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How To Frame A Fireplace

How To Frame A Fireplace

How To Frame A Fireplace

A fireplace is a cozy addition to your home and can complete your home.

It is great for snuggling down in front of on those cold winter nights and it can make you feel comforted and relaxed.

Having a fireplace is cozy and snug, but you need to make sure that it is installed properly to use safely.

Framing your fireplace is important for tying the fireplace into your room, but how do you frame it?

Framing the fireplace yourself allows you to get creative and bring your fireplace to life in a unique way, but it can be difficult if you have never done it before. So how can you frame your fireplace?

This article will show you how to frame a fireplace so it looks professional and high-quality.

Ensuring that your fireplace is framed correctly is important for completing the look and being happy with the overall look of your fireplace.

Why Is Framing A Fireplace Important?


Why Is Framing A Fireplace Important?

This doesn’t tie your room and the fireplace together at all, so it is important to frame it as it builds the fireplace into your room and creates a well-put-together room.

How To Frame A Fireplace

Framing The Lower Half Of The Fireplace

When you go to frame your fireplace, it is best to split it into three sections.

Framing the base of the fireplace first will make it easier for you to do the rest, so begin there and work upwards.

Once you have framed the base of the fireplace, you will need to work on the sides of the fireplace.

Framing The Base

For the base, you will need to build it in the shape of where it is being positioned.

If it is being installed in the corner of a room, you will need to build a base that is shaped like a triangle so it slots into the corner.

Make sure that the front is smooth to avoid any injuries. The base will be constructed out of spruce studs, so measure it correctly for a good fit.

Framing The Sides

For the framing on the sides of the fireplace, you will need to fit rectangular spruce studs around the edges.

Making sure that the measurements are spot on is very important in this part of the fireplace as the sides will be supporting the mantel, so strict measurements are very important.

Once you have built one side of the frame, you can secure it to the base, and repeat the process on the other side.

The sides of the frames must be touching the walls, so do not leave any gaps as your fireplace will not be secure.

Finally, join both sides of the frames together at the top where the mantel will be attached.

Framing The Top Of The Fireplace

Framing The Top Of The Fireplace

When you begin to frame the top of the fireplace, make sure that you measure the distance between the top of the mantel to the ceiling to make sure that you build the upper from half an inch shorter.

Similar to the lower section of the fireplace, measure the spruce studs and work on one side before repeating the steps on the other side.

Make sure that you do not join the two sides as you did to the lower sides as they need to remain separate.

They need to remain separate from the venting system. Measurements are very important for framing the top of the fireplace as you need to make sure that you are happy with the height.

Cubby Holes

When you are designing the framing around your fireplace, you might decide that you want cubby holes for storage.

They are also very handy for decorating the area around your fireplace as you can keep ornaments and pictures around it, so cubby holes are a popular addition to framing.

When building cubby holes, you can make them by making rectangles out of the same spruce studs and fastening them together.

The base of the cubby holes can be made out of maple board that is thick so it won’t break easily.

Finishing The Framing

Once all of the sections of the framing are complete, you can secure another spruce stud to the back of the lower section to provide extra support.

You can then lift the top section onto the lower section and secure them together.

Make sure that you keep ensuring that the fireplace is level and parallel to the floor to avoid it looking off-balance.

Once you have finished securing the framing together, you will have completed framing the fireplace.

After framing the fireplace, you need to work on covering it. You can cover it with drywall to achieve the desired finish that you were looking for.

This is what will make your fireplace look creative and unique!

Do You Need To Frame A Fireplace Yourself?

You do not need to frame the fireplace yourself if you don’t want to, but lots of people prefer to as it can save a lot of money.

It also allows people to get creative and make sure that their fireplace is framed exactly how they want it to be.

This allows you to position the fireplace where you want and design the frame with cubby holes.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, you can frame a fireplace by using spruce studs and making sure that all of the measurements are correct.

Without having the correct measurements, your fireplace will look out of place and imbalanced.

Make sure that you have designed the framing correctly and that all of the parts are executed with the exact measurements to fit together securely.

When framing the fireplace, make sure that you work from the base and then work upwards.

Starting with the base gives you a good foundation to work on and it helps to make sure that all of the measurements are correct.

Working this way will help you see your fireplace framing develop smoothly.

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