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Best Electric Fireplace Inserts

Best Electric Fireplace Inserts

Best Electric Fireplace Inserts

There is no doubt that electric fireplace inserts can provide endless hours of warmth, comfort, and enjoyment. Compared to traditional wood and gas fireplaces, an electric fireplace insert is generally cheaper to set up and requires almost zero maintenance.

Unlike traditional wood or coal fireplaces, you do not have to store any fuel with electric fireplaces. There is no need to set the fire up every day which can be time-consuming and messy. And you will never have to worry about coming home to a smoked out house ever again.

The extra cost and fewer worries that come with electric fireplace inserts make them a popular choice among homeowners throughout the country. And modern inserts are the best they have ever been. They look extremely realistic and are just as cozy and inviting as real fireplaces.

To help you in your quest to find a new electric fireplace insert, we have scoured the market and found the top 5 that are available today. In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of each insert so you can make an educated decision on which one is right for you.

So, let’s not wait any longer. Here are our top 5 electric fireplace inserts for you to consider.

Dimplex U.S DFI2309 Standard 23" Log Set Electric Fireplace Insert

Dimplex U.S DFI2309 Standard 23" Log Set Electric Fireplace Insert

If you’re looking for a wonderful fireplace that will provide you with the warmth, feel, and comfort of a traditional fireplace, then you will love this Dimplex Log Set Electric Fireplace Insert.

Best of all, no special electrical tools are required to install it. Just unpack it and simply plug the insert into a standard electrical outlet. Then, you’re ready to bask in its warmth.

This Dimplex DF12309 may only come with one flame setting but this is sufficient enough to give your room a cozy atmosphere. What we loved, and are sure you will too, was the flame effects on show. These are produced by the motor included and two 60 watt bulbs that can be replaced easily if required. 

This insert comes with a very quiet inbuilt fan-forced heater. It evenly heats up to around 400-square feet of space and powers the two 60-watt bulbs that offer a beautiful fire glow, even when the heater is off. With remote control to adjust the two heat settings, the Dimplex DF12309 is very easy to operate. 


  • Very easy to install - No tools required! Just remove it from its box and plugin
  • Realistic, attractive design - Gives off light similar to a traditional wood-burning fireplace to create a warm glow in the room
  • Easy to operate - Can choose between a high and low heat using the included remote control


  • No different light levels effects - The mood can be quite one dimensional with only one flame setting and one light level

Comfort Glow Electric Log Set with Heater

Comfort Glow Electric Log Set with Heater

Here, we have an affordable fireplace insert that doesn’t only look great but produces ultra-realistic flames. This 23” Comfort Glow Electric Log Set with Heater is compact and perfect for a smaller fireplace and room space.

The technology that powers this insert’s fireplace effect is pretty simple. Embedded in the plastic logs are LED lights that emit an orange hue.

Therefore, the light shines through and the logs appear to be warmly glowing. The flickering flame illusion is produced by moving flame-shaped metal fins. These reflect light off their surface and create a beautiful effect.

You can choose from three flame brightness levels. Therefore, during a long winter’s day, you can max the brightness levels out so it is still visible.

Just seeing a fire roar on a cold day can make you feel warmer and more comfortable. The inserts can also provide supplemental heat but only in a small room of around 150 square feet.

Adjust the heat levels with the remote control for a simple operation that creates a beautiful effect.


  • Great value for money - Compared to similar models, this is one of the most affordable on the market
  • Realistic flames - Considering its lower price tag, the flames are surprisingly like the real deal
  • Offers independent heat and flame control - You can keep the fire roaring even when you don’t require much heat and vice versa 


  • Only suitable for smaller spaces - Not the best option for larger rooms as its little heat will quickly disperse in larger environments

PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert 

PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert

If you’re feeling a little chilly in your home, then the PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert could be the answer to your problems. Using innovative LED technology, this insert brings a fire-like experience straight to your household space so you can feel the warmth and enjoy the warm glow that is emitted.

Energy-saving and safe to use, the PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert provides enough heat to effectively warm up your space. Not only is this insert easy to use but it is simple to install.

