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 Best Gas Fire Pit

Best Gas Fire Pit

 Best Gas Fire Pit

Adding a warm glow and lovely ambiance to any garden gathering, or even just brightening up your backyard evening, a fire pit is a beautiful addition to anyone’s outdoor space. Gas pits are even better - no smoke or soot to clean up!

By creating a focal point and a feature piece that generates discussion, brings more natural light, and gives you something to sit around, you can revolutionize your next family barbecue. At least, if you opt for a good quality product you can depend on, anyway.

There’s no need for worrying about which brand is the best: we’ve already made a list of five fantastic options to check out, meeting a variety of different price ranges, aesthetic designs, and potential wants or needs. You’re sure to want to bask in the luminous firelight of one of them!

Outland Living Deluxe Firebowl 893 Deluxe Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

Outland Living Deluxe Firebowl 893 Deluxe Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

Clean, simple, and super easy to use, the Firebowl from Outland Living makes for an incredibly realistic campfire experience right in your own backyard. Whether you’re tailgating, going camping or hosting a family party, it’s the perfect centerpiece.

As a travel sized pit, it’s so lightweight and portable you can take it anywhere and easily have it set back up in minutes. It can be used whatever the weather, so a little bit of drizzle or wind doesn’t have to put a damper on your barbecue!

Because this pit is CSA approved, you’ll find it’s absolutely safe and legal to use under the majority of states enforcing campfire bans. Do double check your current restrictions in the area before use, though, just in case.

The complete fire pit kit you’ll receive in the mail comes with a Cover and Carry Kit, to make transportation a breeze; also included is a 10 foot, pre-attached hose for connecting your pit up to a propane tank cylinder with ease.

Thanks to a fully adjustable regulator, you can utilize the chrome valve knob to vary the flame height; a set of beautiful lava rocks create an enhanced flickering effect to make sure it really feels like everybody is gathered around the campfire. 


  • Durable, high quality steel construction, protective enamel finish to avoid corrosion and promote longevity
  • Natural gas conversion kit and carrying bag are both available, though sold separately
  • 58,000 BTU burners give off a pleasant warming heat
  • Assembles in minutes with zero tools required


  • Limited flame capacity - not a roaring fire by any means


Bali Outdoors Gas Fire Pit Table

Bali Outdoors Gas Fire Pit Table

Sleek and stylish, the antique brown and black finish of this stunning fire pit from Bali Outdoors would look good in any outdoor environment. It serves two purposes: as a full sized table when the cover is applied, and when removed, an instant fire pit.

Thanks to 50,000 BTU of heat output, you’ll be more than toasty whatever the weather. Easily assembled, the Piezo ignition system utilizes a push-button spark to create a simple and convenient way to light the fire in a matter of seconds.

It’s the perfect choice for entertaining several guests, or just enjoying a romantic evening for two or lively family dinner outside - the ambiance it creates and the usefulness of the table make it a really worthwhile investment.

The table itself serves as a hidden storage solution for your propane tank, which is concealed inside whilst the pit is in use, for a tidy, uncluttered finish If you want to swap out the stylish blue glass fire rocks, you can just buy some in a different color.

Though some assembly is required, it’s fairly straightforward and only requires screwing panels together, so it shouldn’t take too long and doesn’t necessarily need you to have had any experience with DIY to accomplish successfully.


  • Perfect height to be used for resting drinks on as a fire pit and playing games or eating dinner at the table when not in use
  • Super hot output in a small area - plenty of warmth
  • True slate outer rim is heat resistant and safe to touch at all times
  • Instant electronic ignition


  • Cover sold separately which is disappointing as use is recommended by the manufacturer


Endless Summer Brown Wooden Tabletop Gas Fire Pit

Endless Summer Brown Wooden Tabletop Gas Fire Pit

Offering all the ambiance and warmth of a traditional wood burning fire, with none of the annoying ash or smoke, Endless Summer’s LP outdoor fire pit boasts 50,000 BTUs of lovely warmth instantly, thanks to Integrated Ignition technology.

