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Best Outdoor Natural Gas Fire Pit

By Lawrence Macmillan August 15, 2021

There is nothing like sitting in the chilly summer nights with a fire between you and your friends. Being on a beach or in a forest, with a campfire by your side, isn’t the only way to gain that sought-after level of tranquility.

Instead, you can buy a gas fire pit which you can install in your garden so that magical sensitivity is available whenever you want it.

Today we are going to talk to you about natural gas fire pits. You may already know what a fire pit is. If not, here is a brief description.

A fire pit is either a dug hole or an artificial hole where gas is being released in a controlled manner. The gas is then lit to create a warming and beautiful atmosphere.

There are two types of gas fire pits, natural gas, and propane gas. Propane is often more accessible, but natural is worth the struggle!

We have found the 5 best natural gas fire pits to go in your garden or yard. We have also answered any questions we think you may have. So this should be your one-stop on your way to the perfectly peaceful summer night.

What is a Natural Gas Fire Pit?

Natural gas fire pits are a permanent feature in your garden or yard. This is because they need to be connected to your gas line. This connection to the gas line makes the fire pit “natural” and not “propane”. 

Because of the connection, you will likely need to hire a professional to install the fire pit.

Your fire pit will likely be made of stone or concrete and will probably be decorated with lava rocks, fire beads, ice glass rocks, or any other decorative low-burning material for the fire to stay alight with.

What Are The Advantages of a Natural Gas Fire Pit?

Just like anything else in the world, there are positives and negatives to buying a natural gas fire pit.

We will compare the natural gas options to the propane gas options and not have a fire pit at all. That way, you know the real perks and drawbacks of your next investments.

The first advantage is an obvious one. The amount of heat you get from a fire pit allows you to stay up all night, whether it’s a chilly summer evening or a clear winter night.

The fire pit will keep that social gathering going. The same goes for Natural or Propane fire pits, as there isn’t a real difference in heat output from them.

The second obvious advantage that we cannot ignore is the beauty of an open fire. The distinctive and regal flame will make your garden a show-stopper.

When you burn gas, you don’t need to worry about ash or smoke because the flame burns clearly.

Now onto the less known and arguably more important factors. Using a gas fire produces more greenhouse gases than wrapping up in a blanket but processes less than burning oil, gasoline.

In addition, because propane gases are put into containers and travel to the shop you buy them at, they have a larger carbon footprint than natural gas, which runs through your whole city. This makes natural gas fire pits better for the environment than any other fire pit option.

Because natural gas is made of predominantly methane, you will be less likely to create a fire disaster as the low density makes the gas want to stay in its controlled area.

Methane is also naturally odorless, but your gas company would have added a smell so you can detect a gas leak. This means that the scent won't be overwhelming.

As you would be connecting the fire pit to your home’s gas line, you don’t need to go out and buy tanks. You also don’t need to find a safe space to store those tanks either. Natural gas is way more convenient because all you need to do is switch it on.

And lastly, natural gas is cheaper than propane gas simply because it is also connected to your home. The price will be added to your gas bill as a bulk purchase instead of each individual tank.

What Are The Disadvantages of a Natural Gas Fire Pit? 

So you’ve heard the good, but what about the bad?

Because the flame of a gas fire pit is clear, it isn’t very visible during the day. The likelihood is that if the sun is up, you don’t need the fire to be a light source for you, but if you wanted the dramatic display of fire at all hours of the day, then a gas fire pit might not be the best choice for you. 

Because a natural gas fire pit is permanent, you cannot move it once it’s installed. If you like to change your backyard’s design often, plan on moving, or want to take it with you to other people’s homes, then you would be better off with a propane fire pit.

There is a hidden cost with natural gas fire pits, and that's for the professional installation. The manufacturers aren’t trying to trick you out of your hard-earned money, they simply cannot know how much the charge will be in your area unless you get a collaboration deal with them. In a collaboration deal, the professional installation comes as part of the price.

