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What Is A Blow Poke?

What Is A Blow Poke?

What Is A Blow Poke?

If you have a fireplace, you might have noticed that it comes with certain accessories, one of which is a long metal pole, sometimes with a hook on the end.

This is called a blow poke, but what does it actually do?
The blow poke is an accessory to your fireplace that allows you to use it as a tool for blowing out smoke and ash from the chimney.

The blow poke can be used in two ways: either by holding it over the firebox opening or by using it as a bellows.

A blow poke consists of a long metal tube with a handle at one end and a small hole at the other. It’s designed to fit into the top of the chimney flue so that the user can hold it over the firebox and blow air through the blow poke.

When this happens, the air pushes hot gases up the chimney, allowing them to escape before they reach the roof.

What Is A Blow poke?

Blow pokes are used to remove smoke and ashes from a fireplace. They consist of a long metal tube (sometimes with a hook) that fits into the top of the flue.

To use it, the user holds the blow poke over the firebox opening and blows air through it. As the air passes through the blow poke, it pushes the hot gases up the chimneys, allowing them to escape.

What Is A Blow Poke Made From?

What Is A Blow Poke Made From?

You may also find blow pokes made from plastic or ceramic.

Is A Blow Poke The Same As A Poker?

No. A poker is a short, straight rod that is used to poke holes in logs or kindling to light fires.

Blow poking is different because it is used to push smoke and ashes out of the chimney.

When Should You Use A Blow Poke?

You should use a blow poke when you want to get rid of smoke and ashes from your chimney.

The best time to use a blow poke is during cold weather when there is less smoke coming from the chimney. If you don't need to use a blow poke, then you shouldn't use it.

How Do You Know How Much Air To Use With Your Blow Poke?

How Do You Know How Much Air To Use With Your Blow Poke?
To determine how much air you should use with your blow poke, follow these steps:
  1. Place your blow poke inside the chimney where you intend to put it.
  2. Hold the blow poke over the opening of the chimney. Make sure that the blow poke doesn't touch any part of the chimney. If it touches the chimney, you could damage it.
  3. Put your hand over the blow poke's hole and count slowly backwards from 10 while exhaling. Once you've counted down to zero, inhale again and repeat the process.
  4. Continue doing this until you feel like you have pushed all of the smoke and ash out of the chimney without causing too much heat.
  5. Repeat the same process if you're going to use it again.
  6. Remember to always keep the blow poke away from the chimney wall.
  7. If you see smoke coming back into the house after you've blown out some of the smoke, try putting more air through the blow poke instead of just blowing harder.
  8. If you still notice smoke coming back into the home after you've tried using more air, call a professional chimney sweep.
  9. Always remember to replace your blow poke after every use.
  10. Never leave a blow poke unattended in the chimney.
  11. Never use a blow poke near combustible materials such as paper, cloth, or rags. Doing so could cause an explosion.
  12. Avoid using a blow poke on windy days, since the wind will carry the smoke back into the home.

What Could You Use Instead Of A Blow Poke?

If you can't afford a blow poke, you can use other methods to clear the chimney. One method is to use a garden hose. Another option is to use a vacuum cleaner.

However, both of these options cost money.
Another alternative is to use a fan. Fans work by pushing air out of the chimney, which causes the smoke and ash to rise.

How Long Does It Take To Clear The Chimney Using A Blow Poke?

How Long Does It Take To Clear The Chimney Using A Blow Poke?

It depends on several factors, including the size of the chimney, the amount of smoke and ash being produced, and the temperature outside.

The average person takes about 20 minutes to blow out enough smoke and ash to make their fireplace safe for burning.

Can You Use A Blow Poke During Cold Weather?

Yes, but only if you are very careful not to burn yourself. When temperatures drop below freezing, the chimney may freeze.

This makes it difficult for you to blow out smoke and ash.

Can You Use A Blow Poke In Your Fireplace Or Woodburning Stove?

No. Blowing out smoke and ash is dangerous because it increases the chances of fire.

Blow pokes are made specifically for use in chimneys. They aren't designed for wood stoves or fireplaces.

Are Blow Pokes The Same As Bellows?

A blow poke is very similar to a blow poke in that it uses air to stoke the fire inside.

However, it is different from a bellows in that a bellow does not have the capacity to rake the fire inside. The blow poke can be used to both promote and extinguish the fire.

How Can You Put Out Your Fire?

You can put out a fire with a blow poke by simply blowing hard. However, this might cause the fire to become larger. You should rake the coals first before you attempt to blow out the fire. We would recommend that you try and blow out the fire only after the wood has burned down to ashes.

Is A Blow Poke Safe To Use?

Yes, a blow poke is safe to use. There are no known health risks associated with using one.


Where Can You Buy A Blow Poke?

You can buy a blow poke at most hardware stores.


We hope that our guide helped answer any questions that you had about blow pokes.

You should make sure that you use your blow poke safely and that your fireplace comes with a safety guard that will help keep the flames on the inside of the flue.

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