fireplace is not great for large spaces if it is to be used as the primary heat source. It is great when it is used with another heat source that acts as the primary heat source.

The ethanol fireplace may give off heat, but not the amount of heat that is needed to heat a house up, like the wood burning Fireplace. The heat it generates is somewhat similar to that of a radiator.

You want a fireplace to be the primary heat source, then you make think of another option.


Not Every Fireplace is safe

There are different kinds of ethanol fireplaces, and some of them are not safe, especially the cheaper models. You may think what is the difference. Why can't I buy an ethanol fireplace that costs $100? While that question dwells in your mind, it is also important to think about the safety of your family, and yourself. A salesperson may tell you how great the cheaper model is, and how it can do wonders like that of the more expensive model, do not listen to them. I have gotten questions regularly from people, asking me what model of the ethanol fireplace they think is safer. Is it the cheap model or the more expensive one? The latter is a safer version. In some aspects of life, the cheaper model of a product may be safe, but not in the case of fireplaces.

Some manufacturers are known to try to cut down on their production costs, hence outsource the production of their fireplace to China. The manufacturer may then tell the Chinese producers to create a cheap fireplace. To achieve this, a lot of safety parts are tossed to the wind.

Quality may be compromised to get a cheaper fireplace, same as the finish and the material. Some of these cheap ethanol fireplaces have weldings that are incapable of standing the heat.

If anything occurs, it becomes the sole problem of the client. If an apartment gets burnt, it may likely be that of the client. The reseller's responsibility is merely to convince clients to purchase the cheap model that is not of high quality.

This is why you should opt for high quality ethanol fireplaces.


It Consumes Oxygen

When fire burns, it consumes oxygen. If you live in a very tiny apartment, then you should opt out of having any form of fireplace. The ethanol fireplace, as well as other types of fireplaces,  are great with places with a nice supply of oxygen.


The Ethanol Fireplace Pros

The Ethanol Fireplace Pros

Like earlier said, the pros of the ethanol fireplace exceed the cons. When the ethanol fireplace pros and cons are put on a balance, the pros seem to overshadow the cons.

Now, that we are done with sharing the few negative aspects of the Ethanol fireplace, let's look at the good aspect.

If you want a safe ethanol fireplace, and you are not thinking of using it as the primary heating source, then let's look at its great benefits.


No need For Chimney

The ethanol fireplaces need a simple construction, and as a result of the fuel it uses, installing a chimney is not needed. You don't even need a massive installation. You don't have to think of installing flues or venting or checking out for gas leaks in the case of gas fireplace. You don't have to think of maintaining the flues or venting or cleaning it. Many landlords permit the ethanol fireplace but frown at the wood burning and gas fireplaces because of the incessant maintenance processes that have to be done if they don't want fire gutting down their buildings.

The Ethanol fireplace is a mobile one, as it doesn't need heavy installation. There is no need for an expert to spend time fixing a complicated fireplace like that of the gas fireplace. It is a mobile fireplace. You can opt for the freestanding version that needs no installation, but mere coupling together. You can opt for the wall mounted ethanol fireplace that can be installed by you easily in a few minutes. You can move the floor models of fireplace. You can move it to the patio if you want.


It's Eco-friendly

Out of the types of fireplaces, the ethanol is the most eco-friendly one. It is made from a plant, and it doesn't exude harmful fumes or residues like the others.

This is why there is no need for a chimney. It only releases a minute amount of carbon dioxide and water vapour that is easily absorbed. It won't get your walls wet, neither will you be suffocated. It is far safer than the alternatives.


Easy to use

You don't need to chop wood, then move it up the elevator or stairs to feed the fire. All you need do is pour ethanol into the burner and get it ignited with a long lighter. Some are even controlled by a remote control system.


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