You can now say you have been safely informed of the good, the bad, and the lack of ugly when it comes to natural gas fire pits.

Time to fire up our favorite natural gas fire pits, so you can pick one which is right for you!

Elementi - Long Concrete Table

We are starting strong with the Elementi. The quality of this fire pit is impressive. Everything from the finishing touches to the durability of the cast concrete makes this firepit our favorite. 

The concrete table is resistant to heat, and the flames make a beautiful pattern on the otherwise grey surroundings. You would be forgiven to think that “concrete” means ugly. 

The pit is long, but the table is longer, so you can use it as a coffee or wine table while your friends hang around the fire. The pit has lava rocks that last for around 2 years as the fire burns around them, creating a natural vibe to your flames and a soothing ambiance. 

Elementi does offer you a protective glass shield that fits neatly and looks sophisticated, but this shield is something you have to pay extra for.  We believe that safety comes first, and so this shield should have been included, which is why the Elementi doesn’t get full marks.


  • Long and Roomy Table
  • Heat Resistant Cast Concrete
  • Spark Ignition & Auto Safety Shut Off
  • Elegant


  • Glass Shield Costs Extra


Outland Living - Glass Table Top, Wicker Design

The Outland Living is smaller than the Elementi, with less of a minimalistic design. However, the wicker pattern and short length would be perfect for anyone who already has a wicker patterned garden set (as they are very popular already) or has gone for a natural tone for their garden. 

The Outland Living uses a push-button spark ignition system which means that starting the gas fire is simple and easily controlled. All you have to do is press the button, and the fire will light. 

There are knobs and rings on the sizes which allow you to adjust the height of the flames to create the perfect ambiance for the setting, and there is also easy-to-access storage space underneath the fire itself.

There is a big drawback for the Outland Living, though, and it’s the fact that when you buy it, the fire pit is set up for propane gas. Luckily it does come with an adaptor to allow it to use natural gas instead.


  • Wide and Wicker Design
  • Ultraviolet Light High-Density Polyethylene (Weather Resistant)
  • Spark Ignition 
  • Adjustable Flame


  • Glass Shield Costs Extra
  • Adaptor is Needed to Convert to Natural Gas (But Does Come With The Purchase)
  • Plastic


Elementi Bowl - Concrete Lunar Bowl

Another fantastic design from the Elementi company, but this time instead of having a long table, we are looking at a large concrete bowl. 

Again the concrete material is fire resistant, making it a perfect choice for a fire pit, and the circular shape creates a more welcoming vibe.

The canvas cover, which is included, comes in a natural browny green color and is resistant to tearing and water. This means it will handle the rainstorms that come out of firepit season. 

The flames in the Lunar Bowel can reach 26 inches and still be under control. You can make them this high by pressing the electric spark ignition and turning the knob for an easy and safe experience. 

Just like the last Elementi, the Lunar Bowel comes with lava rocks which make the flames radiate their light. They are a natural interior for your fire to surround itself in. 

The negative that we found on the Elementi table can be found again on the Lunar Bowl. For some reason, Elementi does not include the safety glass windscreens as standard. 


  • Large Bowl Design
  • Heat Resistant Cast Concrete
  • Spark Ignition 
  • Adjustable Flame
  • Elegant


  • Glass Shield Costs Extra


Kinger Home - Aluminum Tabletop, Wicker Body Design

The Kinger Home fire pit table is the second propane fire pit on our list. You can convert the table into a natural gas fire pit, but you would have to buy their conversion kit separately. 

The tabletop is made out of ultra-durable solid aluminum. The material runs through a wicker design and the table’s frame, making the fire pit weather resistant and fade resistant.

The fire pit itself is made out of stainless steel to keep it flame resistant and ensure your complete set is protected for a long time. 

If you wanted to use the pit as a proper table, the removable aluminum lid would come in handy. This accessory means the investment into the Kinger Home can be used all year round. 

