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 Can You Burn Wood In A Gas Fireplace?

Can You Burn Wood In A Gas Fireplace?

 Can You Burn Wood In A Gas Fireplace?

Gas fireplaces will usually come in the form as an insert within an existing masonry open fireplace, and they are typically used to burn firewood and help to create a real fire experience within your home. 

Gas is the type of fuel that is used for a gas fireplace, and a gas line will need to be provided to the location of the gas fireplace in your home in order for it to work as it should.

You might be wondering if you can burn wood in a gas fireplace, and this is something that we are going to explore in this article.

There are a few different types of gas fireplaces that will work in different ways, and some of them may be able to burn wood, whereas others cannot.

We are going to look at all of your options in this article to help you find the answers that you are looking for. 


Can You Burn Wood In A Gas Fireplace?

A gas fireplace will not be able to burn firewood as its main source of fuel, alongside gas or by itself. This is because gas fireplaces are not set up to burn wood safely and effectively.

Lots of gas fireplaces will have logs in the firebox, but these are artificial logs, rather than real ones. 

A gas fireplace would need to be converted into a wood burning fireplace in order to burn wood. This rule will apply to all gas fireplaces. They are unable to burn any form of wood, including firewood logs or wood pellets.

Can You Use Firewood In A Gas Fireplace?

As we have previously mentioned, you cannot burn any form of wood in a gas fireplace. Due to the fact that gas fireplaces are set up with a gas line in order to provide a constant supply of gas, this is the only type of fuel that can be used in a gas fireplace.

What You Need To Know About Gas Fireplaces

The gas line that supplies the fuel that is needed for a gas fireplace is the only source of fuel that can be used with it safely.

There are gas fireplaces that will provide the appearance of real wood logs if this is something that you are looking for, but these are not real and are only used for aesthetic purposes.

These artificial logs will be specifically made using fire resistant materials like ceramic, so they can’t really burn.

Why Can’t Gas Fireplaces Burn Wood?

The main reasons why gas fireplaces are not able to burn wood are that:

  • Gas fireplaces are not designed to support the heat that is generated by burning wood
  • The location or orientation of ceramic logs or coals can become compromised by real burning wood, creating a safety issue
  • Gas fireplaces cannot deal with a build up of ash
  • Smoke can enter your home instead of leaving through a chimney or flue, as gas fireplaces will have the wrong ventilation system for this type of fuel
  • Clearance distances are not the same for wood as they are for gas, increasing the risk of fire hazards

It is likely that your gas fireplace will come with some type of warning that explains that you should never burn any type of foreign material inside it. Otherwise, it could lead to a safety hazard.

Can You Convert A Gas Fireplace To Burn Wood?

Can You Convert A Gas Fireplace To Burn Wood?

If you own a standalone built-in gas fireplace, then it might be quite difficult to convert it into a gas fireplace that burns wood.

This is mostly due to the different ventilation systems that are required for each type of fireplace for different fuels. Wood cannot be burned in any form of gas fireplace, including those that are built-in. 

However, there are many gas fireplaces that are gas fireplace inserts that have been added into existing masonry open fireplaces.

In this instance, the insert could be removed, and you could convert the existing fireplace back to wood burning.

When your gas fireplace insert is installed, a new gas line would also be installed, as well as other requirements like capping the damper so that it stays open.

You could convert the gas fireplace installation back to the original woodburning fireplaces, but you would need to remove the gas insert, cap or remove the gas line, and have the chimney and fireplace inspected by a professional. 

Can You Burn Wood In A Gas Starter Fireplace?

Gas starter fireplaces have been specifically designed to burn wood, but they use gas to help start the fire.

It is generally fine to burn wood in a gas starter fireplace, as once the wood fire is up and going, the gas starter can be turned off, meaning that gas is not the primary source of fuel for the fire.

Gas starter fireplaces are different from gas fireplaces, as the gas that is used is only used to help to start the fire, rather than to keep it going.

There will be a small tube, usually at the base of the fireplace, that can be lit manually or using a button. There are small holes in the tube where the gas can escape to provide the flames for the fire to burn more efficiently.

Once you get the fire going with the gas starter, you can proceed to turn off the gas. So, the main fuel for the fire will become the firewood, instead of the gas.

This is why it is fine to burn wood in a gas starter fireplace, as long as you are using it correctly and safely. 

You should also ensure that you have your chimney inspected and swept if it has not been done within the last year before you use a gas starter fireplace.

How Can I Tell If My Gas Fireplace Can Burn Wood?

You will need to have your fireplace inspected by a professional to confirm whether it is a gas fireplace or a gas starter fireplace. Wood can only be burnt in a gas starter fireplace.

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