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Best Gas Logs

Best Gas Logs

Best Gas Logs

A fireplace is a great feature of any living space. It can provide heat and also makes the room look cozy yet elegant.

If you want to introduce a fireplace into your home or make use of one that is already there, then you might be struggling to choose between a traditional wood burning fireplace and a gas fireplace.

A lot of people love the appearance of a wood burning fireplace, but they don’t want the hassle of having to maintain the fire and the constant smell of woodsmoke in their home.

The perfect solution for this is to get a gas fireplace and use gas logs or fireplace logs to create the appearance of a real wood fire.

Gas logs are heat resistant fake logs that tend to be made from ceramic material. They are decorated to look like realistic charred logs, giving you gas fire the convincing appearance of a traditional wood burning fireplace.

If you want to buy some gas logs but you aren’t sure where to start or what to look for then don’t worry.

We have put together this helpful list of the best gas logs along with some information and advice on how to choose the best ones. Keep reading to find your ideal gas logs.

Product Reviews

These are the best gas logs available to buy online. We have included a range of products with different prices to suit every budget and have weighed up the pros and cons of each product.

Peterson Real Fyre Woodstack Gas Logs

Peterson Real Fyre Woodstack Gas Logs

These hand-painted oak style logs are made to look as realistic as possible to give your gas fire the appearance of an authentic wood burner.

The logs are made from ceramic material and reinforced with steel which makes them strong and durable.

These logs are designed to be used with vented ags systems. They are really easy to install and will make a lovely addition to your fireplace. The textures and colors look very convincing.

There are 7 logs altogether, stacked and joined together to create the appearance of a stack of logs.

These logs are more expensive than some of the others we have included, but this is because of the craftsmanship.

They are painted by hand and are modeled on real pieces of oak. They also come with a lifetime warranty, though it does have some limitations so make sure you check the details carefully.


  • Realistic- These logs are modeled after real pieces of oak
  • Craftsmanship - The logs are hand-painted for a unique and high quality finish
  • Sturdy - The logs are made from ceramic with a reinforced steel center
  • Easy To Install - Adding these logs to your vented gas system is very simple
  • Warranty- These logs come with a lifetime warranty


  • Price - These logs are more expensive than other similar products
  • Compatibility - These logs are made to be used with any vented gas system, they definitely last longer with a Peterson burner system and using a different burner will void the warranty.

Duluth Forge Ventless Dual Fuel Gas Logs

Duluth Forge Ventless Dual Fuel Gas Logs

These gas logs are modeled on red oak logs which have been split. They look realistic with a great texture so you will definitely be happy with their appearance.

Unlike other gas logs, these come with a burner system which can be used with natural gas or liquid propane. The burner is suitable for rooms up to square feet in size.

The burner has a thermostat and various settings which can all be controlled using the LCD display.

The logs themselves are piled up in a stack of 8 and are made from a high quality ceramic material. They are hand painted which gives them an excellent finish with great detail.

The logs and burner come with a one year limited warranty. Please check the instruction booklet or contact the manufacturer for full details of the warranty.


  • Realistic - These logs are modeled on red oak split logs
  • Detailed - They are hand painted with excellent detail
  • Burner - They come with a dual fuel burner with a thermostat and LCD display
  • Warranty - There is a one year limited warranty on this product
  • Material - The logs are made from high quality ceramic material


  • Odour- Some customers noticed a stange, chemical type odor coming off the logs when they initially used them, though this went away over time.

Natural Glo Large Gas Fireplace Logs

Natural Glo Large Gas Fireplace Logs

These gas logs are a more affordable option than the previous two products. They can be used in a gas fireplace or even in an outdoor gas fire pit to create an authentic appearance which is classy and elegant. They can also be used in fires that are fuelled by propane or gel.

These large, life-size logs are 10-15 inches in length, with various shapes and bark patterns to create a realistic effect. There are 10 in total.

They burn cleanly and don’t give off any strange odors, chemicals, ash or dust as they burn. They are made from ceramic material and parts will even burn red to create the illusion of burning wood.

These gas logs are lightweight and easy to install, making them a very popular option.


  • Price - These gas logs are very reasonably priced
  • Realistic - The logs are various shapes and textures to make them look realistic
  • Size - The logs are life-size between 10 and 15 inches
  • Clean - The logs burn cleanly and don’t release anything unwanted into the air
  • Material - They are made from ceramic


  • Arrangement - Some customers found it hard to arrange the stack of logs due to the limited instructions
  • Heat - You need to make sure that they are not placed directly over the source of the flame so that air can circulate or the logs could scorch.

Avafort Gas Fireplace Logs

Avafort Gas Fireplace Logs

These gas fireplace logs come in a set of 10, each measuring between 10 and 15 inches for a life-like size. There are two 15 inch logs, two 14 inch logs, two 11.5 inch logs and two 11 inch logs.

You can stack them in size order if you want a neat pile of logs, or arrange them randomly to look like a realistic wood fire.

These logs look like charred wood but they are made from a ceramic material which is heat resistant and very durable

.It also glows red when it reaches a certain temperature in order to mimic the appearance of real wood as it burns on a fire. They can be used for indoor and outdoor fireplaces and fire pits fuelled by gas or propane.

There are no toxic materials used to make these logs so you don’t need to worry about unpleasant odors being released into the air or any unpleasant smells.

They can be used alongside other fireplace accessories like crackle flame logs, lava rocks and glowing embers to create a mixed fuel effect for your gas fireplace.

These logs are lightweight and really easy to install and arrange.