Like all the others on our list, you start the fire with a spark push button and a knob. This allows you to control the flames to your satisfaction. 


  • Wide and Wicker Design
  • Ultra Durable Solid Aluminum
  • Spark Ignition 
  • Adjustable Flame
  • Glass Windshield is Included


  • Adaptor is Needed to Convert to Natural Gas


Akoya - Long Concrete Table

The Akoya offers another long concrete table, but unlike the Elementi long table, the Akoya was designed for propane gas but can be converted to natural gas.

Whichever decision you go with, you will have to buy parts separately, either buying the propane tank holder or the conversion kit. 

The Akoya includes a safety glass windshield, so you can be safe whatever you choose. 

The material is lightweight fiber concrete and steel, which have been tinted to create a beautiful finished color and to increase the durability of the fire pit.

The fire pit also comes with 30 pounds of fire crystals, creating a fabulous seaside, mythical atmosphere.


  • Long and Roomy Table
  • Lightweight Fibre Concrete
  • Glass Windshield is Included


  • Adaptor is Needed to Convert to Natural Gas


Buyer's Guide - What To Look For In A Natural Gas Fire Pit

When you pick out a natural gas fire pit, you should be looking out for a couple of features listed below. If you are stuck between two different fire pits, compare these features to help narrow down your search.

Is The Fire Pit Designed For Natural Gas, Or Can It Be Converted?

When you search for natural gas fire pits, you might find a similar style among the list, but don’t rely on the shape of a pit to confirm if it’s natural or not.

Some search engine shops like Amazon or Wayfair will confuse “natural aesthetic” for “natural gas”, so make sure you confirm if the pit is the right type. 

If you do find a propane gas fire pit, search to see if they can be converted because not all fire pits can.

What Heat Output Do I Need For A Natural Gas Fire Pit?

Heat output is measured in BTU. BTU stands for British Thermal Unity, and it measures how much gas can be used, and therefore how much heat can be created.

Ideally, you want a natural gas fire pit to have a heat output of 40,000 BTUs

What Ignition System Do I Need For A Natural Gas Fire Pit?

What you need depends more on what you are comfortable with and if you want to pay for something easy.

Matchlight ignitions literally mean you need to light the fire with a match manually, but they tend to be used for cheaper fire pits.

Spark Ignitions are similar to gas grills, where you press the spark button and twist the knob to get the flames to start.

Electronic ignitions are typically found on the most expensive fire pits. All you need to do is press a button or flick a switch, and the fire lights itself. But, of course, these ignitions need a battery of some sort. 

What Outdoor Cover Do I Need For A Natural Gas Fire Pit?

If your gas fire gets wet or has been contaminated with debris or impurities, it is likely to cause too much fire or break the frame. If there is too much flame, the fire will be harder to control, and if the structure breaks, then other accidents can occur.

To avoid those dangers, an outdoor cover is needed. Usually, your fire pit will come with an outdoor cover, but you should find any sized fire pit cover here if not. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Natural Gas Fire Pits Keep You Warm?

They don’t produce as much heat as a wood fire pit would, which is why they aren’t recommended for cooking on, but they do give enough heat to keep you warm. Because gas burns cleanly, you won’t get covered in smoke or flying sparks making them more enjoyable and safer.

What Is A Good BTU For A Gas Fire Pit?

Ideally, you would want to look for a fire pit of 30,000 to 100,000 BTU. However, you don’t really want to go lower than 40,000 BTU for a natural gas fire pit.

Can You Roast Marshmallows Over A Gas Fire Pit?

Although cooking over a gas fire pit isn’t advised, very few people will call “roasting a marshmallow” cooking. 

Because you won’t be exposing yourself to an “uncooked” or dangerous food product, it’s safe to roast marshmallows over a gas fire pit. Just remember to clean up any mess that might stick and harm the firepit. 

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