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 Decoflame Ethanol Fireplaces: Everything To Know About Europes Premium Brand

Decoflame Ethanol Fireplaces: Everything To Know About Europes Premium Brand

 Decoflame Ethanol Fireplaces: Everything To Know About Europes Premium Brand

See Why Decoflame Is Europes Premium Brand & Preferred By Designers

Over the past decade, Decoflame has quickly established itself as the ventless ethanol fireplace brand to watch globally. Headquartered in Denmark, this innovative brand prides itself on combining Scandinavian design sensibilities with cutting-edge technology to produce a safe, reliable product that will add instant warmth and beauty to your space.  

Decoflame’s fireplaces are manually crafted and individually tested at their Northern Denmark factory and showroom. With an emphasis on premium quality materials and safety features, all Decoflame bioethanol fireplaces are equipped with safety sensors that continually monitor your fireplace for spillage, temperature fluctuations, and tilting. A wide selection of Decoflame’s fireplace models have also been safety certified by SITAC. 

Compared to other fireplace brands, you’ll quickly appreciate Decoflame’s uniquely wide, ribbon-like fire display, as well as their attention to quality craftsmanship. Most Decoflame fireplaces are made from 304 grade stainless steel to provide a premium look and exceptional durability.  
You can find Decoflame fireplaces in a range of settings around the world.

Virtually every Decoflame product is customizable, and the brand specializes in creating one-of-a-kind installations for both their commercial and residential clientele.   

Decoflame Bioethanol Fireplaces: A Greener, Cleaner, and More Affordable Choice

Bioethanol – or ethanol – fireplaces are more popular than ever for offering a simple, cost-effective, and sustainable heating and ambient lighting solution for just about any space.  

Ethanol is a renewable energy source that’s made from fermented crops such as sugarcane, corn, or grain. This clean-burning fuel dissolves into carbon dioxide vapors and water when in use, ultimately resulting in a carbon-neutral product.  

Those green benefits extend to homeowners as well. Ethanol releases no odor, smoke, or soot when burned, for better air quality over a traditional wood-burning fireplace, not to mention, virtually no cleanup.  

Because there are no harmful emissions, ethanol fireplaces do not require a chimney, venting, or a flue. You can install your ventless fireplace virtually anywhere – indoors or outdoors – and avoid the extensive costs and hassle associated with a wood-burning or gas fireplace installation. Keep in mind a wood fireplace will generally cost at least $5,000 to install and can climb all the way up to $20,000 or more if your home doesn’t have a fireplace or requires extensive retrofitting. Plus, wood fireplaces require regular maintenance, such as hiring a professional cleaner.   

A gas fireplace may cost between $3,000-$10,000 depending on whether a gas line is accessible near your ideal fireplace location. They do require an external vent, but they are generally less expensive to install over a wood-burning fireplace.  

Bioethanol fireplaces have traditionally been associated with a more decorative function, however, Decoflame’s bioethanol fireplaces are customizable to provide ample amounts of light and heating. You can even connect your Decoflame fireplace to a venting system to provide an even distribution of heat to other rooms, providing a smart heating solution for passive, eco-efficient houses.  

Heating Things Up with Bioethanol Fuel 

Heating Things Up with Bioethanol Fuel

Wondering how your Decoflame bioethanol fireplace is fueled? All you have to do is add ethanol fuel to your burner and your fireplace is good to go. No messy or unsightly stacks of wood necessary!  

Note that ethanol fuel cannot be sold in a 100% pure form. All legal ethanol fuel is denatured with a variety of perfectly safe substances that do not interfere with the fuel’s performance or emit any kind of smell. All Decoflame bioethanol fireplaces must be filled with ethanol fuel between 96%-97.5% purity. For the best performance, you may want to purchase Decoflame’s own bioethanol with an ideal purity of 96.5%. 

When it comes to cost, operating your ethanol fireplace with biofuel will cost the same as or slightly less than wood or gas fireplaces.  

Decoflame’s Safety Track Record is Your Peace of Mind 

Decoflame takes the safety of their products seriously and has considered safety at every step in their design and manufacturing process. All of their fireplaces are vigorously stress tested at the manufacturing stage, with additional fail-safe and support measures for home and business owners when in operation.  

