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Best Linear Electric Fireplaces

Best Linear Electric Fireplaces

Best Linear Electric Fireplaces

Have you always wanted a lovely cosy fireplace in your living room, bedroom or office but can’t face the mess?

Well, with an electric fireplace you can enjoy all the benefits of a real fire without any of the tricky bits, and with a linear fireplace you will be able to transform any room into a sleek, sophisticated space with an eye-catching focal point.

Linear fireplaces are growing in popularity due to their space-saving slimness and the fact that they balance traditional and modern styles in one cohesive design. 

Read on to find out about 6 of the top linear electric fireplaces available online today. These fireplaces range in price, size and versatility but are all linear in design and are all available on Amazon. 

Best Overall - Touchstone Sideline 80004 - 50 Inches

Best Overall - Touchstone Sideline 80004 - 50 Inches

First up is the Touchstone Sideline 80004, which is Amazon’s choice for a mid-range electric fireplace and has over 2000 positive reviews from happy customers.

This fireplace is 50 inches in length, which is a standard size for a linear design and looks good in most average sized rooms. It is designed to be wall mounted within a recessed wall and lies flush to the wall for a sleek, space-saving finish.

The Touchstone Sideline is made from black glass which compliments any interior decor effortlessly and looks very elite and high-end due to its simplicity.

The frame on this fireplace is thicker than some other options, but the flame screen is still large enough to make an impact from across the room.

One great thing about the Touchstone Sideline is its easy installation. So often appliances are incredibly complicated to assemble and set-up, but this product is ready to go straight out of the box.

It can be plugged into a standard 120V outlet or hardwired depending on your preference - although it weighs 59 pounds so it may need two of you to mount it successfully. 

The Touchstone Sideline has faux logs and crystals in the hearth which create a beautifully authentic feel, and the flames themselves are just as realistic.

You can choose from 5 flame settings that range from soft embers to bright blazing flames depending on what kind of atmosphere you want to create.

These settings can be controlled via the remote control that comes with the fireplace, and are so realistic you will think that there is an actual fire flickering behind the glass.

The fireplace also gives off enough heat to take the edge off a cold room, however this fireplace will not replace a primary heating source sufficiently and works best when thought of as an additional bit of warmth.

The front facing ventilation means it can be safely installed 8 inches beneath a TV mantle or ceiling and will work efficiently and smoothly without the need for a chimney.

Overall, this Touchstone Sideline is great for simplicity of set-up, reliability and beauty.


  • Easy set-up - ready straight out of the box
  • 5 flame settings for different atmospheres
  • Neat and clean wall mounted design
  • Very realistic flames


  • Does not produce sufficient heat to be a primary heat source

Best Budget Fireplace - Beyond Breeze - 50 inches

Best Budget Fireplace - Beyond Breeze - 50 inches

This Beyond Breeze linear fireplace is almost half the price of other 50 inch electric fireplaces and yet boasts loads of great features and versatility.

Like the Touchstone Sideline it can be inserted into a wall recess, but also has the option of being hung on a flat wall too.

Because this fireplace only weighs 33 pounds, there is no risk of it damaging the wall or dragging screws out of the plaster.

There is a built in thermostat to monitor the heat of the fireplace, making it more energy saving, which always helps with the bills!

The LED touch screen display is wonderfully clear to read and to understand, and there is a remote control included which means you won’t even have to get up from your couch in order to change the settings.

Better still, the Beyond Breeze linear fireplace has 9 color settings which range from the more realistic oranges and reds of natural firelight, through to purples and greens for a more psychedelic effect.

For a budget option this product really does offer great versatility, and there are both crystal and log hearth options as well, so you can choose whether you are feeling homely and traditional or jazzy and modern.

The fireplace has ventilation in the front of the frame to blow heat into the room, and there are up and down options on the remote control that allow you to adjust the temperature to your liking.

There is also a 12 hour timer which is really handy if you want to heat the room before you wake up or make sure that it is nice and toasty for you when you get home from work.

Lastly, this Beyond Breeze fireplace has a thin frame to maximise the size of the viewing screen, so you will be able to enjoy a large, clear display without an unsightly black surround.