Just unpack and follow the manual. You’ll be enjoying its benefits in no time! Its multi-functional remote control allows you to turn the fire on and off from the comfort of your sofa as well as adjust the temperatures and manipulate the flame brightness and intensity. 

The flames of this insert mimic realistic fire but they can be altered to three unique intensities and brightness variations. This way, you can set the fire to the mood that you desire.

100% energy saving, the new technology in the PuraFlame insert can heat an entire room while consuming less energy. Feel warm and spend less on your electric bills. We think this is a winner!


  • Easy to operate - Can adjust the flame intensity and brightness as well as the temperature with a simple remote control
  • Sophisticated design and structure - With a three-sided brick wall design, realistic logs, and ember beds, this insert provides the ultimate fireplace experience
  • 100% energy efficient - Will help you save money on your bills while keeping your room warm and comfortable


  • Does not heat large spaces - Only suitable for smaller rooms as heat will disperse quickly in spaces larger than 400 square feet

Dimplex Deluxe DF12310 23" Electric Fireplace Insert

Dimplex Deluxe DF12310 23" Electric Fireplace Insert

Dimplex makes their second entry onto our list with their high-quality, realistic, very impressive DF12310 model. This is certainly one of the world leaders when it comes to electric fireplace performance, technology, and service.

If you already have a fireplace, this could be a great addition to it. It plugs into any standard household electrical outlet to provide the warmth of a real fireplace as well as a realistic appearance.

Boasting a Flame-only option, this allows you to sit back and enjoy the dancing flame within your home. Its built-in fan has two speed settings (high and low) that evenly distribute 4,695 BTUs of heat. Along with its realistic flame effect, you’ll be surprised it’s not a traditional wooden fire.

Also included are 3 manual operating switches with low to high heat settings as well as the main switch to turn the device on and off. Eco-friendly and child-safe features, such as cool-to-touch glass, make the Dimplex Deluxe DF12310 perfect for a busy family household.


  • Low maintenance required - Only needs a light clean of its glass surface now and then to keep it looking smart
  • Quick and easy installation - This requires no piping or venting, just a quick setup, and plugin before you can enjoy its brightness and warmth
  • Very safe - Child-friendly functions such as overheat protection in the form of an internal safety device that automatically shuts down the inbuilt fan 


  • Reports of a humming noise - The motor can generate a humming or oozing sound after some time which can be quite noisy and unsettling

ClassicFlame 36" Traditional Built-in Electric Fireplace Insert

ClassicFlame 36" Traditional Built-in Electric Fireplace Insert

Stylish, contemporary, and realistic, the ClassicFame Traditional Built-In Electric Fireplace Insert is the perfect choice for arming the heart of your home. This offers you the warmth and ambiance of a real fireplace. Along with its black finish and modern design, it will suit almost any home decor.

You will love how easy this fireplace insert is to install. You can choose to install it with the included 3-prong plug or use an integrated junction box. This is hard-wired to a 120-volt electrical circuit for power and reliability.

Long-life LED lights offer some of the most realistic flame effect technology that we have ever seen. Honestly, it’s mighty impressive!

An on-screen indicator can be controlled manually through a backlit display or by remote. Within 4 seconds, any new function settings are shown before fading away.

You can change the classic flame settings from anywhere in your room without having to get up and manually set them yourself. This ClassicFlame is rated with 4,400 BTU providing a sufficient amount of supplemental heat for up to 400 square feet. The flame can be operated when the heat is either on or off so you can still enjoy the insert’s ambiance whenever the mood takes you.


  • Ultra-realistic flames and logs - The long-life LED lights provide very similar brightness to real fire-like flames
  • Very stylish and attractive - With a black finish, this fireplace insert will fit into just about any home’s decor
  • Very easy and quick to setup - Can install the insert using a builtin plug or an integrated junction box depending on your needs and space


  • Tends to be somewhat noisy - While in operation mode, this electrical fireplace insert can create certain buzzing sounds which can be distracting


Buyer’s Guide

Now you have seen our top 5 electric fireplace inserts, we want to show you some of the most important factors and features to consider before buying one.