Their safety promise includes: 

  • Clearly labeled symbols/markings for proper use of a manual burner 
  • e-Ribbon Fire burners are equipped with an advanced monitoring and safety system that triggers an auto shut-off function and helps prevent dangerous user errors  
  • Comprehensive user manuals for all models cover safety topics such as refueling, lighting, regulating, and extinguishing the flame  
  • Optional sensors will ensure your flame will be turned off to prevent damage to other nearby electronics 
  • Member of the European Expert Panel, where they collaborate with biochemists and bioethanol fire experts to produce the safest fireplaces on the market 

Decoflame For Your Business 

An ethanol fireplace can add a striking, modern look and inviting a sense of warmth to any room, including commercial spaces. Whether you own a restaurant, spa, hotel, golf course, boutique, or office building, we can help your Decoflame design a large-scale ethanol fireplace installation that will provide light, ambiance, and heat with the touch of a button. Of course, Decoflame’s ready-made fireplaces may also be installed to provide a suitable touch of elegant warmth.  

For your convenience, Decoflame fireplaces can be equipped with an external fuel tank that will automatically refill your fireplace via pipes. The external fuel tank can be securely stored in a space accessible to staff only, keeping your fuel out of high traffic areas.   

Your Journey Starts HereSelecting or Customizing Your Decoflame Fireplace

Modern Ethanol Fireplaces is the exclusive online retail partner for Decoflame across the USA and Canada. While we carry an extensive range of Decoflame’s ready-made wall-mounted, free-standing, recessed,  and insert fireplaces, the most important thing to understand about Decoflame is that virtually anything is possible. If you have a vision for your dream fireplace, together, Modern Ethanol Fireplaces and Decoflame can make it happen with extensive custom design services.  

It all starts with this buyers guide, which will give you an in-depth look at what to consider when buying or designing a Decoflame ethanol fireplace. If you want to customize your fireplace, we can make it happen. Change the length, shape, or look of your fireplace with ease – just contact us to learn more about how we can design the ideal ethanol fireplace for your space. 

Step One: Custom or Ready-Made? Choosing a Decoflame Fireplace Type 

Custom or Ready-Made? Choosing a Decoflame Fireplace Type

The very first thing you need to consider when shopping for a Decoflame ethanol fireplace is just what type of fireplace are you looking for? The right fireplace for your home or business depends on a few things: 

  • Budget: How much are you looking to spend?  
  • Customization: Do you require a custom size or color? 
  • Space: How much space are you working with?  
  • Surround: Where will your fireplace live? Do you need a custom casing or surround built for it? Do you want a ready-made standalone fireplace to mount or install in an alcove or enclosure? 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option from Decoflame, you’ll likely want to stick to their ready-made models. When purchasing a ready-made ethanol fireplace, your color choices and size options may be limited or non-existent, but you’ll have your fireplace quickly.  

Custom fireplaces give you immense flexibility to create the fireplace look and feel of your dreams, tailoring the size, shape, color, and style of the fireplace. Almost all Decoflame fireplaces offer some level of customization, but you can also order 100% made-to-order fireplaces outside of what’s featured in this buyer’s guide.  

Your imagination is just a starting point – to help you out, here is an overview of the different types of Decoflame ethanol fireplaces available, whether you’re looking for an off the shelf or custom solution. 

Your imagination is just a stating a point

Inserts or Custom Fireplaces 

A fireplace insert is, as you might expect, typically inserted into a custom surround or casing. For example, you could create a stone wall and use the insert as a divider between two spaces. Or you could create a frame of fire around a lounge area or lobby, by enclosing space with three fireplace inserts that are recessed into a wall.  

The nice thing about fireplace inserts is they can be used in a wide variety of ways, giving you total flexibility over your finished design. All you have to do is decide on a size, and we’ll help you with the rest. Keep in mind that a fireplace insert is generally not meant to be on its own – you’ll likely need a contractor to customize a suitable and safe casingAs long as the surrounding material is non-flammable, your design options are limitless. 

Decoflame sells inserts in a range of standard sizes, however, their signature product is their e-Ribbon Fire™ burners, which can be customized to suit any size. 


A recessed fireplace is designed to fit into an existing alcove or cavity in your walls. The main difference between a recessed fireplace and an insert is recessed fireplaces are generally all-in-one units with protective glass barriers. Inserts, in contrast, are usually meant to have some sort of base or partial wall to conceal the burner. A recessed fireplace will also typically block off one or more wall, like a traditional fireplace, although Decoflame does sell some two-sided recessed fireplaces. 