Paired with a stainless steel base, the stylish wood grain exterior would look attractive anywhere; even more so given the integrated door that conceals the propane fuel tank and creates a much more aesthetically pleasing overall finish. 

As part of your purchase, you receive a pack of attractive fire glass stones to create a realistic looking flickered flame, as well as a protective cover to ensure that it stays in perfect condition for years to come, no matter how much it might rain.

Controls are easy enough to use and hidden as part of a panel to continue the realistic fire illusion; electronic igniting makes for a quick and effective fire start, so there’s no more time wasted lighting matches and trying to get things going.

Suitable for use on a deck or grass, without the need for protective covering - though you might want to get some anyway just in case - it doesn’t matter what your backyard situation is like, as the LP can be used just about anywhere.


  • High heat output from a sleek, small setup
  • Affordable yet expensive looking and well-designed
  • Well made and durable, with weatherproof protective gear included
  • So simple to use, even a (very sensible) kid could do it! That would not be recommended without extreme adult supervision, of course.


  • Not portable - difficult to relocate


Best Choice Products Natural Stone Gas Fire Pit

Best Choice Products Natural Stone Gas Fire Pit

Perhaps the closest thing you’re going to get to a realistic looking campfire that runs on gas, the Natural Stone Fire Pit from Best Choice Products allows for up to 30,000 BTU of delightfully warm ambient heat and fun for the whole family.

It arrives completely assembled - all you have to do is switch it on, because it’s ready to go as soon as you open up the box. Some pits on our list take hours to put together, whereas this bad boy will have you partying in style right away.

Although the propane pit is not covered by anything, this is a compromise you might be willing to make for such an attractive natural aesthetic. Plus, the manufacturer advises it can be easily concealed with the clever use of a small table!

Combining a durable stainless steel burner with insulating lava rocks makes for an attractive and functional addition to your garden, both in a decorative sense, and for the purpose of roasting marshmallows and enjoying other fireside activities.

Everybody will enjoy basking in the glow of this fire for a long time - BCP throws in an all-weather cover as part of your purchase, so the expected wear and tear from exposure to harsh weather conditions is far easier to avoid.


  • Can be converted to natural gas if you desire
  • Solid and sturdy - isn’t going to blow away on you
  • Propane tank connector hose included as part of purchase
  • Safe on wood deck if utilized with a non-combustible base


  • Very heavy in comparison to other pits at 67lb


Bond Manufacturing 63172 Newcastle Propane Firebowl Column

Bond Manufacturing 63172 Newcastle Propane Firebowl Column

This might be the last product on our list, but it’s by no means the least. You might say we’ve saved the best for this spot! From Bond Manufacturing comes this Newcastle fire bowl, built on top of a beautiful, realistic stone column.

Plenty of light and warmth are emitted by the 40,000 BTU stainless steel burner, which is covered by natural looking lava rocks - it will really look like there’s an actual fire burning in your garden, whenever you want some dramatic atmosphere!

Use of an intelligent Pulse ignitions system allows for immediate lighting and extinguishing of the flame; you can also use the convenient adjustment knob to change the flame to your desired height and switch things up.

In order to preserve the condition of the pit, a protective cover is included to keep it dry and safe during rain or in especially hot sun. That said, the durable, lightweight Envirostone construction is designed to survive come rain or shine!

A ProCoat system ensures the unit is guarded not just against extreme temperatures, but UV light and salt - this will prevent any fading or cracking for years to come, keeping this slightly more expensive pit a very beautiful investment.


  • Concealed propane tank burns clean with no smoke or ashes
  • Add some of their other fire glass and change to one of many gorgeous colors
  • Durable, long lasting pit rocks have a fascinating burn effect
  • Sturdy enough to stand up tall, lightweight enough to move when necessary


  • The most expensive pit on our list!


Buyer’s Guide

Choosing Your Gas Fire Pit - Features to Consider


It sounds obvious, but you need to pick out a pit that will be suitable for your space. If you opt for something too small, it will look a little silly in the middle of your garden, and you might not be able to fit everybody around it when you’re having a barbecue.

Too big, and you might not have enough room to accommodate it, which is probably a more difficult problem to overcome. Measure up the area you’d like to set up your new pit, then make sure the dimensions of the one you like will be compatible.