  • Great value for money
  • 9 flame bed color options to choose from
  • Thermostat to track heat and save energy
  • Remote control to adjust flame and temperature settings
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • 12 hour timer


  • Some customers have complained that the glass has been damaged during delivery

Best for Adaptability - DIMPLEX Sierra Series - 72 inches

Best for Adaptability - DIMPLEX Sierra Series - 72 inches

Next up we have the Dimplex Sierra linear fireplace, which has a premium price tag but offers multiple installation and decorative options in return.

This fireplace is a huge 72 inches in length so is perfect for anyone looking to create a lot of drama and impact in their room of choice.

However, its size does mean you need to have a large amount of space to house it, and it also means that it will require two people to lift and wall mount.

At 77 pounds, this metal fireplace is heavy and very resilient, so is a great investment and won’t break after a week's use. 

The Dimplex Sierra has not one, not two, but three installation options: it can be mounted on a wall, inserted in a wall recess, or left free standing with the use of the table stand that comes as part of the package.

This makes the Dimplex Sierra an excellent option if you want a linear fireplace but don’t have a convenient feature wall to house it in. 

What is more, the Dimplex Sierra has the ability to warm a space of up to 1000 square feet. It is therefore the choice for larger living rooms that can get drafty in the winter, or for rooms where there isn’t an alternative heating option to rely on.

The three media options available in the Sierra are crystals, logs or pebbles.

The addition of the pebble bed is a really unique feature and when used it actually creates an almost underwater vibe inside the fireplace reminiscent of a linear aquarium.

The Sierra also has 8 different color options for the mesmerizing flames that can be used in combination with any ember bed, making this a really versatile fireplace.

The total set up time is an estimated 30 minutes, which is very reasonable considering the size and sophistication of the fireplace.

It can be plugged into a 120V outlet or hardwired, depending on your preference, so it is functional and convenient too.

The last thing to mention about this fireplace is that it comes with in-built automatic room temperature controls.

This intelligent technology detects the temperature of the room and keeps it  consistent which adds comfort and stops you having to turn the fire up and down manually.


  • 72 inches long for maximum impact and drama
  • 3 set up options: wall mount, wall insert and table stand
  • Three ember bed options: log, crystal and pebble
  • Heats up to 1000 square feet - very effective
  • 8 different flame color settings
  • Automatic room temperature controls for consistent comfort


  • Some customers have reported that the blower is a little noisy

Quietest Fireplace - Napoleon Alluravision - 50 inches

Quietest Fireplace - Napoleon Alluravision - 50 inches

If noisiness is an important consideration, then the Napoleon Alluravision linear fireplace might be the choice for you.

It has been designed with a ‘whisper quiet blower’ which does not create an annoying humming sound as it circulates hot air around the room.

This means that there won’t be any irritating drone running whilst you watch the TV, and if your fireplace is in your office or study, the noise will not distract you from your work.

Of course, quietness is not the only feature of the Napoleon Alluravision.

It also has the ability to heat up to 400 square feet of space, so is great from small flats and apartments, and can be used in larger spaces in conjunction with a separate primary heating source. 

It has an easy set up as it is designed to plug into a usual 120V outlet, meaning there is no complicated hardwiring to be done.

What is more, this fireplace is nearly frameless, only having a very narrow black frame around the viewing screen. As a result, the main focus is the flames themselves and not a bulky exterior.

The light up control buttons are really useful because they are clear and easy to read when lit up, but they then vanish completely when dimmed so that they don’t take away from the overall look of the fireplace.

The flames themselves are incredibly realistic and have been designed to modulate and change color very naturally so as to mimic a real fire as closely as possible.

You can adjust the flame color, speed of flickering and size to suit whatever atmosphere you wish to create, and there are 6 different ember bed options to choose from too. 

This really is a seriously versatile and stylish fireplace. In particular, the crystal clear cubes in the hearth give the Napoleon Alluravision a wonderfully luxurious feel because they reflect the flames very beautifully.