One popular application for Decoflame’s recessed fireplaces is to make better use of built-in architectural features or to refurbish a non-functioning wood-burning fireplace with an easy-to-use and set up ethanol fireplace.  


Wall-mounted ethanol fireplaces can come in many different sizes and styles, but their one commonality is that they’re designed to rest flat against a wall, like a traditional wood-burning or gas fireplace.  

The top benefit of a wall-mounted fireplace is you can generally hang them at any position on your wall. If you want to keep your fireplace off the ground or away from the hands of little ones, a wall-mounted fireplace can easily be moved further up. Hanging your wall-mounted fireplace up higher can also help your fireplace function as a piece of live art; instead of a painting, imagine the beauty a wall of flame can create. If you want a more classic look of course, you can also safely mount your fireplace at floor level. 

There are varying types of wall-mounted fireplaces, some of which greatly mimic the look of a traditional fireplace, while others will take on unique sizes and shapes and can be mounted just about anywhere. 


Ceiling-Mounted or Hanging

 A ceiling-mounted fireplace makes a big wow statement in any space, and is a convenient way to add a mod feeling to your room.  

One neat feature of hanging fireplaces is they can actually mimic the look of a classic fireplace, without the hassle. Plus, you won’t take up an inch of floorspace and can position your hanging fireplace just about anywhere – tucked into a corner, dividing up a room, or right in the center of the action. 


Now you can bring the heat and beauty of a Decoflame ethanol fireplace just about anywhere, with one of their tabletop models. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, these totally portable units are an efficient choice to bring an ethanol fireplace into your life. 

One thing to keep in mind with your tabletop unit is what size you’ll need. Some smaller ventless ethanol fireplaces work great as a centerpiece on a dining room table, or as an accent on an end table. Larger models, however, may require a bigger platform, like a coffee table or sideboard. You can even position your tabletop model on the floor to make a striking statement on a patio or pathway.  

Another neat feature of Decoflame’s tabletop models is many of their styles come in different sizes. Why not purchase more than one of the same design and create a cluster effect in a larger space, or connect a similar aesthetic between multiple rooms? 


You can call many of Decoflame’s fireplaces freestanding, such as their tabletop models, but the term really refers to larger fireplaces that are designed to be enjoyed on multiple sides, without the need of a surround or alcove. Freestanding fireplaces can be placed on the floor, or mounted into the wall with multiple openings to connect your spaces together.  

Apart from the beauty of viewing your fire from multiple angles, another enjoyable feature of freestanding fireplaces is how easy they are to move. If you’re redecorating or simply need to move your fireplace to a lower-traffic area, it’s simple to adjust your room layout in a flash.  


Many of Decoflame’s ventless fireplaces can be used indoors and outdoors, but some are specifically designed just for the great outdoors, with extra weather-resistant coatings and features. Set up your outdoor fireplace by the pool, dinner table, or as a great ambient accent for your conversation area. 

To Do List 

  • Measure your space to determine what size of fireplace you can fit 
  • Choose a model that suits your space needs (ex: an alcove is best suited to an insert or recessed fireplace) 
  • Browse Decoflame’s fireplaces by category 



Step TwoUnderstanding Manual, Basic, Basic+and e-Ribbon Fire™ Burners 

Unlike most other fireplace brands, one unique feature of Decoflame is the ability to choose between several different types of burners. Different burners offer different features and finishes, so it’s important to understand what kind you want.  

Manual Burners 

The most basic type of burner available from Decoflame, manual burners come in a limited set of finishes, but may be customized to suit your space. The main difference between manual burners and other models offered by Decoflame is how they’re operated. As you might have guessed, manual burners are operated manually, with no automation or app integration. 

  • Available in standard or custom sizes 
  • Comes standard in a stainless steel or black powder coated finish, RAL color customization available on most models 
  • Flame height is adjusted manually 
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors 
  • Optional glass screens available 

Basic / Basic+ Burners 

Decoflame’s Basic / Basic+ burners are ideal for those looking for an automated fireplace but do not require extensive customization options.  

