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 4 Modern Decor Ideas for Your Electric Fireplace Insert

4 Modern Decor Ideas for Your Electric Fireplace Insert

 4 Modern Decor Ideas for Your Electric Fireplace Insert

Compared to traditional fireplaces, electric fireplaces don’t only offer warmth, but also enhance the design of your home or office space.

Electric fireplaces are affordable and come with benefits, such as:

  • No harmful fumes and chemicals such as carbon monoxide
  • Are low maintenance and require no care (such as changing the firewood or cleaning the chimney)
  • Are energy-efficient
  • Are easy to install and require no expertise
  • Come in numerous designs

At Modern Ethanol Fireplaces, we sell the leading brands and can help in incorporating your interior decor with electric fireplace inserts.

In this list, we’ll show you some amazing decor ideas and suitable fireplace inserts to give your home a modern feel.

Idea 1 - Electric Fireplace TV Stand


Electric Fireplace TV Stand
Ameriwood Home Lamont Mantel Fireplace, White,1815096COM


An electric fireplace TV stand is the simplest way to incorporate a fireplace into your home. 

Not only is the design modern, it also gives a warm and cozy feel to your living room. In addition, the stand comes with extra draws and shelves for storing gaming equipment and other items.

Before buying an electric fireplace TV stand consider the following:

  • The TV stands are advertised with a maximum TV width capacity so make sure that the stand will fit your TV.
  • Some TV stands come with LED lights on the shelves. Make sure that the LED lights are a matching color to your home or have a color change option that matches your taste.
  • Make sure the stand has at least one or two open shelves to display books or sound equipment. 

The picture above features the Ameriwood Home Fireplace TV Stand.

The Ameriwood Home Fireplace TV Stand features a 23 inch wide fireplace insert and can hold a TV of up to 70 inches wide.

The following table shows other ideal electric fireplace inserts for this kind of setting.

Insert Unique Features
Dimplex Opti-Myst
  • Features ultrasonic technology that creates an illusion of a real wood-burning fire
  • Comes with spacers and slots you can use to customize the flame width
  • Will warm up to 400 sq. ft. even with the back panel removed
Dimplex Xavier
  • Creates an illusion of logs in the flame
  • Traditional style with farmhouse charm
  • Can support flat-screen TVs of up to 56”

Expert Tip: If you live in an apartment, condo, or tiny house, an electric fireplace is ideal, as you can install it easily.

Expert Tip

Idea 2 - In Place of the TV


In Place of the TV
Touchstone Sideline Infinity 3 Sided 50" Black WiFi Enabled Recessed Electric Fireplace


It’s common place nowadays to find households that have ditched the TV in their family or living room for a built-in electric fireplace insert. It’s modern and creates a focal point in the room for quality family time, reading, or relaxing.

For this kind of setting, a linear fireplace insert such as the Touchstone models is highly recommended.

That’s because the Touchstone Sideline fireplace closely mimics a real flame and emits multiple flame colors that you can adjust to your liking.

Idea 3 - Above the Couch


Above the Couch
Cambridge Callisto 35 In. Wall-Mount Electronic Fireplace with Curved Panel and Crystal Rocks


Placing an electrical fireplace insert above the couch will spruce up your space and create a warm and welcoming feel.

You can arrange the room to match the wall’s theme and let the fireplace create a zen setting.

For example, you can color coordinate the couches, carpet, and throw in some pillows to accentuate the glow of the flame.

The electric fireplace insert in the picture above is the Cambridge Callisto 35” wall mount fireplace. It features a curved panel that’s neat and easy to mount on the wall and comes with crystals that create a cool effect when you change the flame color.

Here’s what Amanda thinks of her fireplace.

 “I believe that this is my best buy so far. It only took 20 minutes to install and it's beautiful.”
Amanda, United States

Idea 4 - In a Lounging Area

In a Lounging Area

AA Warehousing Y-Décor True Flame electric fireplace insert by 30" with front surround

Whether it’s hosting company, reading, or relaxing, an electrical fireplace insert in the wall adds class and modernity into the space.

The picture above features the AA Warehousing Y-Décor True Flame insert.

Here are its unique features:

  • Full metal construction with full surround
  • Realistic flame
  • On zone heating settings with both manual and remote control options
  • Can heat a room of up to 220 sq. ft

Creating a beautiful setting with a premium electric fireplace makes your living space more attractive while being budget-conscious.

Decor Tips for Electric Fireplaces

Decor Tips for Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces have come a long way from when they were viewed as cheap and had fake flame effects.

Due to the advancement of brands, electric fireplaces now offer a cleaner and eco-friendly warmth option to modern living spaces.

Here are some tips to make your fireplace look good:

  • When you’re designing a wall to insert the fireplace, hide all the electric connections behind the wall so that no cords are visible.
  • Add shelves to your fireplace wall and add decor, such as plants, candle holders, or art prints.
  • When converting from a wood-burning to an electric fireplace, ensure that it fits perfectly covering any visible gaps with trim. Use the trim that comes with the insert or make your own trim using plywood or sheet metal.
  • For the double-sided fireplace, a large wall separating two rooms is an ideal place to install so it can warm two rooms at once.

If you’d like the warmth of a traditional fireplace coupled with the convenience of an electrical fireplace, always opt for the top brands, such as:

  • Dimplex: have been around for over 40 years and are known for their realistic flame
  • Touchstone Sideline Elite: come with smart features and have an elegant and modern appeal
  • Ameriwood Lamont: can fit into very small places and comes with added storage

By picking good brands you can avoid some of the challenges that come with others. For example, annoying noise coming from the fireplace or the appearance of a flame which doesn’t heat a room.

Enhance Your Space With Beautiful Electric Fireplaces

Enhance Your Space With Beautiful Electric Fireplaces

Styling your electric fireplace to suit the design of your space is a great way of bringing warmth and a cozy feeling.

Before you decide which insert to go for, check out the different designs and consider the ideas we’ve presented to help you choose right and keep your space modern.

At Modern Ethanol Fireplaces, we offer a variety of brands for both water vapor and electric fireplaces.

Our products are high quality and guaranteed to exceed your expectations. 

If you have additional questions, get in touch with our helpful Ethanol Fireplace experts.

To order, check out our website or Amazon. We’ll ensure that the package gets to you promptly and in good condition.

“Love the Planika fireplace! I received lots of compliments during the Holidays”
Jessica, United States

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