  • Whisper quiet blower for minimal disturbance
  • Nearly frameless design
  • Light up controls vanish when dimmed to create clean aesthetic
  • Multiple flame size, speed and color options
  • Heats 400 square feet

Best Lightweight Fireplace - Antarctic Star - 30 inch

Best Lightweight Fireplace - Antarctic Star - 30 inch

At only 30 pounds in weight and 30 inches in length, the Antarctic Star fireplace is small and lightweight enough to hang on any wall.

This option is perfect for small rooms in which a 50 inch option would seem overbearing and throw off the balance of the decor. The lightweight nature of the Antarctic Star also means that it can be mounted by one person on their own.

If you live alone you will not require assistance to get this beauty up on the wall, inserted in a recess or hanging from dry screws.

This lightweight fireplace does not scrimp on flame settings in any sense. There are 12 LED bed color options including pink and purple as well as more traditional colors, 12 flame color options and 5 different brightness options!

This means that this small fireplace has over 30 possible combinations for you to enjoy so there really is something for every occasion whether it be a disco, a dinner party or a movie night.

The Antarctic Star has both 750W and 1500W options which will help you to save money on your electric bills and is better for the environment too.

And finally, this smart and stylish fireplace features an in-built 1-8 hours timer so that you can schedule your heating to suit your daily routine.


  • Lightweight at only 30 pounds
  • 12 LED color settings, 12 flame settings and 5 brightness settings
  • In-built 1-8 hour timer
  • 750W option for energy efficiency


  • Doesn’t heat as effectively as larger fireplaces

Best Wifi-connected Linear Fireplace - Touchstone Elite Smart - 50 inches

Best Wifi-connected Linear Fireplace - Touchstone Elite Smart - 50 inches

Lastly, the Touchstone Elite Smart fireplace is a sophisticated and highly intelligent choice for those willing to spend a little more.

It has a 68-88 degrees Fahrenheit thermostat which will make any room feel lovely and toasty. This product is made of resilient and hard wearing alloy steel and has much greater reliability than many cheaper options. 

It also has the ability to remember flame preferences and to be turned on via a light switch or smart device.

This is really handy because you can operate your fire before you get home and ensure that your living room is wonderful and cosy from the minute you sit down.

You can also keep an eye on your heater even when you are out and about, which provides peace of mind for those times when you are away and have left the teenagers in charge.

It comes with a full long set drift wood and crystals, has two heat settings and 60 possible color combinations! The flames are highly realistic and vary in speed and intensity, so you will really feel like you have a natural fire in your home.

It can be plugged in or hard wired depending on what you prefer and at 55 pounds it is impressively lightweight considering its size. For quality, intelligence and adaptability the Touchstone Elite really is an elite choice.


  • Thermostat to monitor heat settings
  • Alloy steel is hard wearing and top quality
  • 60 possible color combinations
  • Driftwood and crystal set included for authentic finish
  • Smart technology to control settings from phone or tablet


  • More expensive than many 50 inch options



The average length for a linear fireplace is 50 inches, but it is important to consider the size of the room that you are wanting to house it in before you decide which is best for you.

There are plenty of impressive 30 inch options which are great for smaller apartments and rooms, and there are also 70 inch options if you are looking to create a big impact in a large room.

Heating Ability

Many electric fireplaces don’t actually produce any heat and only function as a visual focal point.

If you are looking for a fireplace that works as a heater too, make sure that the heater element can warm a minimum of 400 square feet and look out for information about whether it can be used as a primary or secondary heat source.


Most linear heaters are designed to be wall mounted or inserted in a wall recess.

Make sure that you have a suitable feature wall or recess to house your fireplace and that you have a convenient plug socket nearby if you don’t want to hardwire it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Install A Linear Fireplace Without A Chimney?

You can install an electric fireplace without a chimney if it is advertised as being ‘vent free’. This means that the fireplace has front facing ventilation to blow the hot air into the room and it does not require a chimney.

How Close To A TV Can You Install An Electric Fireplace?

On average, you should leave a minimum of 8 inches above your fireplace to ensure that it does not interfere with your flat screen TV.

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