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How to Clean and Maintain Your Dimplex Opti-Myst Fireplace

How to Clean and Maintain Your Dimplex Opti-Myst Fireplace

How to Clean and Maintain Your Dimplex Opti-Myst Fireplace

Opti-Myst fireplaces will add that “something special” to any room of your home. With innovative water vapor technology, smokeless, odorless performance, and realistic-looking flames, they’ll become the focal point of your home setup.

Of course, what good is a high-tech fireplace if it isn’t working the way it should?

This guide will walk you through the routine cleaning and maintenance that your Opti-Myst fireplace requires to provide you with the ambiance and atmosphere you expect from it.

We’ll also answer some common questions owners have when using their Opti-Myst fireplaces.

Gather Your Supplies

The list of supplies for cleaning your Opti-Myst fireplace is rather short:

  • A soft cloth
  • Duster wand
  • A cloth towel or paper towels
  • Mild liquid dish soap (no harsh or abrasive cleaners should ever be used)
  • Your kitchen or utility sink and/or your dishwasher
  • The Opti-Myst cleaning brush that was supplied with your fireplace purchase

Gather these up once every two weeks. Also, once a month or so, use the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner as part of your cleaning regimen.

Gather Your Supplies

Source: Cleaning Brush

Now that you’ve got the necessary supplies, it’s time to get cleaning.

Maintaining the Remote

Make sure that your remote has new or fully charged rechargeable batteries. Check the date or charge of your batteries and replace or charge, as needed.

Using your soft cleaning cloth, remove any build-up of dirt from the infrared sensor at the end of the remote.

Cleaning the Fuel Bed

Using your soft cloth or a duster, sweep over the fuel bed to remove any dust, dirt, or hair that may have accumulated on the logs and bed’s outer surfaces.

Cleaning the Sump

The first job on our to-do list is the sump. It’s simple and easy, following the steps below:

  1. Put the power switch in the OFF position.
  2. Access the sump by removing the fuel bed and water bottle. For some units, this may require opening the drawer using the pull tab. For cassette units, simply lift off the fuel bed to access the working parts.
  3. Remove the mist nozzle by unclipping the two retaining clips on either side.
  4. Unplug the transducer from the power jack and lift out the transducer.
  5. Carefully lift out the sump tank, making sure you don’t spill any remaining water inside.
  6. Rinse the tank thoroughly at the sink using running tap water. You can use the cleaning brush and soapy water to reach deposits in the corners and around the outlets. Just be sure to rinse thoroughly with clean water if you do so. 
  7. Use your towel or paper towels to wipe the sump tank clean and dry.

Cleaning the Air Filter

Remove the air filter holder, and then remove the air filter combination. Gently rinse under running water in the sink. Dry with your cloth towel (not paper towel) and set aside.

Cleaning the Air Outlet

While your Opti-Myst is disassembled, take either the soft cleaning brush provided with your purchase or the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to clean the air outlet from the fan.

This is only required once a month, or whenever your unit has been left unused for some time.

Insert the Opti-Myst cleaning brush or brush attachment into the air outlet from the fan housing, located on the top ride-hand side of the sump, and remove any built-up dust, hair, and dirt. 

Cleaning the Mist Nozzle

If you have the time, just run your mist nozzle through the dishwasher on the top shelf with your next load of dishes.

If not, you can hand wash it with some soapy water in the sink. Use your cleaning brush to remove any deposits before rinsing thoroughly, then dry as completely as possible.

Cleaning the Transducer

Once you’ve removed the transducer, dry it thoroughly with a towel or paper towels. Then, remove any mineral build-up with the Opti-Myst cleaning brush.

Cleaning the Water Tank

  1. Unscrew the screw-top.
  2. Pour out any residual water that might remain.
  3. Using soapy water, fill, replace the cap, shake several times, and then empty the tank. Do this several times, to ensure all deposits have been loosened and removed.
  4. Rinse under running water until all the soapy water is removed.
  5. Dry as thoroughly as possible using your towel or paper towel.