  • Available in standard sizes only 
  • Simplified installation 
  • Positioned as a drop-down burner or integrated into furniture models 
  • Controlled via the built-in panel, Decoflame app, or remote control 
  • Built-in safety sensors, including child lock  
  • Basic+ burners come with an included remote control; sold separately with Basic burners 

E-Ribbon Fire Burners

If you want a custom fireplace that comes loaded with all of Decoflame’s top technical and safety features, you’ll want an e-Ribbon Fire™ burner. Decoflame’s signature automatic burner comes with a huge range of customization options, from the size and burn zones to color and accessories 

  • Completely customizable; any fireplace that uses Decoflame’s e-Ribbon Fire™ technology can be customized in terms of size, color, shape, and layout 
  • Controlled via the built-in panel, Decoflame app, smart home integration, or remote control 
  • Built-in safety sensors, including leakage and TV temperature sensors with auto shut-off 
  • 6-step flame regulation including Eco-Wave™  
  • LCD touch display includes information about operating status and fuel level 
  • Optional external auto-refill tank hookup available 
  • Optional hook-up to venting systems for heat redistribution available 
  • Eco-switch™ function to divide heating zones available 

Keep reading to learn more about this exclusive product range! 





e-Ribbon Fire™  

Customizable Size 





Touch Display Control 





App Control 





Remote Control 





Smart Home Control Integration 





Corner or Curved Pieces 





TV Temperature Sensor 

Select models 














Exterior Finish Options 

Black / Brushed Stainless Steel / White / Custom RAL Color 

Black / Custom RAL Color (limited models) 

Black / Brushed Stainless Steel / Custom RAL Color 

Black / Brushed Stainless Steel / Custom RAL Color 


To Do List: 

  • Identify whether you need a ready-made or custom-sized fireplace (if you’re thinking ready-made, skip ahead to Step 4) 
  • If you’re designing a custom fireplace, keep reading to learn about Decoflame’s e-Ribbon Fire™ Burners  

Step 3: Understand the Custom Features and Benefits of e-Ribbon Fire™ Burners 

Designed with architects and interior designers in mind, Decoflame’s e-Ribbon Fire™ is their premium custom product available. 

Decoflame’s e-Ribbon Fire™ features the brand’s patented Controlled Ethanol Vapor Burning (CEVB) technology, which allows you to control the ventless fireplace directly on the unit, with remote control, using a Bluetooth-enabled smart device via the Decoflame app, or via a smart home control system. The intuitive touch display on Decoflame’s e-Ribbon Fire™ burners provides clear directions and guidance to ensure you’re comfortable using your fireplace right out of the box. Meanwhile, the Decoflame app gives you access to: 

  • Turn the fireplace on / off 
  • Adjust the flame intensity 
  • Control heat output 
  • Monitor fuel level and estimated burning time 
  • Set an auto shut-off timer 

    One critical difference between Decoflame’s e-Ribbon Fire burners and their Manual or Basic burners are the customization options. With e-Ribbon, you can let your imagination run wild. Past custom e-Ribbon Fire™ fireplaces have been made over 13’ long, and it’s possible to go even bigger!  

    You’ll also enjoy the total control you have over your fireplace with an e-Ribbon Fire™ model. Choose between five different levels of intensity to burn fuel more efficiently depending on your needs. Or, select Eco-Wave™, a Decoflame-exclusive eco-friendly feature that creates a dancing flame effect while also reducing biofuel consumption of up to 50%. Plus, enjoy a larger tank for less refills.  

    Best of all, e-Ribbon Fire™ models are equipped with top of the line safety features to monitor for overheating, spillage, and tipping, resulting in an auto-shutoff feature to prevent costly or dangerous accidents.  

    If you’re opting for a custom e-Ribbon Fire™ installation, be prepared to enjoy a wall of ‘Infinite Fire’. Decoflame’s e-Ribbon Fire™ inserts can be made to spec from a single-module burner.  


    You can even divide an extra-long burner into different burning zones that can be operated independently. Decoflame’s proprietary Eco-switch™ function allows you to alternate burning zone use to maintain heat output while conserving fuel. If the temperature gets too high, one or several burn zones can be switched off.  

    External Fuel Tanks 

    Concerned about space for a fuel tank? Decoflame offers external fuel tanks that can be hooked up to your fireplace insert via pipes. These external tanks will automatically refill your fireplace to keep your flames burning. This application is particularly useful for commercial spaces; your staff can access the external fuel tank in a discreet location. 