Read on to discover what you should be looking for in a high-quality fireplace insert. This will give you peace of mind when investing in your next model. 

Heating capacity

You must consider the kind of heating system and capacity when buying an electric fireplace insert. Currently, there are two types of heat systems available:

  • Fan-forced heat
  • Infrared heat

If you have a room that is 400 square feet or smaller, fan-forced heat is the best option. Infrared inserts are the better choice for heating large spaces up to 1,000 square feet.

You can also buy inserts that provide the look and feel of live fire but do not generate any heat. These are just for decorative purposes and not really suitable for homes that need heating up regularly. 


A fireplace insert should go with your home’s decor. Just because its main purpose is to heat up a living space doesn’t mean it can’t look stylish too. This is why you should consider the aesthetics of the space in which you want to use your fireplace insert. 

For traditional rooms, we suggest choosing a realistic-looking split log insert such as the Dimplex DF12309. Models, such as this, give an added warmth and coziness to your room.

If your decor is more contemporary, you should choose a sleeker, more modern-looking insert. Choose a built-in or plug-in unit that sports a full glass front as well as a flush trim. This will keep your room cozy but still bright and fresh.

Type of electric fireplace insert

Currently, there are three types of electric fireplace inserts on the market:

  • Log inserts
  • Plug-ins
  • Built-ins

Electric log inserts use a simulated log that lies on top of a realistic-looking fire grate. The heat is generated underneath the log set resulting in a more real fire-like experience.

If you want to convert a standard gas or wood-burning fireplace into an electric model, without much fuss, electric log inserts are the best bet.

You just have to plug them into a standard 110-volt household socket and you’re ready to go. When powered up, these inserts can heat up to 400 square feet so they are best for smaller spaces.

Plug-in inserts are inexpensive and simple to install. If you’re looking to set up your fireplace insert into a mantel or cabinet, this is the way to go. These are self-contained units, such as space heaters. They are enclosed on each side with glass fronts making them ideal for more contemporary homes.

The heat output is fan-forced and comes from the top of the unit. As with electric log inserts, most plug-in models can plug straight into a standard 110-volt outlet and are capable of heating up to 400 square feet.

Built-in inserts are usually installed using a builder’s box. These are best for those who wish to remodel and upgrade their fireplace surroundings.

They are designed to be permanent fixtures and can be installed into an existing fireplace or recessed into a wall. While built-ins require more work when being installed, they all come with easy-to-understand manuals for homeowners to set up themselves.

They can be hardwired into your home’s electrical power system or plugged into a standard outlet. Built-ins can supply heat for larger spaces up to 800 square feet and work well in both traditional and modern homes. 

Remote control

Considering the flexibility of how to control your fireplace insert should be something you think about carefully. Some inserts offer digital temperature settings that you can adjust whenever you need to. These allow you to set a target temperature for your room and leave it warm up automatically every time.

Additional features are also available with some electric fireplace inserts such as flame brightness, flame speed settings, and on/off timer displays.

While the majority allow you to control these settings on the insert itself, you can use remote controls on many. This means you do not have to get up and down from the sofa to adjust the fire if it becomes too hot or is not warm enough. Anything for an easier life!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do electric fireplace inserts last?

In general, electric fireplace inserts should last for around 10 to 20 years. However, this depends on how frequently they are used and the quality of construction. These days, many manufacturers offer warranties that range from 1 year to 10 years depending on the model. 

How efficient are electric fireplace inserts?

Many people buy electric fireplace inserts because of their efficiency. This is because electricity is the most efficient and environmentally friendly energy solution at the moment.

The good news is that electric fireplace inserts cost very little to operate. Some equate to only several cents an hour. Compared to wood, coal, and gas fireplaces, electric models are far more energy-efficient with the majority being 100% energy efficient.

Are electric fireplace inserts safe?

These appliances are very safe. They are family-friendly, especially around children. Many house fires are started due to an open flame being left to burn overnight. There is no such worry with electric units.

Moreover, ashes and pollutants from wood fireplaces can irritate your lungs and be harmful, especially to those with respiratory illnesses. No toxic chemicals are released into the air with electric inserts leaving your living space healthy, warm, and happy.

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