  • Size - These logs are a life-like size with various measurements to create a varied stack of logs
  • Realistic - The sizes and textures look very realistic and they glow red when they reach a certain temperature
  • Material - The logs are made from durable ceramic material
  • Multi-use - They can be used in various different fire types and used alongside other fireplace products
  • Easy - these logs don’t weigh too much and they are easy to install and arrange


  • Instructions - Some customers found that the instruction manual that comes with the logs is very limited
  • Size - Some customers wanted bigger logs

Barton Heat Resistant Fireplace Logs

Barton Heat Resistant Fireplace Logs

This set of 10 heat resistant fireplace logs are perfect for fireplaces and firepits. You can arrange them however you want as there is no specific order that they need to slot in.

You can choose from different styles depending on what would suit your home and your style - Classic wood, ash logs, pine style, white birch or charred. The logs burn clean with no toxic materials, chemicals or nasty odors.

The logs are made from durable ceramic which glows red as it gets hot to create a very realistic effect. They are really easy to use and look great in any fireplace.

You can use them alongside other products glowing embers, fire starters, fire crackle logs and much more. This makes them a versatile choice for your gas fire.


  • Creativity - These logs can be arrange any way that you want which allows you to be creative
  • Styles - There are various styles you can choose from to suit your home decor
  • Disable - the logs are made from durable ceramic
  • Realistic - Whichever style you choose, the ceramic will glow red as it gets hot so it looks like burning wood
  • Multi-use - These logs can be used for different types of fires and also alongside other fireplace products


  • Appearance - Some customers found that certain styles had a more realistic appearance than others
  • Size - Some customers found the logs to be too small

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you know which gas logs are the best it is time to narrow down the choice and decide which ones you want to buy.

This might be a difficult choice, especially if you have never bought gas logs before. We have some advice for you to help you make sure that you choose the right product.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you need a gas burner or whether you already have a burner system installed or purchased that you can add your gas logs to.

Most gas logs do not come with a burner, but there are some products that offer both or that can be purchased together. If you already have a gas burner then make sure the logs that you buy are compatible with it.

The next thing you need to think about is your budget. Gas logs vary in price quite a lot depending on the brand and the level of craftsmanship that you decide to go for.

Check how much you can afford to spend before you start browsing for products.

Another thing for you to consider is the size of your fireplace. If you have a very large fireplace then you might need to buy some extra large gas logs, or buy two sets of gas logs to fill up the space so it doesn’t look too empty.

Remember that a lot of gas logs allow you to use them alongside other products like glowing ember or flame crackle logs. This means that you could create an interesting and varied fireplace with different materials and textures.

The material that the logs are made from is another factor that can help you to make your decision.

Most gas logs are made from a ceramic material which is very durable and glows red when it reaches a certain temperature, creating a convincing illusion of burning wood.

There are some gas logs that have additional materials like steel reinforcements to make them even more durable.

The appearance of the logs themselves is very important, as you want to create a particular kind of aesthetic in your home.

You can get different styles of wood such as classic oak, red oak, oak, birch and pine.

Some logs are hand-painted for a particularly detailed finish, and some are modeled on real life logs and pieces of wood to ensure that the textures and colors are authentic.

The size of the logs is also an important factor when it comes to how realistic the logs appear. A life-like size is preferable. In a real fire, the wood and kindling would be different shapes and sizes rather than perfectly uniform.

This is why it is best to choose gas logs which come in various sizes so that you can create a realistic stack of logs.

Some logs come in a predetermined arrangement and slot into place. Other gas logs can be arranged in lots of different ways which gives you more creative freedom to adjust the appearance of the log stack.

If you are struggling to choose between two products then it is always a good idea to check the warranty. Some gas log manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty whereas others only provide a year.

Some have limitations such as what burners you are able to use with the gas logs without voiding the warranty. Make sure you check the details of the warranty carefully before you start using the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Gas Logs?

Using a gas fire with gas logs rather than a real wood burner helps to preserve natural resources like wood.

As the population of the earth increases and more land is cleared for housing and development, and more trees are cut down for materials, the natural resources are dwindling.

How Do You Place Gas Logs?

You need to leave a gap between the source of the flames and the logs. Each produce manufacturer will advise you on how much of a gap to leave but it tends to be at least a few inches.

Make sure that your fireplace is completely cool before you install the logs so you don’t burn yourself.

Stack the logs in a way that looks good to you - some logs come with instructions for how they should fit together and others can be stacked multiple ways.

How Do You Maintain Gas Logs?

Gas logs should need very little maintenance. If you don’t use your fire often, such as in the summer months, then you should keep them clean and dusted.

Otherwise, when you turn the fire on the dust will burn and could produce a strange smell or some smoky air.

Make sure that the fire and logs are completely cool before you clean them. If you are using the fire regularly then you shouldn’t need to maintain the logs.

Do Gas Logs Look Real?

Some people are dubious about using gas logs because they are worried the logs will look fake. A lot of gas logs look very realistic.

They have edges that appear charred, and different bark textures. The ceramic glows red as it heats up which looks very much like burning wood.

Some gas logs are even hand-painted for an even more impressive finish.


Using gas logs is a great alternative to using real wood. Not only does it preserve natural resources, but it often works out a lot cheaper for you as wood can be expensive.

The gas logs can be used repeatedly to create a realistic and welcoming appearance of a real wood fire, but without the hassle of gathering the fuel and maintaining the blaze.

Gas logs come at a range of different prices, but we have included something for every budget on this list. The more money you spend, the more realistic the logs are likely to look. However, the cheaper logs can still look very convincing.

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