    Decoflame’s custom fireplaces can be made to suit any shape and size of room – and that includes corners and curves with select models. If you want your fireplace to completely wrap a space, know that it’s a possibility.  

    To-Do List: 

    • Work on a sketch of your ideal custom fireplace 
    • Photograph your space  
    • Take measurements where you want your fireplace to go 
    • Consult with an architect or designer as needed 
    • Determine whether you need an external fuel tank and potential pipe installation needs, as well as potential venting considerations to redistribute heat 


    Step Four: Choose a Decoflame Bioethanol Fireplace Model 

    Once you know what type of fireplace will suit your space, it’s time to focus on the look you want. Decoflame has several product lines, each with their own unique set of customization features and applications. Note that many products can actually be purchased as your choice of a Manual, Basic, Basic+, or e-Ribbon Fire™ fireplace, while some are only available as one or two burner types. 

    Premium Models 

    All of Decoflame’s premium models are designed with architects and interior designers in mind. Their premium fireplaces feature the most extensive range of customizable fireplaces, with cutting-edge features and designs. Their premium collection includes Manual, Basic+, e-Ribbon Fire™ fireplaces, and many fireplace models are available in all three burner types. 



    • Widest selection of both customizable and standard-sized fireplaces 
    • Standard sized and made-to-measure models 
    • Table-top, built-in, and ‘furniture’ insert models 
    • All Denver models are generally accessible from all sides 
    • Corner, round and curved pieces available 
    • Black, white, brushed stainless steel or custom RAL color finish available 
    • Manual, Basic, Basic+, and e-Ribbon Fire™ available  



    • Most popular style of e-Ribbon Fire™ fireplaces 
    • Modern Ethanol Fireplace staff pick 
    • Made-to-measure 
    • Multiple layout options available; open to front, front and back, front and one side, three sides 
    • Built-in fireplace models only 
    • Black finish only 
    • Manual, Basic, Basic+, and e-Ribbon Fire™ available   


    • Single model only 
    • Made-to-measure 
    • Multiple layout options available; open to front, front and back, front and one side, three sides 
    • Built-in model only 
    • Black, stainless steel, or custom RAL color finishes available 
    • Manual, Basic+, and e-Ribbon Fire™ available  


    • Single model only; mimics classic chimney / fireplace look  
    • Ideal for inset wall or column installations 
    • Made-to-measure 
    • Multiple layout options available; open to front, front and back 
    • Built-in model only 
    • Black finish only 
    • Manual, Basic+, and e-Ribbon Fire™ available  


    • Single model only; can be built into columns  
    • Made-to-measure 
    • Multiple layout options available; open to front, front and back, front and one side, three sides 
    • Built-in model only 
    • Black finish only 
    • Manual and e-Ribbon Fire™ available  


    • Classic fireplace look with open to front only 
    • Made-to-measure 
    • Built-in models only 
    • Various finishes available across different models, including stone surround and custom RAL colors 
    • Manual, Basic, Basic+, and e-Ribbon Fire™ available  

    Basic Models 

    Decoflame’s Basic models are automatic fireplaces that come with limited or no customization features, as well as no remote. Note that Denver, Montreal, and Westminster Basic fireplaces are available, as well as these additional product lines. 


    • Wall-hung / freestanding models 
    • Black finish only 
    • Remote control sold separately 
    • Basic burner only  


    • Single model only 
    • Freestanding 
    • Black finish only 
    • Remote control sold separately 
    • Basic burner only   

    Outdoor Models 

    Decoflame’s outdoor models are specifically designed to withstand outdoor use and exposure, while also considering the higher traffic that may be present when placed in a commercial setting. For this reason, Decoflame’s outdoor fireplaces are manual operation only. In addition, virtually all of Decoflame’s outdoor models are available in various sizes that can be mixed and matched to create a unique aesthetic effect. 