Your water tank can join the mist nozzle in the dishwasher on the top shelf if you’ve got the time and dirty dishes to make it worthwhile.

Cleaning the Water Tank

Reassembling Your Opti-Myst Unit

Now that everything is clean and dried, it is time to put your unit back together:

  1. Replace the sump into the unit, using the guiding slot on the side of the sump tank. 
  2. Replace the air filter into its plastic holder. Make sure the black filter is in contact with the holder.
  3. Return the transducer to its proper position, using the small tab to ensure it is in the right orientation. 
  4. Plug the transducer cable into the power jack, ensuring that it does not cross the top of the transducer and that it is through the guidance slot on the side of the sump tank.
  5. Using the two retaining clips, secure the mist nozzle back into its place. 
  6. Refill the water bottle with filtered water, screwing the screw-top cap back on, making sure not to tighten the cap too much. 
  7. Replace the water bottle. 
  8. Replace the fuel bed.

Congratulations! The job of cleaning and maintaining your Opti-Myst fireplace is done for another two weeks.

One thing to note: You should never leave water in the unit for more than two weeks. If not in use, empty and dry the unit. 

For Your Viewing Pleasure, a How-to Video

Dimplex has provided the Opti-Myst cassette 500 to 1,000 unit owners, along with a short video showing the entire cleaning process for those types of units. You can watch it below.

Troubleshooting Your Opti-Myst Fireplace

Sometimes, a DIY fix or a little extra cleaning is all that’s needed to address some common issues owners have with their Opti-Myst fireplaces.

The table below addresses some of these problems and their possible DIY solutions.

Problem or Issue Possible Solution
No power
  • Lead and plug not connected properly at rear of unit
  • Lead not plugged into wall
  • Wall socket malfunction
  • Unit not turned on
No mist
  • Not enough water in tank to cover transducer and sump
  • Transducer not plugged in
  • Black lead crosses top of transducer
  • Mist nozzle dirty or clogged
  • A lamp has burned out or is not inserted properly
Too much mist
  • Mist effect set too high
Mist effect cuts off completely or intermittently
  • Not enough water in water bottle
  • Transducer not inserted properly
  • Transducer’s black lead crosses top of transducer
Faulty remote
  • Batteries have lost charge
  • Remote not pointed at unit
  • Remote not in range of unit
  • Build-up of dirt or grease over infrared sensor

If these DIY tricks don’t work, contact customer service, as something more serious could be affecting your fireplace. 

When properly cleaned and maintained, your fireplace should keep that spectacular “real flame” look that our Opti-Myst fireplaces are known for. Here’s what one satisfied Dimplex owner had to say in his 5-star Amazon review:

“The ‘fire’ is so realistic, we could not convince the grandkids that they could not toast marshmallows on it.”
Jerald A. Howell

If you don’t have an Opti-Myst fireplace yet, peruse our collection, and see which Modern Ethanol Dimplex Opti-Myst model is right for you, your home, and your family. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any type of water in my Opti-Myst fireplace?

No. Tap water may contain harmful mineral deposits that would cause the unit to break down, while deionized and distilled water do not contain the water-borne compounds the unit needs to detect a low water level. Only filtered water should be used, either from your fridge or a filtering pitcher.

Can I turn my Opti-Myst fireplace on immediately after cleaning? 

Yes. There is no need to wait. 

What do I do if I can’t solve my issue with a DIY fix?

We don’t have any authorized service providers, so you’ll have to contact Dimplex customer service at 1-888-346-7539. The procedure usually goes something like this:

  • You tell them what’s wrong, plus the model and serial number of your unit
  • They diagnose the issue
  • They send you the parts, per your warranty
  • If you have the Dimplex service warranty, they will arrange for service
  • If your unit is outside its warranty, replacement parts are available through Dimplex

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What do I do if I can’t solve my issue with a DIY fix?


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