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Dimplex Electric Fireplace Review and Installation

Dimplex Electric Fireplace Review and Installation

Dimplex Electric Fireplace Review and Installation

Back in 2013, Dimplex released the Opti-V series of electric fireplaces. To date, the Opti-V range remains one of the best electric fireplace models on the market. That alone says a lot about what kind of a brand Dimplex is.

Dimplex Electric Fireplaces, manufactured by the Glen Dimplex Group of Ireland, is one of the leading brands in the industry both locally and globally. In fact, Dimplex patented the first “wood-burning effect” in 1995, creating the first realistic electric fireplace.

Are you currently shopping around for a model to bring the kind of cozy ambiance that only a fireplace can add to your home? Any Dimplex electric fireplace should feature prominently on your list.

Let’s take a look at why this is so, as well as how you can get your new unit installed easily once you bring it home.

Why Buy a Dimplex Electric Fireplace?

Many expert resellers and retailers will agree with us when we say that Dimplex electric fireplaces are some of the best in the industry. It’s become a bestselling domestic brand for several reasons: 

Realistic Flame Technology

Some Dimplex electric fireplaces feature the most realistic flames we’ve seen. The magical Opti Myst technology produces life-like flames that flicker just like a real gas or ethanol fire

This technology uses water mist and halogen lamps to produce a convincing recreation of the wavy effect of a flame. Even budget models that use LED lights (such as the Dimplex 50” Prism) have excellent 3D log fire designs for an electric firebox.

Thoughtful Design and Excellent Craftsmanship

Dimplex fireplaces are crafted for quality and durability. The most realistic and expensive of the company’s products, Opti-V flame technology, is created from HD videos of real crackling fires.

Dimplex also uses the latest wireless and smartphone app technology to provide user-friendly controls and seamless functionality.

An Industry Leader in Innovation

Dimplex’s patented Opti Myst technology is a world first. The company also pioneered the hyper-realistic holographic flame effects used in the Opti-V range. These are recreated from videos of real fires, complete with genuine sounds of crackling to go with it.

Other firsts from Dimplex include a wireless control system for smart heaters and the Multi-Fire XD 3D flame technology. Dimplex is also known for using the latest thermostats for heat output control, which can cut your energy usage significantly.

Widest Range of Products

From wall-mounted fireplaces to fireplace inserts and vintage-quality fireplace mantels, Dimplex offers a full range of electric fireplaces.

Reliability and Durability 

The warranty on the Dimplex IgniteXLTM series was increased to 5 years in 2020, becoming an industry best. This is a huge sign of the level of reliability and durability that you can expect from Dimplex. 

Dimplex Fireplace Buying Guide

As one of the oldest and biggest brands of electric fireplaces domestically, Dimplex offers a wide range of choices for you as a homeowner.

Dimplex Product Type Description Top Choice
Electric fireplace mantels Free-standing fireplaces with a fireplace insert pre-built into a fireplace mantel. DIMPLEX Morgan Mantel

DIMPLEX Morgan Mantel

Media consoles Electric fireplaces are built into an entertainment center or TV stand for a modern and comfortable ambiance. Dimplex Novara Media Console

Dimplex Novara media console with fireplace

Fireplace inserts Fireplace sets designed to be placed in an existing stove, firebox, or masonry fireplace. DIMPLEX Revillusion

Dimplex Revillusion 25” Plug-In

Dimplex linear and wall mount fireplaces Inbuilt fireplaces designed to be installed in a wall recess or hung on wall brackets. DIMPLEX Prism 50-Inch Wall Mount Linear Electric Fireplace

Dimplex Prism Wall-Mount 50-inch electric fireplace

Electric firebox Dimplex fireboxes are designed to give the same vibe as a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Unlike the long and narrow linear fireplaces, fireboxes are wide and deep for a realistic 3D flame effect. Dimplex Revillusion

Dimplex Revillusion 42” Electric Fireplace

With all these options available, it's important to know what you’re looking for in a Dimplex electric fireplace.

  • Heating requirements—electric heaters are mostly used for zone heating. Consider the type of fireplace (fan-forced vs. infrared heater), your climate, and room size in square feet. 
  • Flame technology—a more realistic electric firebox will create an authentic atmosphere in your home. Opti Myst, Opti-V, and Revillusion are among the most realistic Dimplex flame technologies you can buy.
  • Installation space—an existing fireplace will require an electric fireplace insert, while freestanding and wall mount electric fireplaces are more versatile.
  • Style—if you prefer a contemporary style, buy electric fireplace units pre-built into mantels or media centers. An electric firebox or a fireplace insert placed in a stove box is more traditional, so choose the style that best fits your room decor.

Dimplex electric fireplaces offer all these options and more. For more information on specific models, please go through our fireplace reviews

How to Install Dimplex Fireplaces

How to Install Dimplex Fireplaces

Installing Dimplex Electric Fireplace Inserts

Your fireplace insert will probably go into an old stove or brickwork fireplace. It can be an electric firebox or a log set, but the installation process will be similar.

  1. Cover and seal the old fireplace venting or chimney.
  2. Locate a power source. You can use a nearby outlet or hardwire a dedicated circuit into the fireplace. 
  3. Insert the fireplace into the firebox space and plug it in. 
  4. Install the trim—that’s the glass panel or metal frame used that covers the space between the unit and the walls. 

Installing Dimplex Standalone Electric Fireplaces

Standalone electric fireplaces such as mantels, stoves, and media consoles are even easier to install. In this case, the important considerations are unit assembly and placement.

  1. Take the unit out of the box for preparation. While Dimplex fireplaces come pre-assembled, you might need to attach peripherals like legs and electric cords. 
  2. Select the right location to set it up. It should be flat, near an electrical outlet, open, and always dry. 
  3. Plug your unit into an outlet to start using it. 

Installing a Dimplex Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

Wall-mounted fireplaces can either be recessed or hung from wall brackets. Cutting or building a recessed niche for the fireplace takes more effort and can get expensive, but you can read more about installing a recessed electric fireplace here.  

Installing a Dimplex Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

Source: Dimplex Prism 50” Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Installing a wall-mounted electric fireplace begins with finding the right unit. It can be vented to the top, bottom, or front, but be sure to work with the right clearances as indicated by the manufacturer. That should be at least 3 ft away from combustible materials.

  1. Find the right spot to install the fireplace. If you plan to install the unit above a TV or electric outlet, make sure that the clearances are acceptable. 
  2. Find a suitable power outlet or run a concealed power line to the unit. 
  3. Attach the wall brackets to your wall. Use plastic studs when necessary for a firm, secure anchor point, then finish by attaching the bottom brackets for extra support. 
  4. Mount the fireplace by hanging it on the wall brackets.

Buy Dimplex With Confidence

Dimplex has dominated the electric fireplace market for decades. Thanks to its industry-leading innovations, consistently high-quality standards, and impressive technology, Dimplex is a top choice for high-end home heating and decor solutions.

And yes, Dimplex fireplaces are good at heating even without a real fire. Look at what other users have to say.

Buy Dimplex With Confidence

Source: amazon.com

Customer review

Source: amazon.com

With this knowledge of what to expect when you buy a Dimplex fireplace, we hope that our honest electric fireplace reviews and curated recommendations will help you get the one you want.

If, by any chance, you feel that an electric fireplace isn’t for you, please feel free to explore other options such as ethanol fireplaces.

Featured Image from: Pxhere by The Original Flame

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