    • Free-standing, table-top, built-in models 
    • Multiple standard sizes 
    • Manual burner only 
    • Various standard colors or custom RAL colors, depending on specific model  


    • Free-standing only 
    • Multiple standard sizes 
    • Manual burner only 
    • Black, white, brushed stainless steel or custom RAL color options available 


    • Free-standing only 
    • Multiple standard sizes 
    • Manual burner only 
    • Black, white, corten or custom RAL color options available 

    Ready Made Models 

    If you know exactly what you’re looking for and want your fireplace quickly, ready-made fireplaces are the most cost-effective and quick solution available. Note that several of these ready-made models do offer some customization in terms of size or color finish. In addition, all of Decoflame’s ready-made fireplaces come standard as a manual burner.  



    • Standard-sized fireplace insert 
    • Manual burner only 
    • Open to front and back 
    • Black and brushed stainless steel finish only  


    • Floor and ceiling models, standard size only 
    • Manual burner only 
    • Open to front and back 
    • Black, white, and RAL color options available 


    • Free-standing standard size fireplace 
    • Manual burner only 
    • Open to front and back 
    • Brushed stainless steel, white, and black color options 


    • Free-standing standard size fireplace 
    • Manual burner only 
    • Open to front and back 
    • Brushed or polished stainless steel, white and black color options 


    • Free-standing standard size fireplace 
    • Manual burner only 
    • Open to front and back (optional backplate) 
    • Brushed or polished stainless steel, white, black, or custom RAL color options 

    New York 

    • Wall-hung / built-in standard size fireplaces 
    • Manual burner only 
    • Open to front only 
    • Brushed or polished stainless steel, white, black, or custom RAL color options  


    • Wall-hung standard sized fireplaces 
    • Manual burner only 
    • Open to front only 
    • Black / brushed stainless steel finish only 

    To Do List: 

    • Select custom or ready-made fireplace model 
    • Contact Modern Ethanol Fireplaces for details on how to customize your Decoflame fireplace 


    Step Five: Customize the Look 

    Once you’ve chosen your ideal Decoflame fireplace, the next step is to decide on the look. This includes, of course, the length or style based on whether you choose a ready-made or custom fireplace. In addition, many Decoflame fireplaces come in a range of finishes. 

    Almost all Decoflame fireplaces come in a standard brushed stainless steel or powder coated black finish. Select models are also available with a black or white gloss finish.  

    In addition, most manual and custom e-Ribbon Fire™ fireplaces can be painted with your choice of RAL color. RAL is an international color system used for custom powder coatings, consisting of over 1,600 colors, giving you complete control over the appearance of your ethanol burner. 


    Step Six: Choose Your Accessories 

    You’ll also want to consider what accessories you want for your Decoflame fireplace. Most Decoflame fireplaces come with a standard accessory package of a lighter, lid handle, funnel, and cleaning kit. Basic+ and e-Ribbon Fire™ fireplaces also come with a remote control – an optional remote control is available for Basic fireplaces.  

    Additional accessory availability is dependent on the model you select, but may include: 

    Glass Screens – We always recommend glass screens on every burner, for general safety purposes. These glass screens will also protect your flame from drafts. If a draft moves the flame, it can heat up the burner, and auto-shutoff sensors will engage. Almost all Decoflame fireplaces either come with a glass screen or can be outfitted with one.  

    TV Sensor – Many people enjoy the beauty of installing a fireplace underneath or near their television or other electronics. For added peace of mind, you can purchase an optional TV sensor which will automatically shut your fireplace off if it senses the heat or flames are rising too high and may damage your electronics. 


    Step Seven: Starting Your Custom Decoflame Project – Contact Us Today 

    If you’ve already spotted the perfect Decoflame fireplace for your home, fantastic! Order it today and be sure to add bioethanol fuel to your purchase so you can enjoy it right out of the box. 

    If you’re interested in pursuing a custom fireplace option, contact us at sales@modernethnaolfireplaces.com with the following : 

    • Specs and measurements 
    • Drawings 
    • Photos 
    • Shipping address 
    • Timeframe 
    • Desired budget 
    • Preferred layout or burner type 
    • Any questions you may have 

    Note that all custom Decoflame fireplaces are crafted in Denmark with a 6-to-12-week turnaround, depending on the complexity of the order. We offer free shipping to the contiguous US 48 states. For shipping outside of this region, please ensure your shipping address is included when contacting us. 

    Upon receiving this information, we will respond to you with a quote or follow-up questions as quickly as possible for our team. We look forward to making your Decoflame fireplace vision come to life.  

    What is your favorite style of ethanol fireplace? Comment below! 

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