You’ll notice that fire pits come in all shapes and sizes, in a variety of different styles (more on that in a second!) - one key factor to think about is which material you’d like. Not just for aesthetic purposes, but also for the sake of longevity and durability.

The various metals you’ll find utilized for pit creation include cast iron, aluminum, steel, and aluminum. Some are more lightweight than others, but otherwise, they tend to be covered in a corrosion-resistant coating to prevent rust, meaning they’re all as likely to last as long as each other in that respect. 

Metals are, obviously, huge heat conductors - so you’ll get good value for money opting for those, but you might also want to consider a natural stone.

This is much easier to match up to your garden or yard’s aesthetic and is a great choice for those looking to achieve a more rustic-looking outdoor space.

Concrete or clay are also options; the former tends to be particularly heavy and difficult to move but low-maintenance and rather durable, whilst the latter is lighter and more portable.

Clay fire pits could also be susceptible to shattering in the event of an accident or when exposed to the elements.


You’ve got various choices to make here: do you want a rounded, more campfire-style pit, or a modern integrated table pit with contemporary flair?

A stone tower, or a shiny chrome rectangle? The world is pretty much your oyster here.

One major point that’s worth considering is whether or not you care about a hidden fuel tank. With some designs, it’s very obvious where your fuel is and it’s constantly visible, whereas other models can hide the tank pretty much completely and give the illusion of a natural fire.

Likewise - how do you control the fire? Is it activated by one button, do you have to mess around with twisting knobs or something even more complicated?

You want a pit that’s as near to instantaneous as possible to start up, seeing as the lack of messing around with kindling is one of the perks of using gas over wood.

Ease Of Maintenance

Whilst they’re less tricky to look after than a wood-burning fire, you still want a gas pit that’s easy enough to move around or relocate, clean up after and keep in tip-top condition.

One with a ton of hidden compartments that are difficult to access is always going to be harder to care for than a well-designed, convenient pit that allows you to tidy things up easily.

Added Extras?

Are you after a basic fire pit and that’s it, or would you prefer your new purchase come with a series of accessories?

It’s possible to get pits that allow you to insert a grilling tray and cook up a storm, for instance, or pack it up and have a bonfire on the go, wherever you’d like one.

Others are also designed to be safe for use on grass and wooden decking without added protection, which means you don’t have to buy a grass guard or something similar to prevent accidental fires or cause damage to your vegetation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do gas fire pits give off heat?

Yes, they do! Although a fire pit powered by gas rather than wood or other kinds of combustible fuels does radiate warmth, it won’t keep you as warm as a fire started using logs or chips, for instance.

You’ll find a gas pit is most useful for spring and summer evenings, whereas you would probably need something more substantial to stay toasty enough to sit outside in autumn or winter, depending on how well you handle the cold.

Despite their lower heat output, a gas pit will not give out any potentially dangerous sparks during operation, nor does it produce any thick, irritating smoke, the smell of which would penetrate your clothes within minutes. 

Is it okay to roast marshmallows over a gas fire pit?

Totally! It’s a whole lot easier to roast marshmallows over a fire that you can control and predict far better than you could one fueled by wood. It is important, however, to clean absolutely anything that drips or spills as soon as you can!

Should any messy stuff get into the burners of your fire, it could cause a blockage and prevent proper use, or just make an incredibly unpleasant mess that will be very difficult to clean up.

Can a gas fire pit get rained on?

Once or twice is fine, yes, but you should not allow your gas pit to be regularly exposed to rainfall without the appropriate protection to keep it dry.

Accidentally leaving your pit out sans lid or cover for one night - even up to a few weeks - won’t ruin it completely, but it’s important to protect it where possible.

Eventually, no matter how much rust-proof coating a pit has received, it will begin to corrode after a certain amount of rain and other weather conditions not conducive to keeping metal in good condition, like especially cold or especially hot days.

Even if your pit doesn’t come with anything to cover it up, we would recommend you either DIY something to use or buy a cover online. This will ensure you get the most use from the fire pit you choose, for as long as possible.

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